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LEARN AFTER EFFECTS IN 20 MINUTES! - Tutorial for beginners. 5 Tips for Getting Sharper Images When Doing Long Exposures. Long exposure photography makes it possible to show the passage of time in a still photograph. It does this by blurring moving elements and sharpening the static parts. But there is a downside to long exposures – any camera movement blurs the static elements. Here are four simple ways you can prevent unwanted blurring. 1. For very short exposures there are ways to hold yourself and your camera steady, like: How to Reduce Camera Shake – 6 Techniques. The most common way is to put it on a sturdy tripod. 2. Even with a tripod the act of snapping the shutter can cause the camera to shake. One is to set the delay on the camera (2-sec timer) so any movement is done by the time the shutter snaps.

Remotes can be connected to the camera by a cable or wireless – either one snaps the shutter without shaking the camera. 3. Autofocus is a wonderful thing. In low light situations autofocus has trouble finding something to focus on. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. 4. 5. Conclusion.


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