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If you were the sky and I were the sea. by Duck. If you were the skyThen I'd be the seaAnd when you shined brightIt would reflect in me.When you're at restThen I am steady.If you wanna get roughI'm always ready.Past closing at the barsIf you show me the starsI'll open right upAnd cast them out far.And on the darkest nightIf you won't shine a light.Then I'm silent alongside youUntil you feel right.We'll meet at the horizonWhere lovers will stareAnd wonder with passionWhy they can't meet there.And you'll share me a kissAs bright as two suns.When they meet in the middleI'll know the days done.And I can tell that's your way of saying to me.Goodnight my love.If you were the sky and I were the sea.

If you were the sky and I were the sea. by Duck

PABLO NERUDA - Love. The Dream. Poetry - Frederick Perls - Gestalt Prayer. XVII (I do not love you...) by Pablo Neruda. Andy Weaver - A Little Love Poem. The Open Man. Beautiful Like... I Loved You, by Alexander Pushkin « Great Poems » Greatest Books of All Time. Love and Loss in Prose and Poetry. PABLO NERUDA - from Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair.

Poetry of Nazim Hikmet Ran. I Did Not Keep Your Letters. Sara Teasdale, "The Look". Kimos Hawaiian rules. The Egg. The Egg By: Andy Weir You were on your way home when you died.

The Egg

It was a car accident.