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Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics. Recently on our website I wrote an article explaining how doctors and scientists the world over are increasingly concerned about the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

I would now like to expand on the use of herbs as antibiotics and immune-stimulating allies. The story so far: Scientists estimate that within ten years antibiotics will become redundant. The spread and growth of drug-resistant bacteria means some troubling things: Natural Plant Bandages are Antibacterial and Better than Store Bought. Our Shifting Perspective. True healing is not simply a matter of becoming symptom free by any means necessary.

Our Shifting Perspective

That would support beliefs in superstition by suggesting there is no higher purpose for the conditions you are facing. When caught in a healing crisis, your body is put into a cocoon-like stage of incubation, where much rest, nourishment, and often the assistance of supplements or even medicine allows the body, mind, heart, and soul to align, get on the same page, and inspire the integration of your highest vibration in physical form. Sound healing. Physical Pains And Their Metaphysical Meanings. Source - MDTby Lawrence Michail Everything on the Physical plane is a manifestation of something on the Metaphysical plane.

Physical Pains And Their Metaphysical Meanings

When we speak of abundance, what we are really talking about is an abundance of emotional, mental and spiritual energy. We fill ourselves to the brim with these energies and it is the overflow that is manifest on the physical plane. The signs and symptoms that are apparent on the Physical plane lead us to inquire, ultimately, more deeply into ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings. Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking To Your Body Helps You Heal - RiseEarth. “Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.”

Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking To Your Body Helps You Heal - RiseEarth

These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder. 9 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds. September 30, 2013 | 581,145 views Disponible en Español Share.

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Seven Foods Rich in Iodine. By Dr.

Seven Foods Rich in Iodine

Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World The thyroid gland synthesizes thyroid hormones and iodine is an essential trace mineral that is crucial for the thyroid to function properly. Eating foods rich in iodine ensures the thyroid is able to manage metabolism, detoxification, growth and development. Research has shown that a lack of dietary iodine may lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland, lethargy, fatigue, weakness of the immune system, slow metabolism, autism, weight gain and possibly even mental states such as anxiety and depression. Emotional Energetic Healing: The Future of Medicine is Here. 5th June 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World “Everything is energy.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Emotional Energetic Healing: The Future of Medicine is Here

Neutralize Your Body pH With the Right Foods. The regulation of acid-alkaline balance is one of the most important factors in homeostasis, or dynamic equilibrium in the body.

Neutralize Your Body pH With the Right Foods

Recent studies show that when the body’s pH is too acidic, it’s difficult for enzymes to function properly, which can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other inflammatory diseases. The acronym pH stands for “potential for hydrogen,” and measures the hydrogen ions in bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, or urine. Dissolved acid produces hydrogen ions, so the more hydrogen ions in a solution (higher concentration), the more acidic the solution is, and the lower the number on the pH scale.

Why Sound Heals. We can feel it when we turn on the radio and our favorite song happens to be playing, or when we sit quietly and listen to the rain.

Why Sound Heals

Top Tips for Keeping This One Neglected Body System Clean and Healthy. Photo credit: Your lymph system is a complex and little-thought-of drainage system in the body.

Top Tips for Keeping This One Neglected Body System Clean and Healthy

This system is mostly ignored, of course, until someone gets cancer. The entire system contains vital organs including the spleen, the thymus, lymph nodes, and blood vessels. Your lymph system plays an extremely important role when it comes to fighting infection, and removing fats, toxic waste, and excess fluid from the body. Better information. Better health. Why Your Doctor Is Not Telling You About Natural Remedies. By Liivi Hess,The Alternative Daily, Thanks to Conscious Life News Cut it, burn it, kill it. That is the usual approach to getting rid of cancer. A complete list of artificial ingredients.

Healing the body/mind with the willingness to feel. As one opens up to the pain of the past one heals so that one can move into the future…. (Update Nov 2015) — It is through such methods of close attention to the body/mind/spirit that my healing has progressed at all. It is the foundation of everything I have learned during this healing process. I have, at this point, developed my own way of doing this stuff but I continue to learn by comparing notes with others who do similar work towards their own healing and awakening. Focusing is one method of body oriented meditation. 10 Vegetarian Bodybuilding Foods to Enhance Muscle Mass. Muscle building and vegetarian foods don’t go quite hand in hand because protein is the foundation of muscle building and some of the richest sources of protein are non-vegetarian such as lean beef, pork, turkey and fish.

So, does that mean vegans and vegetarian don’t stand any chance of building muscles? The answer is “Yes they do”. 20 Sources of Pain In The Body Are Each Directly Tied To Specific Emotional States. 26th February 2016 By Josh Richardson Guest Writer for Wake Up World Pain is first energy, second perception, and third physical manifestation. Superfoods are bullshit. CDC Confirms Link Between Antibiotics, CAFOs and Superbugs. Top 10 Natural Cancer Treatments. Top 10 Natural Cancer Treatments Cancer may arise from numerous physical problems including the lack of oxygen to cells, a weakened immune system, excessive acidity and the toxic accumulation of carcinogens (or DNA mutating substances). "THE COLLECTIVE FEMALE PAIN-BODY" (excerpt) The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. 5 Newly Discovered Health Powers of Asparagus. Neem Oil: Uses, Benefits, How Tos, KnowHow. 4 Tricks For Cleaning With Lavender.

26 Plants That Repel Mosquitos. Ancient Healing Methods Offer an Alternative Paradigm in Health. Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World Around Us. Dr. Ancient Secrets: the Truth About Energy Healing. How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA. Emotional Energetic Healing: The Future of Medicine is Here. How Toxins Harm Your Body's Energy Fields.

What is Pranic Healing® Research on Pranic Healing. How to Heal Emotional and Spiritual Blockages. The Causes Of Illness According To Edgar Cayce. The Guide to Raw Foods: Foods that Feed The Pineal Gland. Herbal Remedies for Stomach Problems. 3 Simple Steps to Healing An Emotional Addiction. Fluoride depletes iodine in the body, causing hypothyroidism and immune deficiency. 15 Facts Most People Don't Know About Fluoride. Vaccinations. 31 Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians & Vegans. Iodine Protocol: Still Working! Iodine to the Rescue. Iodine Supplement, 0.5 fl. oz. - The best Iodine, by the newest technology 100% absorbable.. Dr. Cousens Global - expert's choice supplements, herbs & superfoods. Low cost international shipping.

7 Foods Rich in Iodine. Health Benefits of Grapefruits. Pistachio nuts nutrition facts and health benefits. You Could have Parasites and Not Know It! 12 Herbs that Kill Them. Sorry, Foodies: We're About to Ruin Kale. Herbal Remedies". Medicinal Herbs Guide - Natural Herbs Guide - Healing Herbs Guide - StumbleUpon. 20 Healthiest Foods on Earth.

Health Benefits of Mangoes. Get Rid Of Bloating & Gases Just By Drinking This Miracle DrinkHealth Care Above All. Fight Stress With Food? Yes, Really! - Today's Dietitian Health & Nutrition Center. Self-Healing: Proof It Works And 9 Key Steps To Doing It Successfully.

Ancient Healing Methods Offer an Alternative Paradigm in Health. Symptoms, Dis-eases, Conditions and Issues, Etc. 13 Things You Didn’t Know about Watermelon - NaturalON. Slippery Elm: Benefits and Uses of Slippery Elm: Your Health. Analysis Confirms Chemicals in Food Are More Hazardous in Combination. Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon. 20 Reasons you should Drink Lemon Water in the MorningDrink Warm Lemon Water In The Morning For A Year (And These 20 Things Happen) Table Salt vs Himalayan Pink Salt: What’s the Difference? How to Lower Bad Cholesterol and Cleanse Your Blood Vessels in just 40 Days? Traditional Vietnamese Medicine: Historical Perspective and Current Usage — EthnoMed.

List of Fermented Foods & Vegetables that Can Heal Your Gut. Magnesium: A Deficiency That Could Be Harming Your Health. S. Ali Myers: Decalcify the Pineal Gland with Alkaline Foods. Rapid Detoxification of the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) 4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autoimmune - DrAxe. Detailed Listing of Acid / Alkaline Forming Foods. List of Alkaline Foods – The pH Balanced Diet.

Leaky Gut Syndrome. Absorb More Nutrients with Digestive Enzymes - Dr. Axe. 10 Health Benefits of Cucumbers. Busted Candida Myths (and how to properly address candida!) 20 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotics (Recipe Included!) The Top Seven Natural Cures For Cancer That Got Buried By The FDA, AMA, CDC.

How To Make A Healthy Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice. Is hummus healthy? Four reasons to include this tasty dip in your diet. Health Benefits of Aloe Vera: Grow Your Own Medicine. NATURE CURES Parasites and Worms - ADVERT FREE. The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth. Health Benefits of Lime. 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Avocados. 25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil. Lemon And Baking Soda Combination Saves Lives.