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Veronica Jackson - "Bossy R" Music Video (The Electric Company) When Two Vowels Go Walking. Consonant Digraphs: sh ch wh th. Spelling Song Word Because. Kindergarten Dolch Vocabulary Sight Words. Dolch Sight Words - There song. Second Grade Sight Words - Very song. First 24 High Frequency Words. Student Authors. ListeningCenterTaskCardActivities.

After students listen to a story they can complete these activities. This will help develop comprehension after they read. – vlozano

ReadersResponseSentenceStartersTicTacToeBoards. TumbleBooks - eBooks for eKids!

Tumblebooks offers a small quiz after listening or reading a story. This aids in comprehension practice. – vlozano

Elementary Reading Comprehension Tests.

This is an entire website devoted to comprehension quizzes. – vlozano

Vocabulary Learning Games For Kids. Where Reading Is Fun! Children's Storybooks Online - Stories for Kids of All Ages. ReachfortheStarsFluencyFolder.

This focuses on pausing, accuracy, fluency and expression. It is a step by step guide to help students – vlozano

Fluency Passages Generator.

This will create an Oral Reading Fluency passage from any passage. It can later be used as a fluency test. – vlozano

Anchor Chart for Fluency. Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing. Break up the mid-winter slump, and bring Fluency Boot Camp into your classroom!

Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing.

What is a Fluency Boot Camp? No… you will not be shipping your students off (sorry), nor will students have to march around the room (your choice), but I can guarantee that your students’ brains will be sweating as they participate in the classroom fluency camp you create! Just like any boot camp, students will build confidence through practice and drills. You can organize it for just one day, or you can set it up to last a full-week or month! Keep in mind, after just one day, students will start melting-away their non-fluent reading habits… and by the end of the week or month, students will be on their way to becoming confident, fluent readers! Are you sold on the idea yet? How to Organize Your Fluency Boot Camp Fluency Boot Camp can be modified and customized for pretty much any grade-level and classroom situation.

Here’s a Fluency Boot Camp Planning Page to help you get started! Patti's Activities. Student Materials: Picture Match. Phonemic Awareness Assessment. All assessments should be given one-on-one.

Phonemic Awareness Assessment

When should it be assessed? Phonemic awareness assessments should be done three times during the kindergarten and first grade years to help guide instruction. Examples of assessment questions * Remember, when a letter appears between slash marks, you should say the letter sound, and not the letter name. Phoneme matching Which words sound alike? Phoneme isolation – Initial (first) sound: What's the first sound in "sat? " Phoneme isolation – Final (last) sound: What's the last sound in "sat? " Phoneme isolation – Medial (middle) sound: What's the middle sound in "sat?

" Phoneme blending: Phonemic Awareness Skill Games . PBS KIDS Raising Readers. Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities. Long Vowel Sounds. Phonics Student Online Components. Reading Bear.