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Blog Design For ROI Rule #7: Blend Ads With Content & Encourage Comments. - StumbleUpon. Do you have a goal for your blog’s subscriber count?

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An amount you are aiming for a certain number of blog followers by year’s end? I did. After starting my email list in June this year, I wanted to reach 500 subscribers by December 31. Currently I’m at 1,832. 1,500 of those subscribers came over the space of three weeks, after my blog Slow Your Home was mentioned in one post on Becoming Minimalist, a leading simplicity blog. The following days saw my traffic up by 1000%. 5 Economic Trends that Affect Freelancers. Are You Being Conned? Fair Sponsored Blog Post Rates and Best Practice Guidelines. Looking for sponsored blog post rates?

Are You Being Conned? Fair Sponsored Blog Post Rates and Best Practice Guidelines

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying blogging is going to make you rich. Most likely it won’t. But money is useful and maybe, like many other bloggers, you dream of making money from your blog one day. In my experience blogging is largely a labour of love, especially in niches like travel, a topic I started blogging about three years ago and still cover devotedly. 10 Essential Ingredients Of A Successful Blog. - StumbleUpon. While the Internet still retains some of the “wild wild west” feel, increasingly, Internet activity, and particularly blogging, is being shaped and governed by state and federal laws.

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For US bloggers in particular, blogging has become a landmine of potential legal issues but many of the US laws apply to bloggers globally. For example if your blog readers are in the US then you need to abide by the latest Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules no matter where you live. In this article we highlight five of the most important US laws when it comes to blogging and provide some simple and straightforward tips for safely navigating them. 5 Blogging Legal Issues 1. Over the last five years bloggers have begun to displace traditional media outlets as individuals’ source for reliable information and recommendations.

The Federal Trade Commission published a recommendation that companies who promote their product through word-of-mouth marketing must disclose these relationships. Take Action 2. 3. 4. 5. How Do You Plan to Take Your Website to the Next Level in 2013? Blogging, Social Media How Do You Plan to Take Your Website to the Next Level in 2013?

How Do You Plan to Take Your Website to the Next Level in 2013?

- StumbleUpon. Do you get fed up visiting blogs where you can’t work out what to click or how to find the information you need?

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Maybe you even like the blog, have read a few posts and want to subscribe but can’t work out how. When designing your site or writing your blogging needs for a blog designer user-friendly blog design is key. Your readers have one simple need: to find the information they’re looking for fast. Having a user-friendly site is essential. Too many choices are bewildering because people don’t know where to start. 1.Keep it simple You have five seconds (or less) to tell people know that they’re in the right place. 2. How Often Should You Post New Content to Your Blog?

- StumbleUpon. To succeed at blogging you need to focus on people.

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The unique people who will be reading your blog. When I hold blogging workshops we talk about being very specific about who your ideal blog readers are. For example, on Successful Blogging there are three main profiles for my idea readers: 1. A 35 year old woman who’s just starting her own creative business and wants to do it right from the beginning. 2. 3. 50 Title Ideas for Blog Post & Article Writing. The Business Blogger’s Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins. Three Basic Elements of Content that Spreads. 102 Reasons To Start A Blog in 2013 - 20-Steps-to-Launching-Your-Blog.pdf (application/pdf Object) How To Start A Blog: Complete Guide (7189 Words) How to start a blog?

How To Start A Blog: Complete Guide (7189 Words)

It may look like a very complicated task, especially when you don’t have any technical background. When I first jumped into the world of blogging and wanted to start a blog, I had no idea about where to start and if I had found a guide such as this one, it would have saved me hours (if not days) of online research to get everything I needed to start a blog the right way. This is the exact reason why I decided to put together this extremely detailed guide to start a blog on WordPress. It is designed to teach you everything you need to start a blog the right way.

It covers a wide variety of topics from Domain Names, WebHosts, to Traffic Sources. Make Money Blogging – How To Make 2013 Your Best Blogging Year. You can look at 2013 as the same old same old, or you can look at it as an opportunity for a fresh.

Make Money Blogging – How To Make 2013 Your Best Blogging Year

I do not believe in making new year’s resolutions. What I do like is making clearly defined goals and then creating a plan to get them. If one of your goals is to make 2013 your best blogging year, then taking the following actionable steps will help get you there. Get Your Own Domain Name and Web Hosting If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to give your blog its own domain name and get out of Blogspot or and into a professional web host. From my personal experience, I can tell you that you should choose your domain name registar and web host very carefully.

John Chow dot Com is hosted by HostGator and content delivery is provided by MaxCDN. Be A Blogger That Stands On His Own Two Feet. Posted by John Paul Aguiar in Blogging Be A Blogger That Can Stand Alone.

Be A Blogger That Stands On His Own Two Feet

Guest blogging: Looking for guest bloggers or guest post? Join MyBlogGuest! BEST-SELLING WSO EVER! Video 'Players' Just Became Obsolete... FAQ and more...

BEST-SELLING WSO EVER! Video 'Players' Just Became Obsolete...

See more Frequently Asked Questions here This update should solve issues with any confusion around downloading or activating Simple Video Pro and/or FanBuzz. We have implemented a new download page and streamlined process. If you continue to experience issues, please open a support ticket at the link above. Thanks for your patience and understanding. When will Simple Video Pro be available for purchase? It is available now. However, Simple Video Pro will be available only for a very limited time at these special prices, so if you like what you see, grab your copy now. Is there an OTO/upsell? Redefining “Quality Content” … And Writing It. Photography Blogger.

How I’m Going To Make $100,000 in 2012. I wanted to write this article to keep you up to date with how I plan to monetize my young website in a big way in 2012. When I first started blogging, I always thought that it was a natural progression to gain a following and then try to write and sell an ebook to make more money. The when that’s up and running, I could start getting into affiliate marketing. The problem is that that’s just not me, and I wanted to get into making big money, in my own style.

I set myself a rather ambitious new years resolution this year, which I fully plan on achieving, which is to make $100,000. That far surpasses anything else I’ve made in previous years, but by setting myself the task, my state of mind had changed. I actually set myself over 10 resolutions, which are mostly just areas I want to improve in my work and personal life, but my main focus this year is to do better financially. Ok, enough of that, here’s how I’m going to do it. 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013. What Content Works Where? Smarter Traffic (and Revenue) Building Through Social Media.

The Two Most Important Words in Blogging. 10 Ways to Build Authority as an Online Writer. Technical Blogger. Category: Blog Networks Description Net Solutions is looking for enthusiastic technical bloggers for our technology related blogs on topics similar to what are being mentioned here: The written content must be engaging, relevant and written in such a way that it positions Net Solutions as an expert in that particular area and triggers the reader to know more about our services. Our target audiences are startups, digital agencies and enterprise. Our aim is to get at least 15-20 good quality technical blogs written per month (150 words to 300 words).

Technology bloggers especially with experience in writing on blogs/articles for web and mobile or those who understand software industry in general are preferred. Thank you. How to apply Please email us the following information: 1. You can email us at S Guide to your First Week of Blogging. Passionate Bloggers Wanted For Articles About The Dangerous Goods Industry.

DG Air Freight is looking for a Passionate Bloggers Wanted For Articles About The Dangerous Goods Industry Category: Corporate/Business Description First things first, our going rate is competitive: $5 - 250 words or more $10 - 450 words or more $15 - 600 words or more $20 - 900 words or more $25 - 1200 words or more Our site targets several demographics and niches, and if you are passionate about one or more of the following subjects, we will like you even more: - Dangerous Goods industry - Dangerous Goods Transport Industry - Australian Dangerous Goods Road Freight Transport Industry - Dangerous Goods in the Air Freight Industry - Dangerous Goods in the Sea Freight Industry - Explosives Industry - Radioactive Material and related Industries This will be Ongoing work for the correct applicants Since our site traffic skews more towards Dangerous Goods and the Transport Industries, we are most inclined to hire a writer interested in these areas.

Darren Rowse - Google+ - I spoke with one blogger yesterday and asked him what his…