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Why Marketing Is So Hard Marketing is hard. But the problem is that too many people think it isn’t. Especially with all the new, “magic bullet” technologies out there that pretty much do everything for you. So where are the results? Why, asks your CEO, did we miss our numbers again?

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Facebook gets into the meme-making biz with experimental Whale app Last week, Facebook quietly released a new meme-making app called Whale, The Information reports. The app is currently only available on the Canadian App Store, where its listing says it can be used to edit your own photos or images from a library of stock photos. You can then share your creations on social media platforms such as Instagram and Messenger. The app’s listing confirms that it’s been developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, which was set up earlier this year to develop new experimental apps for the social media giant. At the time, Facebook said it was using the separate brand name to set the expectation that its apps could change rapidly, or even shut down if the company finds that they’re not useful for people. NPE is also credited with releasing two other apps called Bump and Aux.

3 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation Antony Mayfield is iCrossing's Senior Vice President, Social Media, leading the company's services and innovation efforts related to the social web. He is also the author of Me and My Web Shadow, a newly released everyperson's guide to the social web. You can find him on his blog or Twitter. Eight Ways to Communicate Your Strategy More Effectively - Georgia Everse by Georgia Everse | 4:54 PM August 22, 2011 A frustrated CEO recently shared with me that her employees had lost their edge. They were internally focused, their speed-to-market was down, and they couldn’t find a good balance between serving customers well while making healthy margins. The result was slow progress against the company strategy and an inability to profitably deliver on the value proposition.

MarketingProfs Daily Fix Featured Post by Jeannette de Beauvoir New positions are taking starring roles in the marketing world. Find out why content directors and brand journalists are vital to every marketing team. How to Set Up and Track Conversion Rates in Google Analytics If you’re using your website for business, you should track your website conversion rates. Not only does it tell you what’s working and what isn’t, it also gives you specific goals to take action on. For example, you may notice that traffic coming from a blog like DIYthemes converts higher than another blog.

42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2020 Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? We built ClickFlow, a suite of SEO tools designed to increase your organic rankings and scale qualified traffic for your website. Click here to learn more and get started. At one time, artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are among the top priorities for most business owners in 2020. And why wouldn’t they be? 7 Steps to Creating and Cultivating a Brand in Social Media inShare14 In business, we learn through everything we do and it influences all that we try and repeat. When something new comes along, we tend to view it with either enthusiasm or skepticism, or in some cases a bit of both. Such is true with the advent of Social Media.

42 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed The weekly roundup is back and, as usual, Mashable has been working hard compiling the latest features and news analysis to fuel your social and techie adventures. Whet your appetite with a list of Google's top 10 most expensive acquisitions. Move onto an appetizer of MySpace memories.

a shel of my former self Posted on April 8, 2014 11:29 am by Shel Holtz | Brands I’m an Eat24 customer. The restaurant delivery service offers a lot of local businesses here in Concord, so whenever we don’t feel like cooking or going out, I just fire up the Eat24 app on either my phone or tablet. We decide what kind of food we want (we’re partial to a local Chinese joint), check off the items for delivery, pay with the card on file, and 45 minutes later we’re chowing down. Insights - Développeurs Facebook Q: How long does it take Facebook to process and display Insights data? A: The data you access through Insights is at most 48 hours old. In the event of a delay, we will announce it on Platform Status.

How to Create Human-Centered Content That Ranks High in Google The first rule of blogging is “Know your audience.” After all, if you don’t know who your ideal customer is, there’s no way you can appeal to them. Knowledge of your target audience is a step towards creating custom blog posts for them. These days, custom content is what your customers prefer. But knowing your audience is not enough. You also must get acquainted with their behavior. The Hybrid Theory Manifesto: The Future of Marketing, Advertising, and Communications Part One inShare0 Hybrid Theory |ˈhīˌbrid thee-uh-ree |: The fusion of creative and communications, combining earned and paid media to enliven ideas, unite communities, amplify stories and spark desired outcomes. Part One of Three…

The Changing Face of Corporate Facebook Landing Pages As businesses get more involved in using social media, they are starting to redo their landing pages, or places where you enter their ecosystems on Facebook, Twitter et al. We were reminded by this post by my colleague Paul Gillin that it could be a good time to brush up on your Facebook Markup Language and other techniques to not just pretty up the place, but provide solid information as well as calls to action for your visitors. What can you put on these pages? Lotsa stuff. Anything that you can code up in HTML can appear here, including forms (sign up for our weekly newsletter), lead generation, polls, playing the latest video news item, a link to all the other social media accounts of the company, clickable images, and links. Some of the pages can be very elaborate and a welcome change of pace from the blue and boring standard Facebook layout.

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang By Jeremiah Owyang, from Silicon Valley In many respects, Silicon Valley sits atop the world. Its growth and influence has made it the globe’s top location for innovation, STEM jobs, IT patents, venture capital funding, and Internet and software growth, and Unicorn startups galore. And yet there’s also been a shift in the Valley’s culture. Growing social and economic rifts have bred fraud, anger and protests.

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