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Study Blue flashcard and quiz tool Kubbu: crea tus propios ejercicios interactivos online Compaginar el trabajo en las aulas con tareas o actividades de e-learning es una práctica cada vez más extendida entre los docentes. Un hecho que no sorprende, dado que emplear este sistema aporta múltiples ventajas, como mejorar las tareas de repaso, fomentar el trabajo colaborativo, y facilitar la evaluación de los contenidos. Para ello, existen varias herramientas que simplifican las tareas a los profesores pero, sin duda, Kubbu es una de las más completas. Se trata de una plataforma gratuita que ofrece un software para construir y almacenar ejercicios interactivos on line. De esta forma, por una parte permite que el tiempo de preparación de los ejercicios y tests se reduzca considerablemente, ya que se trata de una herramienta intuitiva y sencilla con la que en pocos minutos terminaremos de diseñar las actividades. ¿Cómo funciona Kubbu? Una de las mayores ventajas de Kubbu es que puedes empezar a usar esta útil herramienta en cinco sencillos pasos: ¿Qué ventajas tiene Kubbu? Match.

24 – Articulate Articulate’s Storyline is the highest rated e-learning authoring tool on the list. Website: www.articulate.comCost: Commercial. Free trialsAvailability: Download.YEARLY RANKINGS 2015: 26 2014: 212013: 252012: 372011: 462010: 432009: 242008: 252007: 22= Comments from some of those who selected Articulate as one of their Top Tools “Storyline 2; The learning curve for Storyline 2 is very easy yet the tool is so powerful. Pre-2013 comments “A great elearning author tool, we now use this for many projects as it means our clients can edit the content. - We give you powerful free tools to help you educate the world Get in early: sell your teaching materials to millions We have a great, early opportunity for teachers who are interested in selling their high-quality, original teaching materials on the new TES Resources. We are launching TES Resources in the US very soon, and teachers selling and sharing on TES Resources will be able to reach an audience of millions worldwide. We are particularly excited to hear from US teachers, but we are happy to hear from teachers from all over the world. As an early adopter, we’ll work with you through the process of organizing your materials, uploading and categorizing them, and helping you be successful as you make them available for sale. You’ll also be an invaluable part of the process we go through to make sure we build the best platform possible for teachers of all kinds. If you’re interested, fill out our form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Wikispaces has always been about helping teachers manage their classrooms and work with their students. Fill out our application form now.

iSpring Free | Free PowerPoint to Flash & HTML5 Converter iSpring Free 6 Like professional iSpring products, iSpring Free converts even sophisticated presentations with animations, triggers, hyperlinks, audio and video fast and easy. With all PPT effects preserved. Why is it Free? iSpring Free is a quality product that performs PowerPoint to Flash conversion better than competitors who charge a fee. How It Works? Create Online Presentations 1. Develop E-Learning Courses 1. Which iSpring product is right for you? You can choose between the free and the full version of iSpring's PPT to Flash converter. Convert PowerPoint to Web with iSpring Products Convert PowerPoint to Flash Create SCORM-Compatible E-Learning Courses Convert PowerPoint to HTML5 Add Audio and Video Narrations Flexible Player, Optimized for Any Screen It has a very user-friendly, clutter-free, pleasing interface. — Hemant Damle I was attracted to iSpring for its versatility and ability to enable me to go beyond what I could have ever imagined. — Debbie L.

11 – Moodle EmailShare 2EmailShare Moodle is a free open source course management system (CMS)/ It provides all the sophisticated high level functionality of an educational CMS and more – and there are no license fees. More and more colleges and universities, and now even businesses, are turning to Moodle to host and deliver their courses online. Moodle has been the highest place course management system on the list since the survey began, and retains its 11th positiont his year. Comment from those who selected Moodle as one of their Top Tools b-learning for all my subjects and language classes 2013 Another great LMS. “it’s a great LMS, plus it’s free” Henrique Rabello“I teach my own online courses using this. Comments are closed.

Collaborize Classroom | Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students wordle La nueva versión de eXeLearning permite exportar a ePub3 ePub3 es un estándar abierto para e-books, o libros electrónicos, en el que los recursos generados no están definidos para un tamaño de página fijo. Así, el contenido se adapta al tamaño de la pantalla (si la pantalla es más pequeña habrá mas páginas, si es más grande habrá menos). La importancia y novedad del formato ePub3 es que sus contenidos son HTML5, con lo que podemos incluir vídeos y audios (.mp4 y .mp3), funciones javascript o CSS3 y reproducir los materiales en nuestro smartphone, tablet, ipad o cualquier otro dispositivo móvil. Así, mediante un simple archivo generado en este formato tendremos interactividad y diseño con la posibilidad de reproducir el contenido sin necesidad de estar conectado a Internet. eXeLearning y ePub3 La nueva versión de eXeLearning incorpora la posibilidad de realizar exportados a ePub3. Tanto Gitden Reader como iBooks incorporan la posibilidad de visualizar una portada. Ya podemos sacar partido a todas las posibilidades de ePub3.

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