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Chemistry. Game Theory. Linguística. Mathematics. Physics. TED Science. TED Talks. Fator sorte do câncer. 'Tempestade perfeita' permitiu surgimento de Aids, diz estudo - BBC Brasil. Photo Album. The Cognitive Cost Of Expertise. In the 1940s, the Dutch psychologist Adrian de Groot performed a landmark study of chess experts.

The Cognitive Cost Of Expertise

Although de Groot was an avid chess amateur – he belonged to several clubs - he grew increasingly frustrated by his inability to compete with more talented players. De Groot wanted to understand his defeats, to identify the mental skills that he was missing. His initial hypothesis was that the chess expert were blessed with a photographic memory, allowing them to remember obscure moves and exploit the minor mistakes of their opponents. National Geographic - Inspiring People to Care About the Planet Since 1888. Complete relationship chart between psychological ("personality") types.

Complete relationship chart between psychological ("personality") types Chart #1 Key to the chart: Usage: Type A x Type B -> Intertype Relationship.

Complete relationship chart between psychological ("personality") types

The Brain—Information about the Brain. 1 Introduction “I think, therefore I am.”

The Brain—Information about the Brain

—René Descartes, 17th-century philosopher Few of us question the crucial importance of the brain. Red Ice Creations - A Lighthouse in the Darkness.