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Our Mission. When confronted with critical decisions about the products and services that matter most, consumers are bombarded with an onslaught of marketing, advertising, opinions, and options.

Our Mission

That’s why for nearly 80 years, Consumer Reports has empowered consumers with the knowledge they need to make better and more informed choices—and has battled in the public and private sectors for safer products and fair market practices. In short, we are dedicated to one enduring idea: Unleashing the world-changing power of consumers. Formed as an independent, nonprofit organization in 1936, Consumer Reports serves consumers through unbiased product testing and ratings, research, journalism, public education, and advocacy.

We stand firmly behind the principle that consumer products and services must be safe, effective, reliable, and fairly priced. Ebates: Coupons, Deals, Promo Codes & Cash Back. Giving Assistant - Save money, support charity, shop responsibly.

Coupons and Promo-Codes

Search Engines:E-commerce. From Topical Search Wiki Price Comparison General Books Travel KayakMomondo - real-time search in a relatively large group of travel-agencies and airlines websites.

Search Engines:E-commerce

Coupons and Promo-Codes deal sharing site – A deals and coupons sharing community. Cash Back Shopping Ebates Marketplaces References. Tech Research Engine. Research Appliances. Research Engine For Your Outdoor Gear Needs. Financial Decisions Simplified. The Research Engine For Things That Go. Product Search Engines. Paying Online and using Credit Cards Shopping online and paying with credit cards is a perfectly safe activity today, you just have to be a little bit careful.

Product Search Engines

The websites included on this page are all known and reputable (although I’m not liable for issues). A large number of online payments are processed through one of the payment systems listed above, most notably PayPal. When using these websites or reading emails from them, always make sure to verify that they are who they say they are. No emails from any company will ask you to click on a link and then type in your password; if you see an email like this it is a fake. Price Comparison Engines & Products in Local Stores These are search engines which include products from many different merchants, allowing you to see the different prices available for the same item offered by each. Many of these companies own or license their technology to other companies. Product Information and Manuals Product Codes. The Best Price Comparison Websites And Apps, From Trae Bodge. How can be sure that you're getting the best price on the item you're purchasing?

The Best Price Comparison Websites And Apps, From Trae Bodge

Senior lifestyle editor of Trae Bodge recommends using price comparison tools, available both online and in the app store, to ensure you're getting a good deal. If you're looking to purchase an item online, Price Grabber and Google Shopping will allow you to compare prices of the item you're looking to purchase across different retail sites. If you're already at the store, the Red Laser app on your smartphone will scan the item you're interested in buying, and tell you how much it costs at surrounding stores, making sure you're not missing out on saving a few dollars by walking across the mall to another retailer!

For more advice on shopping smart, view Trae's essential tips, below: Close Getty Which is better for savings — in-store, or online? Look for Offers You Can Redeem Online and In-Store Which is better for savings — in-store, or online? See more clips. What You Should Know About Online Pricing-Kiplinger. Many sites manipulate what they charge you.

What You Should Know About Online Pricing-Kiplinger

We tell you how to beat the system. 1. Your online profile could boost the price. Online re­tailers know all kinds of things about you from the electronic bread crumbs you drop, such as your IP address, and they capitalize on it using price discrimination or differential pricing. For example, a site may charge higher prices after taking note of the Web browser you’re using, your location, your previous shopping habits, or your search history. See Our Slide Show: 10 Online Shopping Traps That Catch Even Smart Shoppers 2. A recent study by Northeastern University found that several leading Web commerce sites practiced steering and price discrimination. 3. Although it may seem unfair, retailers aren’t breaking laws when they employ differential pricing.


Price Comparison.