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École numérique

École numérique

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Le site ressource des anglicistes La clé des langues anglais Mobility and Immobility in Colm Tóibín’s «Brooklyn»: Migration as a Static Initiatory Journey Par Coline Pavia Material World Wind turbines, electric vehicles, light-emitting diodes, flat-screen displays, and solar panels all rely on elements that are mined and refined in just a few countries and traded in small quantities. Demand for many of these elements is expected to grow rapidly as these technologies become more commonly used, and impending supply constraints could hold back their growth. As the wind-power industry expands, for example, demand for the rare-earth element neodymium, a crucial ingredient in the high-strength magnets used in wind turbines, is projected to outstrip supply by 16 percent in 2014. (China controls 97 percent of global production of rare-earth elements.)

Guide appareils mobiles en classe American Psychological Association. (2006). Multitasking: Switching costs. Retrieved from Blog - Peter Lik Photograph “One” Sells for $1 Million! Peter Lik has sold his first-million dollar photograph. The shot, taken just after dawn on the banks of the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire, resembles an impressionist painting. Peter named it “One” because it was a fleeting, singular opportunity; he felt a oneness with the moment and with nature; and he hit the shutter just once. But it may well have been given the name because only one print has been – and will ever be – produced. Hence its incredible value. Vibrant Timelapses Capture Crystallizing DNA A timelapse of crystallizing DNA, seen under a 1000x research microscope. Images via When most people think of DNA, the familiar twisted ladder of the double helix comes to mind. When Linden Gledhill thinks of DNA, however, the images are a bit more colorful. That's because the biochemist-turned-bioartist, who in the past has taken sublime photographs of butterfly wings and created the gorgeous microscopic art of Jon Hopkins' Immunity album, understands that on the molecular level, DNA can look like abstract art.

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