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Map Data Map data ©2014 Basarsoft, Google, INEGI, ORION-ME 3 Ingredients for an awesome Cookening meal Authentic Cuisine Passionate cooks invite people from different origins to share home cooked meals and discover authentic cuisine. Great People Eating with a local and sharing great food is the perfect moment to discover new people with different cultures and common interests. Unique Place A unique opportunity to be invited in someone’s home to share a meal and have an unforgettable experience.

Youmiam, le réseau social culinaire de demain Plusieurs start-ups sont venues investir Spark, l’accélérateur de start-ups de Microsoft France installé dans le Sentier et qui a officiellement ouvert ses portes il y a quelques semaines. Parmi les jeunes entreprises ayant pris quartiers dans l’immense open space, Youmiam n’a pas manqué de faire preuve d'originalité et de dynamisme. Rencontre avec les jeunes entrepreneurs qui rendent la cuisine plus sociale. Une histoire d’amitié et de passion Youmiam est un réseau social destiné à partager ses recettes de cuisine de manière simple et efficace.

Kitchensurfing About Kitchensurfing Simple Enjoy the comfort of your home while the chef does the rest. Your Ultimate Guide to Women's Travel Underwear We’re not shy over here at Her Packing List, so we’re going to discuss something you might not typically read about: women’s travel underwear! If you’re a reader of the Female Travel Underground newsletter (if not, sign up now!), you might have read about travel undies before. We even have a Cheeky Bits Pinterest board to show how much we love some travel undies! Your ultimate guide to women’s travel underwear. Why do I need travel undies? [Living] A list of useful mobile apps for living in Korea 1. Visit Korea 2.0 - English Visit Korea 2.0 provides users with expanded travel content and information on Korea's tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, shops, and more. Each listing comes complete with a map and directions to help travelers get where they need to go.

EXCLUSIF - Youmiam, le réseau social de partage de recettes, lève 300 000 euros Patrick Robin, fondateur de, et Thierry Petit, PDG de Showroomprivé, font partie de l’opération Frenchweb : Votre startup, Youmiam, vient de lever 300 000 euros auprès de Patrick Robin, le fondateur de, Thierry Petit, PDG de Showroomprivé, et Denis Chavanis, ancien directeur général de Nestlé Waters. Comment s’est déroulée l’opération ? Partagez vos recettes Ail Huile d'olive Poivre Tellines 15min de préparation 10min Temps de cuisson 11 Travel Startups You Need to Know We all know about the awesomeness of TripIt, Airbnb and Hipmunk and how they've revolutionized travel. But there's a new crew of travel startups taking flight and shaking up the industry even more. These 12 startups help you book flights, find the right hotel room, assemble an itinerary and save money — they'll help you land amazing vacations at better prices than ever.

Budget Travel Advice: How to Pay for Your Vacation I'm short on cash. Should I put my vacation on a credit card? Nooooooooo! Unless the trip is someone's dying wish, charging travel expenses that you can't immediately pay back is not the way to go. Coaching for Creatives | Money, Money, Money | And Kathleen I’m going through 8 months of extensive life coach training with Martha Beck. My decision to become a life coach for creatives came from my own adventure in discovering the power of writing our own narrative and designing our own lives. But sometimes the stories we tell ourselves can hold us back or keep us feeling stuck. This column on & Kathleen will be exploring the lessons and concepts I am learning as I become a coach. As of today, I’ve been hired by exactly 21 creatives as a part of my Martha Beck life coach training – and all but one of them had anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions around the topic of money.

Why Young Americans Should Work Overseas I should start off by saying the reasons laid out in this article on why young Americans should work overseas are practical and not ideological. This is not a liberal argument or a conservative argument; it’s a life argument. For two centuries, if you were young, ambitious, and college-educated, North America offered you the best opportunities. On The Rocks For as long as I can remember my brother & I have been having diving competitions. We'd line up our toes on the pool/boat/cliff edge, count ourselves in and on 3 we'd plunge head first into the water below. Our long suffering parents would peer over their books & give us a score (Strictly Come Dancing style). Mum was always more generous with her scores so with a lack of baby brother or Dad to challenge my perfect 10... I took myself off to the hotel rocks for a dip.

Eat at Gaggan in Bangkok – an orgasmic dining experience | Tashas travel troves Take all of the above and mix them with Gaggan Anand and you have best internationally acclaimed indian chef in Asia creating scientific indian inspired art on plates for his guests,at his only restaurant in Bangkok, Gaggan. His menu creates a dining experience that will leave you high for days to follow. This was my experience at Gaggan and I have not stopped talking about this venue since my visit. Mobile Edition I'm embarrassed to admit that before traveling to Guam I knew very little of the destination. My limited knowledge: Guam is a U.S. Territory, a tropical island in the Pacific and closer to Asia than North America.

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