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Articles based on the idea of innovating shopping experiences

Martin Lindstrom: Delving Inside the Consumer's Mind. Shopping Makes You Happy. It's Science. Why Do We Shop? Why do people shop?

Why Do We Shop?

This question has been examined by psychologists and personal finance bloggers for years and the reasons are usually broken down into the old needs vs. wants dilemma. I think it goes much deeper than that. We buy things we budget for and things we need – food, clothing, transportation, shelter, climate control, and sometimes we buy things to replace items we’ve worn out or outgrown (I’m going through sneakers and clothing like crazy with three kids!).

Sometimes we buy things we want (electronics, boats, new furniture, etc) and that’s okay so long as our decision is made with an idea of where the money is coming from and it isn’t from high interest debt. It’s also a good idea to make sure the money you spend on wants doesn’t jeopardize your ability to meet your future needs. But many times, we shop for other reasons: 1. What does the ultimate tech-enabled store of the future look like? The Joy of Shopping: It’s All in the Mind - FITCH. Click here to download the PDF The global world of retail is in a state of revolution.

The Joy of Shopping: It’s All in the Mind - FITCH

What was once so SIMPLE – “I’m just popping out to the shops” is now infinitely SPLINTERED. Shopping is anywhere and everywhere. Today’s consumers have an abundance of choice for shopping – in a store, on a website, via an app on their smart phone and through their games console. They move fluidly and instinctively across retail brands and channels as they satisfy their different SHOPPER MINDSTATES at the flick of a key or the click of a mouse.

The old notion of a linear customer journey is rapidly evolving into a more mosaic approach. FITCH has identified three universal ‘shopper mindstates’ that characterise the behaviours of shoppers across the world. Dreaming In this mindstate, shoppers actively look for new ideas and inspiration. Exploring Here, the shopper is open-minded, but has a category-specific purchase intent. Locating Is Locating Now Simply The Price Of Entry? Trend-Forward: Pop - Up Stores - Retail Trend. In a world that is anything but static, it is no wonder that retail too, is taking on this new transformation.

Trend-Forward: Pop - Up Stores - Retail Trend

Welcome in, "the pop-up store". These stores are either temporarily erected in a space or alternatively taking an existing space for a short period of time. Often they are used as mini stores during the day and can be used for mini events or cocktail parties in the evenings. They exist for anything between a day and a couple of weeks before they are packed up and then move on to another town or area.

These shops, while small and temporary, can build up interest by consumer exposure. Further to this there are no long leases and exorbitant rents and further they can be moved to cover other retail sectors in surrounding towns and areas. The recession created empty retail space. 24 Unique Examples of Creative Bus Stop Advertising. This week we will look at creative ways to approach bus stop advertising through creative guerrilla marketing.

24 Unique Examples of Creative Bus Stop Advertising

Bus Stop advertising is a great way to explore new ideas and way to market. Stepping away from the traditional way we advertise can really bring something new and create buzz for your brand. Below you will see 24 Unique Examples of Creative Bus Stop Advertising. Restaurant Launches Pop-Up Dining Experience Inside Giant Video Cube. This past week PSFK braved what can only be described as a light summer monsoon to venture to the Chelsea art district to enjoy the six course dining experience that brought together food, art and experimental culture.

Restaurant Launches Pop-Up Dining Experience Inside Giant Video Cube

Arriving early, soaked couples and art lovers gathered in the front lobby of Eyebeam – New York’s art and technology center — to wait for their chance to file into a dark room to experience the resurrection of one of Brooklyn’s most legendary tech-enhanced restaurants in its new pop-up form. Monkey Town, the Williamsburg outpost that entertained and delighted diners for seven years until its closing in 2010, will once again pair visually captivating films with a top culinary experience. The on-screen videos are designed to complement the food being prepared. Shops of the future: five new interactive shopping experiences - Travel tips and inspiration - British Airways High Life.

Transforming the retail experience through innovation with Lori Mitchell-Keller. Customer Stimulation Needs and Innovative Shopping Behavior: the Case of Recycled Urban Places by S. L. Grossbart, R. A. Mittelstaedt, and S. P. DeVere. Are there elements of the theatre that can be integrated into the static retail environment to engage consumers back into the instore experience Claudia Gilmour 201314. Building a Better Shopping Experience - The Future of Retail - Thinking. In preparation for the half-marathon that she intends to run in Toronto next year, Kerry is looking for a new pair of running shoes for endurance training.

Building a Better Shopping Experience - The Future of Retail - Thinking

She researched various models online and is ready to pick up the footwear she has chosen at the local store that offers the best price. As an experienced runner, Kerry knows precisely what features she wants in a running shoe, and after thorough research, she has landed on the Saucony Powergrid Triumph 10.