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Leather Tooling

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TOOLS. Boot & Shoemaking Tools page 2. Tooling Leather. Other Hand Tools : PETAL LIFTING TOOL LG. Saddle School & Pattern Packs - Jesse Smith Saddlery. Leather Pros Forums - The Front Page. Hand Carved Tooled Belts, Alligator Belts-Crocodile-Custom Belts. Contact Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Buckles HERE!

Hand Carved Tooled Belts, Alligator Belts-Crocodile-Custom Belts

Hand Carved & Tooled Western Belt Designs By Gary Hand Tooled Western Belts Hand Carved Western Belts Link Direct To Our Facebook All western belts are individually hand crafted, hand burnished from the finest leathers available. All belts are made to order! ALL BELTS HAND MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Carved or tooled belts may be colored light brown, medium brown, dark brown or black. Belts are available is any width. When belts are ordered with one of our custom sterling silver buckles get 10% off entire order. Shipping, handling, and insurance are additional. Measure existing belt from where it folds over buckle (closed) to the hole most often used.

Handmade Western leather belt patterns. Lone Tree Leather Works creates their own unique floral and geometric belt patterns for distinct and highly attractive appearance. Our Cowboy Classic pattern is our most popular closely followed by the Western Mix, Hand Tooled Leather Belts While it is true that you can walk into most western clothing stores today and purchase a leather belt with some decorations on it at a very affordable rate, typically, it is almost impossible to find a high quality, hand tooled, authentic cowboy belt.

Handmade Western leather belt patterns. Lone Tree Leather Works creates their own unique floral and geometric belt patterns for distinct and highly attractive appearance. Our Cowboy Classic pattern is our most popular closely followed by the Western Mix,

Leathercraft - Leather Craft Tools, Tutorials, Supplies for Leather Crafting. Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney In this Video I show you how to cut in the design on saddle skirts for a custom made saddle I am making.

Leathercraft - Leather Craft Tools, Tutorials, Supplies for Leather Crafting

First I transfer the design from the paper pattern that I have sketched onto the moist Hermann Oak saddle skirting. Next the design is cut into the leather with a Barry King swivel knife a very useful tool, once the design is cut in on the one side it is then placed on the opposite side and the design is tapped off onto the saddle skirt. With a few simple leather tools you can create unique designs you will be proud of. The tools used here are the three craftool bevelers a small pear shaped brusier a veiner and a 888 craftool background tool plus the Brass Barry King Swivel Knife. Video Below I continue to describe what I am doing in the video below. Rivets, Spikes, Snaps and Chicago Screws. TOOLS. Shipping Info. ProSeries Tools by Robert Beard. To achieve the most depth and clarity in a leather carving, many techniques are used.

ProSeries Tools by Robert Beard

Each subtle trick combines with others to obtain the desired results. A Beveler is used to deepen one side of a swivel knife cut. The heel of the Beveler leaves a halo or an aura around the subject you are beveling. The leather behind this beveling halo is on the same level as the subject you want standing out. By blending this halo out of your carving, you further isolate your subject from the background. this will increase both the depth and clarity of a carving simultaneously. a group of tools called Matters are designed for this purpose. In figure carving and floral carving, I always work from the foreground to the background. Matting tools also compress the leather in areas which will be textured or back grounded in the final stages. Infinity Stamps, Inc. - Custom Leather Hand Stamp.

Fasteners and decorations for all leather work. BearMauls. BearMauls are known by many as "The Best Tooling Mauls available today".


Made using only the highest quality materials and some of the most beautiful woods in the world, you'll be hard pressed to find a nicer maul. The special Polymer head material greatly reduces the impact normally felt with other mauls and virtually eliminates the "ricochet" experienced when using slippery head materials like nylon and other similar materials.

Combined with the way BearMauls are balanced most people notice that they can tool longer with less pain and fatigue on wrists, elbows and shoulders. BearMauls are THE maul of choice for a number of the best leather artists every time they tool! Our main goals are to help people enjoy tooling more and making beautiful, high quality tools. Standard BearMaul weights are from 14oz up to 21oz.and are available up to 28 oz. for an additional charge. Sheridan Style Carving #6013-01 - Oregon Leather Co. C.S. OSBORNE Leather Tools. Leather Wranglers Inc, About Us. About us...

Leather Wranglers Inc, About Us

Paul started tooling leather in 1974 in El Paso, TX under the tutelage of Jim Resley, who was a friend of Paul’s dad, Bill Zalesak. In 2001 Paul moved with his family to Albuquerque, NM where they founded Leather Wranglers Inc. A leather artist, knife maker, and expert in metallurgy, Paul's love of the leather craft and his quest to find a high performance swivel knife is why he developed the SK-3 Swivel Knife.

Paul has taken his passion for cutting-edge tools to another level in his non-traditional designs of beautiful state-of-the-art leather craft knives, with their signature pull-cut feature and ergonomic handles. His goal has always been to make a quality tool that you would be proud to own and look forward to using regularly. His wife, Rosa, is originally from New York and was swept off her feet when she met Paul in El Paso in 1983. Paul’s leather art favorites include journals, binders, purses, belts, and mules.

Feel free to email, write, or call us: KubotaCraft Leather Master. Silver Beyond Ordinary. Leather Tools-Outfitters Supply. Wild Rose Custom Western Belt.