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Illustration - Gemma Correll. Twelve Story Illustrations Make it Into Society of Illustrators Awards. We talk a lot of about writers and stories on but we always strive to give equal attention to our visual presentation.

Twelve Story Illustrations Make it Into Society of Illustrators Awards

We are indebted to the artists who work tirelessly to make us, and our stories, look good and connect to readers. With that in mind, I’m sure you can appreciate how delighted and honored I am that 12 illustrations for Publishing have been selected for this year’s Society of Illustrators annual exhibition. A special congratulations to Sam Weber for having earned a Gold Medal for his illustration for Haralambi Markov’s story “The Language of Knives”. The Society of Illustrators Annual Awards are one the premiere showcases for outstanding work created worldwide throughout the year. Michelle Morin. Elisa Ancori. Nico Delort. Also, stop by the Gallery Nucleus Booth and check out this Wizard of Oz inspired screenprint!

Nico Delort

18x24″2 colors+varnish Edition of 150 for the Reg, 50 for the Variant. if you’re at SDCC drop by the Mondo booth ( #835) and check out my Jaws poster! A little preview for the next two prints in my Classical series inspired by Schubert’s Winterreise and Rachmaninov’s Isle of the Dead. You can buy the first one right here on now! : A typography exercise.. Julian Landini.

Jensine Eckwall. Self Portrait (A Study in Self Control) Digitally printed photograph on watercolor paper, gouache My piece for the Temple of Art project.

Jensine Eckwall

Temple of Art is a gallery show/book/documentary conceived by photographer Allan Amato, in order to investigate what it means to make art as one’s livelihood and the individual idiosyncracies of over 50 artists. I was flattered to be included at the suggestion of Marc Scheff, captain of the East Coast side of the project. For the art pieces themselves, each illustrator/painter/etc was shot by Allan and then asked to work traditionally on top of the photo. I was challenged at how direct of a “self portrait,” this piece would have to be- not just a thematic or emotional self-investigation, but an actual photo of me; it had to be critical.

I was filmed for the documentary by Allan and Olga Nunes Read more about the project here: Website Wikipedia Kickstarter Gallery Opening. Index. Pascal Campion. John Holcroft Illustrator John Holcroft on Behance. Rasenth: Te chao. Michael Hacker - Illustration.

Michael Hacker Illustration. Malerei : Christina Gschwantner. Peter Diamond Selected Works. Secuencia de fotos de LAMBUJA! The Work of Don Kenn — 9 0 0 0. Peter Diamond Selected Works. HOPE GANGLOFF. Tahel Maor. Paginas y listas de ilustradores. Philip blog. Cadáveres esquicio. Akino Kondoh. NEVER EVER EVEN. Chloe Batchelor's illustration homepage. Eleanor davis / images  Ben tolman: current work. Martin Wittfooth. The Second in line. 1983 - 1990. Sonic and Tails - Daniel Stevenson. Edmund Dulac Art Images. Yan Nascimbene Illustration.

Version française Yan Nascimbene was raised in France and Italy. After working as a photographer in a Paris fashion studio, he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at the University of California at Davis. Yan and Joan Parazette married and moved to Rome where they started POMPELMO EDITORE, a publishing company. The following ten years were spent between California, France and Italy.

In 1976 they adopted their daughter Noémie in Morocco. In 1986 Nascimbene started working as an illustrator in Paris. Joan and Yan moved back to California in 1991. Nascimbene’s illustrations have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, the New Yorker, Boston Globe, Toronto Life, Scientific American, Atlantic Monthly, Hemispheres, etc. Yan’s work is exhibited worldwide. » Illustration.

House Pardee. 惊蛰 Waking 120x90cm亚克力,画布acrylic on canvas 2012 on Behance. Corinne Reid. Actualités Moebius. Stasia Burrington Illustration. Drawings « ericailcane. Don kenn gallery. Elia illustration. Golden Age Illustrator: Kay Nielsen. Golden Age Illustrator: Kay Nielsen Kay Nielsen, illus. for Andersen's story "The Tinderbox" (see the original post) [Tinderbox!]

Golden Age Illustrator: Kay Nielsen

Though this is my first post on Danish-American illustrator Kay Nielsen (1886–1957), his influence can be seen everywhere on 50 Watts (try Lathrop and Sterrett). Golden Age Comic Book Stories has done a great job of archiving Nielsen's work online—they made most of these scans. Calla Editions have reprinted East of the Sun and West of the Moon: Old Tales from the North and will soon reprint In Powder and Crinoline (wisely re-titled The Twelve Dancing Princesses). Andersen tale (see the original post) East of the Sun and West of the Moon, 1914 (see the original post) In Powder and Crinoline, 1912 (see the original post) Hansel and Gretel / the Brothers Grimm, 1925 (see the original post) Red Magic, 1930 (see the original post) Organic Forms and Whiplash Curves - Mila 'von' Luttich. LiveJournal You are viewing art_nouveau Art Nouveau @ LJ - Mila 'von' Luttich Organic Forms and Whiplash Curves About Us Welcome to the Art Nouveau community on Livejournal!

Organic Forms and Whiplash Curves - Mila 'von' Luttich

Links April 2014. Carole Wilmet ∆ Illustration. Shawn barber ©2012. Home. Jim Tsinganos illustration. The Art of Travis Louie.