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My Paper Crane Here it is nearing the end of April and I forgot to blog about the Bag Of The Month bag for March! As you can see I ended up having a sad photoshoot in my car one afternoon while I was waiting to pick up my son after school. I have actually been using this bag all month long. The fabric was one I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with Ring Around The Rosie by Michael Miller. Make Your Mark Volume Three Edited By: Jocelyn K. Glei / Foreword: Scott Belsky Finally, a business book for makers, not managers. Illusionist locket: A how to. Last Christmas, I decided to make my girlfriend the locket from the Illusionist ..For those of you who haven't seen exactly what this locket is, here is a scene from the movie ... As far as i know, in the movie, they used two lockets and didn't actually make a working one. As you can imagine, after some people saw this cool locket, they wanted to make a working one, myself included.

everything will be okay. I’ve been a member at the Huntington Library and Gardens for a while now, but never ventured into this room. The Desert Garden conservatory is hands down my new favorite spot. I think the thing I love about desert plants is how textured they are, how they don’t need much attention and they can hold their own. They’re pretty independent, which is strange to say about something planted in dirt. New Ladies Faux Leather Cut Out Womens Heel Platform Ankle Boots Shoes Size 5 10 d h m s day hour Pop Up Lessons/How To Books How to Make Pop Up Cards Lesson 1: The BoxLesson 2: Box Variation Lesson 3: The V-FoldLesson 4: Box Cut Separately Lesson 5: Box Tabs and SlotsLesson 6: V-Fold Tabs and Slots Lesson 7: Pop Up Words 1Lesson 8: Pop Up Words 2Lesson 9: Pop Up Words 3 Lesson 10: Pop Up Words 4Lesson 11: The X (Slotted Shapes)Lesson 12: Slotted X with StrapLesson 13: Slotted X with TabsLesson 14: Asymmetrical Slotted XLesson 15: X Form CardsLesson 16: V-Fold PivotLesson 17: Asymmetrical V-Fold Pivot Lesson 18: 180° Open Top BoxLesson 19: 180° Box with Closed TopLesson 20: 180° Open Top BoatLesson 21: 45° Open Box Lesson 22: Tabletop Floating on Boxes Lesson 23: Tabletop Floating on I-Beams The Best Pop Up Card Instruction Books My personal favorites! Most are available from Amazon or Book Depository.

Paris Re-Tale. The city’s spirit through its shop signs. Privacy Policy By subscribing to our newsletter, Pixartprinting S.p.A., as data Controller, might contact you by sending you our newsletter in order to update you on our products, initiatives and services, or to conduct statistical analyses or market research and assess your level of satisfaction. To that end, we will process only your e-mail address. We remind you that every consent is optional and revocable.

Upcycled Clamshell Tin Box Here's how to make a nice little clamshell box out of two empty rectangular cans - if an Altoids tin isn't quite big enough, this might be a suitable alternative... The bright painted design on these Chinese roast eel tins was in fact the feature that drew me to them in the first place (although it turned out that the contents are delicious - so I had no trouble emptying a supply of tins for this project. The can opens with a pull-tab, which leaves a sharp and inconvenient inner rim - but this can be removed with an ordinary can opener. Suitable hinges and clasps for a case like this are widely available - I bought these at a large DIY outlet. Positioning the holes for attaching the fittings can be tricky - but this is easily solved with duct tape - by taping the two halves of the case together in what will be the closed position, then taping the hinges and clasp in place, the holes can be punched in their proper places using a hand awl.

why? i don't know elijah120607: Chris Pine, Josh Duhamel, Aaron Paul, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, Amie Hamer, James Marsden, James Franco, Chris Hemsworth, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt @Yu Tsai. (via nirvanaofcelestialbodies) Rihanna's Clothes & Outfits Rihanna posed with her best friend Melissa a few days ago wearing an Adam Selman Hockey Jersey ($540.00). Rihanna leaving Giorgio Baldi Restaurant on April 17, 2014 – photo: AKM-GSI Rihanna was seen outside a restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday wearing a Lovers & Friends Afternoon Hoodie ($114.00), a pair of jeans similar to these from ASOS ($120.41), a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Sneakers ($250.00) and a Stella McCartney Beckett Soft Faux Leather Backpack ($1,320.00). You can get a similar backpack from Yesstyle ($71.01).

How to Fold Wet Origami Sounds like an anomaly, right? When I was a kid folding frogs, my mother gave me origami paper that was most certainly dry. But the works below by Vietnamese-American artist Giang Dinh were folded with one *wet* piece of paper. It's a technique called "Wet-Folding", invented by the great Japanese origami master Akira Yushizawa (pictured right). Yushizawa was the first to contextualize origami as more of an artform than a craft, and he did so by introducing a more organic, sculptural look—one with soft and curved creases and rounded shapes. Profiles Disembodying the Body If their exhibition “Mark These Cradles” dis-embodies the embodied, Maia Paroginog’s sketchbooks rend the embodied to pieces. Read more…

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