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For Music. Study Guides, Lesson Plans, Homework Help, Answers & More - ShowMe - The Online Learning Community. Coursera. Khan Academy. TheLearnia - Learn with your friends. SurfPatrol - Home. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations. Open Source and Freeware for PC,Mac and Linux. Find. Compare. Decide. What Is My IP Address At - Whois, My IP, & Free Tools! Alternating Current vs Direct Current. Electricity flows in two ways: either in an alternating current (AC) or in a direct current (DC).

Alternating Current vs Direct Current

Electricity or 'current' is nothing more than moving electrons along a conductor, like a wire, that have been harnessed for energy. Therefore, the difference between AC and DC has to do with the direction in which the electrons flow. In DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction, or "forward. " In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forward" and then going "backward. " Alternating and Direct current. Origins of AC and DC current A magnetic field near a wire causes electrons to flow in a single direction along the wire, because they are repelled by the negative side of a magnet and attracted toward the positive side. AC generators gradually replaced Edison's DC battery system because AC is safer to transfer over the longer city distances and can provide more power. Video comparing Alternating and Direct Current Use of transformers with Alternating Current (AC) Photo editor online - edit image.

Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Access your bookmarks anywhere. Mailinator - Let Them Eat Spam! Remember The Milk: Online to-do list and task management. Dicţionar Englez-Român. Website/URL/Link Scanner Safety Check for Phishing, Malware, Viruses [results:] - This service helps inform you of potentially suspicious , scammy, or dangerous web pages, to help you browse the web more safely.

Website/URL/Link Scanner Safety Check for Phishing, Malware, Viruses [results:] -

Definitions : Phishing is a forgery/imitation of another website, designed to trick people into sharing personal or financial information, possibly resulting in identity theft or other abuse. Malware is malicious code downloaded to your machine without your consent, harming your computer. We don't scan URLs/links/websites ourselves. Instead we rely on reputable 3rd-party web services to do it for us. Nobody's perfect, so please be aware that their information may not always be accurate or current. The 3rd-party web services we use and reference often (but not always) report on the status of the entire domain/website itself , not always the individual URL specified. The services we use often strive to provide current and accurate reports of website/URL trustworthiness.

Disagree with our URL/website scanning results? Online Link Scan - Free Anti-Virus, PageRank, Alexa Rank Check. Free Virus, Trojan, Adware and Malware URL Scanner. Photocat——Photo editing made fun. DeBrastagi Nod32 Username and Password - Kaspersky Keys - TrialReset. Law of attraction. Alan Watts and Terence McKenna talk about our need for a sense of unity as our global problems are getting worse and we have become enemies of our planet and each other.

law of attraction

Created by The Omega Point Project. The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgment; more experts, yet more problems; more medicine, but less wellness. Deltoid Muscle (Anterior and Middle Portions) Allen Brain Atlas - Welcome. Muscle Atlas. My Maps.