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Node.js 日本ユーザグループ
npm - Node Package Manager npm is a package manager for node . You can use it to install and publish your node programs. It manages dependencies and does other cool stuff. npm - Node Package Manager
Nipster! npm search tool for Node.js
Express - node web framework Web Applications Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building single and multi-page, and hybrid web applications. APIs With a myriad of HTTP utility methods and Connect middleware at your disposal, creating a robust user-friendly API is quick and easy. Performance

Express - node web framework

Nodetime - Performance Profiler for Node.js

Nodetime - Performance Profiler for Node.js

See the documentation for a complete list of features and description. All-round Profiling and Monitoring The root causes of performance problems can be very different and complex to locate, while the result is usually simple - slow or unavailable web site. Nodetime reveals the internals of your application and infrastructure through profiling and proactive monitoring enabling detailed analysis, fast troubleshooting, performance and capacity optimization.
CommonJS: JavaScript Standard Library

CommonJS: JavaScript Standard Library

JavaScript is a powerful object oriented language with some of the fastest dynamic language interpreters around. The official JavaScript specification defines APIs for some objects that are useful for building browser-based applications. However, the spec does not define a standard library that is useful for building a broader range of applications.
Packages/1.0 - CommonJS Spec Wiki Packages/1.0 - CommonJS Spec Wiki Implementations JSBuild, PINF JS Loader, ArangoDB Packages This specification describes the CommonJS package format for distributing CommonJS programs and libraries.
Felix's Node.js Guide
node v0.2.6 한글 번역 v0.2.6 한글 번역 Synopsis 예제 : "Hello World"를 응답하는 Node 웹서버 이 서버를 구동하기 위해서 위 코드를 example.js에 쓰고 node 프로그램을 통해 실행시켜보자. node v0.2.6 한글 번역
« Home / All Guides IMPORTANT: This version is outdated, the latest version is available on GitHub. There is no official document that governs the style of node.js applications. This guide is my opinionated attempt to bring you a good set of instructions that will allow you to create beautiful and consistent software. This guide assumes that you are only targeting node.js. If your code also needs to run in the browser or other environments, please ignore some of it. Felix's Node.js Style Guide/en Felix's Node.js Style Guide/en
Felix's Node.js Style Guide/ko

GitHub - Social Coding

GitHub - Social Coding Great collaboration starts with communication. Review changes, comment on lines of code, report issues, and plan the future of your project with discussion tools. Friction-less development across teams. Work with project collaborators or teams of people in organization accounts to communicate with ease. World's largest open source community.
Building and installing Node.js You may build the Node.js engine for any of the supported platforms. For Windows and Mac some pre-built binaries are available; you may install them without building Node for yourself. Prerequisites and known issues of building Prerequisites GCC 4.2 or newerGNU make 3.81 or newer. Building and Installing Node.js · joyent/node Wiki Building and Installing Node.js · joyent/node Wiki
nanha/nodeman 소개 문서를 브라우져로만 봐야 하나요? 저의 개발환경은 vim. 저는 참 vim 을 좋아하는데요. 암튼 man 명령어를 node.js 용으로 만들어보자. nanha/nodeman node2dm A node.js server for sending push notifications to Google's C2DM (deprecated) and GCM push notification server. Written by Instagram to support our Android application, and inspired by statsd's protocol. Setting up Instagram/node2dm
Nodeman by nanha
Mastering Node Node is an exciting new platform developed by Ryan Dahl, allowing JavaScript developers to create extremely high performance servers by leveraging Google's V8 JavaScript engine, and asynchronous I/O. In Mastering Node we will discover how to write high concurrency web servers, utilizing the CommonJS module system, node's core libraries, third party modules, high level web development and more. In this chapter we will be looking at the installation and compilation of node.
이 문서에 대하여 본 문서의 목표는 Node.js용 애플리케이션 개발을 시작을 할 수 있게 만드는 것입니다. 그리고 함께 알아야 하는 “고급” JavaScript에 관한 모든 것을 다룹니다. 본 문서는 전형적인 “Hello World” 튜토리얼 보다는 더 많이 다룹니다. The Node Beginner Book (Korean version) » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial
twich: php + node.js realtime web-based chat
Real-time web applications with Node.js, & TerrificJS – Roger Dudler's Blog
Async. and Realtime Geo Applications with Node.js
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