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Rondreis China - Reizen op maat naar China - Zuid-China: Wumu, authentiek Naxi bergdorp. Easy Photo Geotagging Using Your Smartphone. Geotagging, or the act of applying detailed geographic coordinates, to my photos is exceptionally important to me.

Easy Photo Geotagging Using Your Smartphone

I do a lot of traveling and am often photographing in remote areas. So, being able to remember exactly where I took a particular photo has saved my bacon a number of times. Additionally, it just makes things so much easier if/when I want to return to a particular spot to have another crack at a photo. Finally, when I’m out shooting, it’s important to me that I don’t keep my feet planted in one place. Zelfstudies, hulp, oplossingen voor problemen & gemeenschap. Fujifilm Shows The Craftmanship That Goes Into Hand Making Fujinon Lenses. Today, Fujifilm have released a new video which reveals some of the manufacturing processes they use to make their handmade Fujinon lenses.

Fujifilm Shows The Craftmanship That Goes Into Hand Making Fujinon Lenses

Throughout the video you can see workers in dust free environments polishing, cleaning, assembling, calibrating and testing the newly built lenses. All of the following lenses listed below go through this similar process. Terrified of Street Photography? Here's How I Do It. By Mridula Dwivedi.

Terrified of Street Photography? Here's How I Do It

I am truly terrified of street photography. It is such a daunting task to point my camera at a stranger’s face and click. I know in India (and many other places) not too many people mind, but I just completely freeze somehow. Yet I was fascinated by street photography. I would keep reading tips after tips thinking something would unlock the secret for me. SmuggLr - Transfer your photos to SmugMug from Flickr, Zenfolio, Picasa, Phanfare and others. Documentary Photography - Six Tips for Creating a Legacy. A Post By: Darlene Hildebrandt We’ve all gone through times in our lives where we’ve lost loved ones.

Documentary Photography - Six Tips for Creating a Legacy

As a portrait photographer I would get calls all the time for “Urgent” family photos where one family member was terminally ill, and yet others that have photos done after the loss of a loved one. Why do we wait until it’s too late, or almost too late to capture the lives of those most important to us? 10 Must-Have Camera Settings for Concert Photographing. A Post By: Matthias Hombauer The Rolling Stones: Nikon D800, 185mm at f4, 1/320, ISO 1600 The correct camera settings are key to getting awesome concert photos in low light situations.

10 Must-Have Camera Settings for Concert Photographing

Maybe you were in this situation before. You used the full automatic mode in front of the stage and – BAM- the little flash monster sitting on top of your camera pops up and throws the ugliest light you can think of onto the singer’s face. At this point, a lot of frustrated concert photography beginners just take their cameras home and never shoot a concert again. Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw : Tone Curve - TipSquirrel. How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect [Includes Printable Cheat Sheet]

I was walking around London recently with my camera and I got a bit bored, as I had been wandering by the same part of the city a thousand times, waiting for inspiration.

How to Take Photos with the Zoom Blur Effect [Includes Printable Cheat Sheet]

To make it more fun I thought I would try experimenting with long shutter speeds. All of a sudden things got interesting and before I knew it a few hours had passed by. Here is an article on how to do slow shutter zoom photography. How To: HDR Photography. HDR Photography has been around since the days of film, but has become extremely popular in recent years.

How To: HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is essentially a way of processing photos that allows for a wider and deeper range of colors. This type of processing makes an image appear much closer to what the human eye sees as opposed to what your camera’s sensor allows. In example, the photograph above shows the natural rich colors of the building as well as the natural rich colors of the sky. Without HDR, the sky could either be well exposed and the building silhouetted, or the building well exposed and the sky blown out. Wat zijn beeldsensoren. 10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Photo. A Post By: Darren Rowse What goes through your mind in the moments as you raise your digital camera up to take a shot and before you press the shutter?

10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Photo

If you’re like many digital photographers you’re not thinking about too much – you just want to capture the moment and then move on. However getting in the habit of asking some simple questions can help take your images to the next level. Here’s 10 questions to get in the habit of asking while framing your shots. I’ve included links in each one to further reading on the topics. Panoramic Tripod Heads, gigapixel Photography, camera accessories, Foresnic tools, Aerial Poles, istar, 360 equipment. Telescoping pole super strong. FastCap Tech Stealth iPole - XL I STEALTH XL B&H Photo Video.

The Best Mirrorless Cameras Used by the ProsPhotoShelter Blog. Posted by: Allen Murabayashi Date: August 7, 2014 | No comment In 2010, we asked professional photographers which point and shoot cameras they were using.

The Best Mirrorless Cameras Used by the ProsPhotoShelter Blog

We followed that up a year and a half later to see how their selections had changed. Since that time, we’ve seen an incredible shift in the types of cameras that are available with the introduction of mirrorless cameras and significantly improved smartphone cameras. 10 Landscape Composition Tips: Illustrated with Pictures from Eastern Washington. A Guest post by Amar Ramesh.

10 Landscape Composition Tips: Illustrated with Pictures from Eastern Washington

Composition for a photograph is like a screenplay for a movie. If the picture isn’t composed well, it won’t strike a cord with the viewer regardless of the technical expertise or the story being told. Bug Stalking: Helpful Tips for Getting Started With Insect Photography. Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), part time writer, and full time lover of music. You can see Jason’s photography on his photography blog or on Flickr. By Jason D. 500px ISO » Unbelievable Photography.

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography. Multi-Camera editing workflow. The Audio Channels preset determines how the resulting source sequence is mapped. Details include, the type and number of audio tracks that are dropped when the source sequence is nested into the editing sequence. Note: For the resulting source sequence to map correctly with the audio channels, the number of tracks in the source clips should not be greater than the channels associated with the preset you choose. Automatic: Reads the audio type of the first clip and uses this mapping Mono: Maps to as many mono channels as there are output channels in the source sequence. This Week in Photo. 1X - Curated photography. Upload Junction. 14 Ways To Significantly Improve Your Photography Today. A Post By: James Brandon © James Brandon | All Rights Reserved As photographers and artists, we all hit creative walls.

We work hard to improve our skills, we learn new things and then it seems we hit a wall. Best sling backpacks. Convenient, accessible and secure, sling bags are becoming the go-to option for more and more travelling photographers. Jon Stapley rounds up the best Manfrotto Brio-10 Stile Plus Sling Price: Around £49.95Website:


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