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Sans titre. I have been using in my coaching, facilitation and training work,the very well known Business Model Canvas from the best selling book Business Model Generation, pretty much since it came out. Off the back of that, I got involved in the crowd sourced follow up book Business Model You (spot my photo in the contributors section!). More recently I have been using the template from the book Value Proposition Generation, for work around account planning and product / service innovation. Overall using canvasses is a good thing, but they do have their downsides: Since working with these, I have seen quite a few different canvas variations pop up. Here is a non definitive list of canvasses I have come across. I claim no copyright nor ownership to any of these. My intent is to make this a hub for all canvas types. Be aware that some links may now be dead as it is a while since I created this. Michael LaChapelle has done a really excellent mini course on the Business Model Canvas.

SaveSaveSaveSave. Sans titre. This is a short list of graphic facilitation books that I consider essential reading on the topic. I personally own all of these and more! David Sibbett: Graphic Facilitation > One of the founders of this domain and a solid starting location. His other books are great, but follow the same ideas and extend them. I have written a brief review of his book HERE.Brandy Agerbeck: The graphic facilitators guide and The idea shapers > Both great books, to build up skills on all facets of the work.Martin Haussmann: Uzmo, Bikablo 2.0, Bikablo emotions > a very specific and popular style of images / icons. Uzmo goes way beyond the excelent iconography of the other books. A great read! Booked related to graphic facilitation I.e. visual thinking…. Gary Austin recommended “Visual Thinking Book” by Willemien Brand. Online Resources The Visual Facilitation Cookbook by Torben Grocholl, Deniss Jershov and Kati Orav is a resource worth downloading.

The Grove are pioneers in visual practice. Map Your Memories. Brain Doodles. Brain Doodles | Lesson 3 part 4. Are visual design skills important for service designers? | Service Innovation & Design. Figure 1: Blog post mind map. To understand and develop service design we need to combine knowledge from different areas, as business administration, publishing, marketing, psychology, journalism, design, mathematics, ethnography, among others. Every service solution will need a better understand of context, user needs and usage. The natural born service designer is beholder, curious, focused, communicative, organized and creative. Among other proficiencies, we need to develop the visual design skills. Designers communicate in a visual or an object language as symbols, signs, and metaphors. They are used for sketching, diagrams and technical drawings to translate abstract requirements into concrete objects. “A picture is worth a thousand words” “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image.

A world with a lot of information The role of visual design in service design thinking process Visual design skills. View the book | THE VISUAL MBA. The Visual MBA is an experimental project to document business concepts and frameworks visually. The project was started in 2010 during my experience at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. The project has three goals: SYNTHESIS | distill what I have learned over two years and reframe it in a personal, meaningful way REFERENCE | create an artifact that I can pick up in the future to easily relocate information INSPIRATION | design to inspire an ongoing reengagement and reimagining of business ideas The version of the book shown here is a concept document created with the intention to iterate and improve over time. The next iteration will be focusing on deepening the strategy, innovation, marketing, org design and people content, and expanding coverage to finance, operations, economics and analytical tools.

I will update this site in the future with updates on the status of the project. Doodle Revolution. Graphic Facilitator - Blog | Image Think. Brandy Agerbeck. = Brandy Agerbeck = graphic facilitator + artist. Graphic facilitation, graphic recording, visual facilitation, scribing, drawing, printmaking, sewing, quilting, crafting. Visual Understanding Environment. Visual Thinking Methods. Visual Thinking Strategies & Learning Style | Trainiac | Trainiac. Instructional design is commonly applied when designing learning solutions. Adding visual thinking into the mix is our secret ingredient and what sets us apart from the rest. We know that it is the combination of visual thinking strategies and instructional design that make all the difference. What Is Visual Thinking?

Visual thinking is simply the ability to capture information, ideas and concepts visually so that other people can understand the message you’re conveying. To be a good visual thinker doesn’t mean you are an artist; often visual learning styles with stick figures and line drawings will help people get the point. At Trainiac, we are all visual thinkers, but since we have illustrators and artists on the team, we can make all our output and material look really great. Developing A Visual Learning Style During the development stage of our visual thinking strategies, we create all the learning material with a high percentage of it being visual.

Brandy Agerbeck's Graphic Facilitation Work. Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, Informationsarchitektur - Integral Information Architecture - Hamburg. Infographics & Data Visualization | Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. VizThink | All you need to know about Visual Thinking. Visual Thinking Archive. Trouver des pictogrammes de qualité. Schlipf + Heinzel: Juni 2012. Industrial design magazine + resource / Sketchnotes category. "It nearly moved me to tears," a Ford executive once said of a Michael Santoro car design.

"It's the best set of proportions I've ever seen on a sedan. " In the early '90s Santoro was an upstart designer largely responsible for turning Chrysler's fortunes around with his radical cab-forward concepts and dropped-headlight-fender trucks, and me and my ID classmates were lucky enough to visit his Detroit studio.

There we saw some of the most mind-blowing ID sketching I've ever seen, all done in one color with a Berol Prismacolor. His line quality was unbelievable: While there were sketch marks all over the page, Santoro could unerringly hit the same curve or corner he wanted to emphasize 40, 50, 60 times, with his precisely built-up strokes creating more pop than a Pepsi factory. I thought of this as I saw, of all things, these "Where People Run" maps released by Dr. Nathan Yau's Flowing Data website. continued... Swimming in Culture Illustration from David Gray's presentation. Continued... From Sketch. Christoph Niemann : du frigo interactif au bestiaire animé, une histoire de l'interactivité Christoph Niemann est illustrateur, graphiste et écrivain.

Ses réalisations sont reconnues internationalement et il a été récompensé par de nombreux prix. Après avoir fait ses études en Allemagne, il [...] lire la suite Ayzit Bostan : L´association de la mode et de l´art pour des créations poétiques Ayzit Bostan est une styliste et artiste, née en 1968 à Ankara. Elle habite aujourd´hui à Munich. Ses créations sont le plus souvent exposées sous forme d´installations, ce qui lui permet d´être à la [...] lire la suite Christian Y. Christian Y. Ulrike Sterblich : lions, dragons et les Français - Berlin dans ma tête Ulrike Sterblich est né en 1970 à Berlin, elle est politologue, auteure et animateur. Stereo Total : Mangeurs de patates en culottes de cuir rencontrent amateurs de vins paresseux Le groupe berlinois Stéréo Total a été fondé en 1993 par Françoise Cactus et Brezel Göring.

Mitch Blunt. Mitch Blunt is a UK based illustrator with an interesting straightforward style that pairs vibrant colors with flat textured shapes. His work is thoughtful in its execution and composition with compelling and often playful concepts. This image, titled “The Science of Love” created for Benhealth Magazine, cleverly shows an intricate (and quite possibly explosive) formula for love. Also for your viewing pleasure… Edward McGowanThereza RoweJesse LefkowitzMaxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch. Galerie de Rachel Smith. Visual Practice (iPad), a set by Rachel Smith on... - THE Creative Leadership Academy. Galerie de Business Models Inc.