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Liv in la vida yucateca “In this country, there’s no gasoline, but cars are all over the road. There’s no food, but everybody’s cooking dinner. They have no money, but everybody’s dancing and drinking rum” I’ve been wanting to blog about my recent 11-day backpacking trip to Cuba ever since we got back to Mérida a few weeks ago. However, putting my thoughts about this trip into words proved much more difficult than I thought. (In fact, I’m still not sure what I think about this final product). Nature is beautiful: inspiring photos {Part 12} Posted on April 18, 2011 in Photography If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Thanks for visiting! Rate this Post

Mystical, Magical & Magnificent Monasteries in Meteora (20 Pics) The caves in Meteora, Greece, had inhabitants for fifty millennia, but due to raids, “hermit monks” moved to the safety of sandstone rock pinnacles in the 9th century and began building monasteries. More monks and nuns came, building more monasteries perched high upon the cliffs. Wikipedia reports, “Access to the monasteries was originally (and deliberately) difficult, requiring either long ladders lashed together or large nets used to haul up both goods and people.

Gone Fishin', a photo from Sichuan, Central Critiques | Translate sreeharig Good framing. Aktun Ha Open Daily. The entrance fee for divers is 10 USD. Toilets and changing facilities are available. wow Now just up a few steps. (They are on the left in the picture) Gets a little steeper here - so put your toes in the holes. A few more steps to go. Finally in sight, the Teahouse! Click here to Watch the Cliff Hanger PPS! Mind-Blowing Kaleidoscope of Colors at Painted Hills [50 Fantastic Pics] John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is a 14,000 acre National Park in Oregon that is divided into three widely separated units. The monument’s main headquarters is at the Cant Ranch Visitor Center in the Sheep Rock Unit. There is also the Clarno Unit and the Painted Hills Unit. This is a breathtaking example of Painted Hills. Photo #1 by Misserion

Absolutely Amazing Photography by Edgar Moskopp  Please keep in mind that some photos are processed with HDR in Photomatix, with Brightness, Contrast, Selective Color, Color Balance, dodging, burning, unsharp mask, Retouching, selective de-noising in Photoshop CS3 and panorama composition in Autopano Pro. By Edgar Moskopp See more photos on his Flickr stream ↑ Back to top Sans Parapluie Turns Old Wardrobes into Pieces of Art Photos: Funny how with a touch of creativity, an old piece of furniture can not only come back to life, but also become a valuable work of art. This is the goal of Sans Parapluie, a line by Argentine artist Lucas Rise.We've seen many pieces of furniture refurbished with excellent taste before, even in Argentina: Livin Pop and Raval Warehouse are some examples. But Lucas Rise's work goes far from that: it's not just about recycling, but about creating a whole new universe for the object. 'Nigeria' model. 'Japanese garden'.

Artforms of Nature Published on 18 July 2009 Haekel's artistic interpretation of the biological forms he studied have a clarity of symmetry and detail that has been a source of inspiration for many artists and engineers over the years. They provide the perfect subject matter for the Fractal Explorer plugin. Climbers of the holy rocks, a photo from Trikala, Thessaly Critiques | Translate hyasar Hi Hercules, this shot easily can be used in Outdoor magazines. Very impressive POV and composition. amazing contrast of sizes; 2 people and giant mount. Kayaking the Thumb Kayaking the Thumb Kayaking the Thumb, Port Austin, Michigan: Photos & Trip Report (2009) And thanks to Nila Repard here is a photo from the very same island, taken by her great grandmother in 1934.

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