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Sixth Annual Knit Crochet Blog Week Bloggers

Knitted Wedding Dress. I’m taking a break from the Yarn series today to show you something very special which was made using one of our yarns: the 2ply Lace mentioned in a previous post in the Yarn Series.

Knitted Wedding Dress

Shetland designer Sheila Fowlie is an extremely talented knitter who is well-known in Shetland for her bespoke hand knitted Shawls and Scarfs, she often gets commissions for projects and recently she was asked to knit a wedding dress for the wedding of a local couple Rebecca and John! Photo courtesy of Sheila Fowlie. Of course we were very excited when Sheila told us about the project, and now the happy day has been we are pleased to share some photos from which Sheila has sent us. Yarn Harlot. Blog - Sanday Spinners.

Fibre life in Orkney. Just another knitting blog. [I do get round to talking about knitting and spinning eventually in this post – keep going] I’ve spent a bit of time during this last year or so bemoaning the lack of time I have to devote to knitting and spinning.

Just another knitting blog

With a full time job, two little kids, and a husband I really should spend a little time with, there isn’t a great surprise that life is full, but is it too full? This week I’ve been away on a residential course with work. It’s a leadership training programme that is grounded in principles taken from the Rule of St Benedict. If you’ve not really studied the Rule of St Benedict (and lets face it, who among us can honestly say we have?) From the little I’ve read, the Benedictine way of life seems to be a life of balance. When I got my timetable for last week, I noticed it started at 8am (with prayer) and finished at 9pm each day. Now, 13 hour days are not out of the ordinary in my line of work.

Here is my project: Spin to knit and publish. Kate Davies Designs. @Romi's Studio. The Shetland Trader. Violently Domestic. Blog - Hilltop Cloud. Call me weird, but I like doing my accounts.

Blog - Hilltop Cloud

I enjoy making spreadsheets do my bidding, and going through the paperwork. March however ended up in something of a surprise... For a while now I have been aware that Hilltop Cloud was growing, it's one of the reasons I left Etsy this winter. I also knew that I was heading towards the point where registering for VAT was no longer an optional choice, but instead something I was legally obliged to do. VAT is a sales tax calculated as a percentage on the price a customer pays for an item.

As a result, from 9th April 2015 Hilltop Cloud is now VAT registered. Writing that sentence is somewhat scary, VAT registration is a sign that your business is something serious, and many small businesses don't survive the period after the registration, as their prices are now higher. Understandably I'm rather keen to avoid that fate! I have spent today eyeball deep in coding, spreadsheets and help pages. Brooklyn Tweed. JF: Welcome, Dianna!

Brooklyn Tweed

Glad to have you on the blog today! Grumperina. March 17, 2014. Blog — Ysolda. The biggest problem for very small UK businesses is that, in order to use the new MOSS system, they would need to VAT register in the UK (you need a registration number to sign up).

blog — Ysolda

This is especially problematic for people whose income mostly comes from non-digital and / or non-cross-border-EU sales. For example a professional who puts an ebook up for sale on their own website to supplement or market their freelance work would have to VAT register and charge VAT on their UK business-to-customer work. They'd have obvious problems competing with someone in the same situation who hadn't published an ebook. Either the situation for businesses who are below the UK VAT threshold has recently changed or it was communicated so poorly that nobody understood it. "Sorry, it's such an important point, I just need to make this potential point clear. The diagram referred to is the flowchart above. The Shetland Trader. @Romi's Studio. Knitting Patterns Knitspot - Anne Hanson Knitting Pattern Designer Blog and Knitting Patterns Shop.

Westknits — Stephen West. It’s time for a new Westknits KAL, summer style!

westknits — Stephen West

I whipped up 3 new patterns and 2 variations of each design (in size, yarn, or color). All 3 patterns will be released Monday, May 26 which will be the official start date of the KAL. Join the Westknits Summer Shawl KAL group on Ravelry to share yarn ideas and progress on your shawl(s). The KAL is super simple. All you have to do is… 1) Pick 1 of the 3 new KAL shawls (or 2 or 3). 2) Knit your heart out. 3) Share your progress and finished projects with knitting friends around the world in the friendly KAL forums here. You can purchase all 3 patterns as an e-book for $12 USD here or get your favorite shawl as in individual download for $6 USD. Shawl #1 Smooth Move Smooth Move is the easiest of the three shawls.

You can choose 4 colors of DK weight yarn like the gradated sample. Smooth Move also includes yardage amounts for a smaller (but still large and in charge) fingering weight striped version. It uses 5 colors of fingering weight yarn. Making things up. Eskimimi Makes.