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Photoshop Artistry Login. Long Exposure Photo. So you have this idea for a photograph where you’ve smoothed out the water on a lake using a long exposure, but want to capture the wildlife swimming on said lake frozen in place – or something similar? I had that same vision and I’m going to show you how I accomplished it below, so you can follow along. When trying to capture this kind of photograph in a single frame you’re pretty much out of luck. You can either capture a long exposure shot to smooth out the water, OR increase your ISO and capture a shot using a faster shutter speed to freeze your subject. No matter what you do in camera though, one piece of this puzzle will be out of line with the other. So how do you freeze your subjects in a long exposure scene? Simple – with a little bit of post production.

Part One – Photograph Two Different Images You will need two frames to work with in post production; one with a fast shutter speed to freeze the moving subjects, and one with a long exposure to smooth out the water in the scene.

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