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Cultura Colectiva - Medio de difusión cultural y plataforma de apoyo al talento artístico emergente

Cultura Colectiva - Medio de difusión cultural y plataforma de apoyo al talento artístico emergente

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Creating High Quality Instagram Videos Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC // Tutorial When Instagram enabled video sharing, uploading videos became way more addictive than photos. After shooting several films on my iPhone, I really wanted to upload previously shot videos. I did some research and created a tutorial of how to upload videos shot with any camera at any time to Instagram. Earlier this week, Instagram enabled uploading directly from your camera roll, making my tutorial unnecessary. I realized that while Instagram now lets you crop and upload videos in the app, it really is still lacking the finer control that you can get by editing a video in a traditional NLE such as Premiere Pro CC.

The slum solution to housing crisis BBC correspondents from around the world are taking the pulse of the world economy. This week they are focusing on the state of the property market. Without space to accommodate new housing in their intricate corridors and dirt roads, the shanty towns of Buenos Aires have grown upwards. Where a shack of bricks and corrugated iron once stood, within weeks an equally precarious structure appears - but this time over two levels. The transformation of the landscape in the slums is reflected in government statistics. What's the Difference Between a Human and Chimpanzee? The number of differences between the human and chimpanzee genomes is consistent with Neutral Theory and fixation by random genetic drift. How Many Differences? You can estimate the total number of single nucleotide differences by measuring the rate of hybridization of human and chimpanzee DNA in a technique developed by Dave Kohne and Roy Britten over forty years ago. This technique was applied to human and chimp DNA and the results indicated that the two genomes differed by about 1.5% (reviewed in Britton, 2002).

Fashionary – Men’s and Women’s Sketchbook Fashionary has been on my radar for quite some time. I remember purchasing one from their founder, Penter Yip back in 2009/2010. They have since grown in an amazing way offering an assortment of different products. They made a smaller version of the original sketchbook (which has somewhat of a resemblance to Moleskine Journals). The Best Studying Techniques to Help You Ace Exams I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been an awful studier in the past. My notes were mediocre, I barely opened my textbooks, and studying for a test consisted of looking over pages of notes the night before the test. Since I was able to get by with my bad study habits for so long, I figured I must be doing something right. Last semester, however, one of my professors went over her best studying techniques from college and completely changed the way I studied from that point on. This might not be revolutionary or new to some of you, but for those students out there who simply don’t know how to study correctly, this will help give you some direction.

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Nine days you won’t want to miss. The world’s best mountain films, books, and speakers take the spotlight for nine days each fall in Banff. Experience the adventure of climbing, mountain expeditions, remote cultures, and the world’s last great wild places – all brought to life at The Banff Centre. Bangalore Informal: alternatives for housing design, planning and implementation? James Whitcomb Riley underlines the planning failures that led to the breakdown of the slum redevelopment program in Bangalore, and highlights a model of housing redevelopment based on self-management and design by slum residents. Bangalore, India's fifth largest urban agglomeration, is an economic powerhouse in IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, garments and heavy manufacturing, as well as a major destination for foreign direct investment. As high-end real estate development has exploded, the costs of acquiring land have skyrocketed, making it nearly impossible for the poor to formally access housing, proliferating informal settlements. In the face of rapid urbanisation, the national government initiated the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) to finance massive urban infrastructure development.

Pregnant primates miscarry when new male enters group ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Pregnant female geladas show an unusually high rate of miscarriage the day after the dominant male in their group is replaced by a new male, a new University of Michigan study indicates. The "Bruce effect" – in which pregnant females spontaneously miscarry after being exposed to an unfamiliar male – has been found repeatedly in laboratory rodents. However, no conclusive evidence for this effect had ever been demonstrated in a wild population prior to this study. Geladas are Old World monkeys that are close relatives of baboons. The findings appear in the new issue of Science Express.

Google : Think Quarterly. Very pleased to share news of this exciting editorial illustration project I worked over the Summer with The Church Of London for the new issue of Google's (virtual & physical) Magazine : Think Quarterly. These two abstract Vectorfunk illos support the feature article "The Future Is Open". As always, brilliant and fast-forward thinking content from this free Must Read publication. BIG Thanks to Victoria at TCOL and the crew at Google. It's a real honor to collaborate with you guys once again. See past work for the big G ( One + Two ). 5 Reasons to Always Carry Pen and Paper English majors aren’t the only people in college who feel the need to carry pen and paper around. Those who strive to work in business, those who want to be Entrepreneurs, and those who want to work in Journalism all find it beneficial. But you don’t have to have a specific major to be able to reap the benefits of carrying around ink and thin wood. Here’s why: Flexing Your Memory Have you ever been out and about and had a thought that you didn’t want to lose?

Isla Mujeres Net Fun on the Land Isla Mujeres, there is much to do without getting wet! There are many small craft stores tucked between the hotels and restaurants, fine jewelry and clothing stores and souvenir shops at almost every corner. You can explore the island on a moto or golf cart and visit the various points of interest listed below. There is something for everyone on Isla Mujeres!

Mapping the urban poor: 12 reasons why you should conduct enumerations of your settlements Community-led mapping and enumerations are powerful tools to return power and democracy into the hands of the urban poor. Marcus Tudehope sets out twelve reasons why you and the communities you work within should embark upon an enumeration of your own. Enumeration: to be counted; it is the fundamental basis of inclusion in the city. To exclude a community from census and mapping activities is to effectively render it invisible to urban decision-making processes. But as the world urbanises, an ever-increasing proportion of humanity is coming to reside in urban poor settlements, outside the scope of most traditional methods of enumeration such as government censuses which underpin land management and urban planning.

Solving War Crimes With Wristbands: The Arrogance of 'Kony 2012' - Kate Cronin-Furman & Amanda Taub - International A viral video by a controversial group claims to fix Central African violence with awareness, but such misguided campaigns can do more harm than good. Members of Invisible Children pose with soldiers from the Sudan People's Liberation Army near the Congo-Sudan border in 2008 / Courtesy Glenna Gordon Have you heard? Joseph Kony, brutal warlord and International Criminal Court indictee, is going to be famous like George Clooney. The reason is Kony 2012, a 30 minute film by the advocacy organization Invisible Children, which has gone viral in the 72 hours since its release, garnering over 38.6 million views on Youtube and Vimeo. It has been retweeted by everyone from Justin Bieber to Oprah, and shared on Facebook by seemingly everyone under the age of 25.

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