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Finding Free eBooks & Audiobooks | THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks and Info. | FileShareFreak Here’s a list of some common methods for finding eBooks and audiobooks on various P2P networks and protocols. An eBook, or Electronic book (sometimes spelled “E-Book”), is simply a book, magazine, manual etc. that has been released to digital format. They take many forms, such as *.PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files, *.CHM (similar to a Windows ‘help’ file), *.LIT files (Microsoft Reader) or just plain text files (ASCII). Usually when a book or magazine is converted to these formats (except ASCII), it is professionally done in deliberate support of the program that is opening it, making the reading experience far more enjoyable that reading it in a text editor like Notepad. An audiobook is a book that has been professionally narrated and saved to digital format. Searching for free eBooks & Audiobooks One resource for finding free (but copyrighted) ebooks and audiobooks is in the newsgroups (Usenet). Alt.binaries.e-book Alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.audiobooks eBooks and audiobooks on BitTorrent: - Verified torrents. Serious Games Initiative Audiko 19 Great Tools to Create Educational Infographics ~ Teachers Tech Workshop Because human beings are visual creatures,communicating visually proves to be the most effective strategy to get your message clearly conveyed.One way to achieve this is to use infographics especially in this digitally oriented world wherein people are fed up with reading too much information overload.If you allow a reader to choose between a long article containing more than 1000 words and an inforgrafic that needs just some scrolls up and down,they will undoubtedly prefer the second option, infographic. Infographics have been utilized in all sectors of our life, education is no exception.Nowadays, teachers and educators endeavor to look for great educational infographics to use with their students in the help them in their task,I've compiled a list of tools to create your own infographics 1.Icharts It allows you to create eye catching charts with interactive easy to share data it enables you to customise infographics and exchange them on social sites

ABTorrents – A Great Audio Book Torrent Site Torrent sites that track audio books are not new to this blog – we’ve already covered some leading names in this niche such as My Anonamouse, Bibliotik and CatTorrent. Anyways here’s a promising new specialized private tracker that caters for audiobooks and audiobooks only; ABTorrents. ABTorrents tracks a wide range of content including fiction, children’s books, adult novels, science fiction and books relating to many other topics - mostly non educational content. As of 3/5/2010, ABTorrents currently tracks 1200+ torrents and 4400+ active members. Speaking of the content found on ABTorrents, there is no need to retell the fact that it’s full of audio books. As you can see above, most indexed audiobooks are encoded in MP3 format (at various bitrates). Right now signups for ABTorrents are open. Site Name: Audio Book Torrents ( Signup URL: Other similar trackers you might be interested in:

Openmoko GNU/Linux based mobile phone - The Revolution to &quot Specialized Private BitTorrent Websites It goes without saying, most private trackers carry an impressive selection of games, but some BitTorrent sites are absolute game specialists. Whether it’s PC, Mac, console or emulator games you seek, there’s probably a private BitTorrent site for it. Here are just some of the trackers available out there, and what they have to offer: — OPEN? — OPEN? — OPEN? — OPEN? — OPEN? — OPEN? — OPEN? Other Notable Games Trackers **. **— OPEN? **. **. **. **. — OPEN? — OPEN? Cómo crear una infografía (infographic): Pasos para diseñarla Las infografías, llamadas en inglés Infographics están adquiriendo cada día más importancia en las redes sociales por la manera fácil y creativa de mostrar datos y explicar conceptos. Los pasos para crear una infografía son: 1. Defina el tema de la infografía Lo primero que se debe determinar es el tema de la infografía. La explicación de un conceptoLa explicación de una tecnologíaDatos estadísticosResumen de un documento Debemos buscar que el tema sea interesante y de actualidad para facilitar la propagación (viralidad) de la infografía cuando esté realizada. 2. Usted puede utilizar fuentes de información primaria o secundaria. Investigación primaria. 3. Debe organizar la información recopilada y empezar a realizar bosquejos de su infografía. Esta etapa es fundamental ya que será la que le de creatividad y claridad a la infografía. 4. En el diseño debes tener en cuenta: Revisar infografías hechas por otros le puede ayudar a familiarizarse con los conceptos mencionados. 5. 6. Para reflexionar:

LibriVox from __future__ import * » Remote JSON - JSONP The browser security model dictates that XMLHttpRequest, frames, etc. must have the same domain in order to communicate. That's not a terrible idea, for security reasons, but it sure does make distributed (service oriented, mash-up, whatever it's called this week) web development suck. There are traditionally three solutions to solving this problem. Local proxy: Needs infrastructure (can't run a serverless client) and you get double-taxed on bandwidth and latency (remote - proxy - client). Flash: Remote host needs to deploy a crossdomain.xml file, Flash is relatively proprietary and opaque to use, requires learning a one-off moving target programming langage. Script tag: Difficult to know when the content is available, no standard methodology, can be considered a "security risk". I'm proposing a new technology agnostic standard methodology for the script tag method for cross-domain data fetching: JSON with Padding, or simply JSONP. Let's take the JSON API as an example.

Convert - Convert and Download Online YouTube Videos Save YouTube Videos and MP3s. To Mac or PC Without Software With ConvertYouTube save any YouTube video to Mac or PC. No software required. Compatible with PC, MAX, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, any other mobile phone. How Helps You Converts YouTube to Mp3s. What our Customers are Saying “Great tool. Save YouTube Videos and MP3s. What our Customers are Saying “Great tool.

Cómo crear bellas infografías sin saber diseño gráfico Las infografías son representaciones visuales de información, datos o conocimientos. Se han hecho muy populares en Internet ya que estos gráficos nos permiten captar y comprender rápidamente conceptos difíciles. Nuestro cerebro está especialmente diseñado para el análisis visual combinando imágenes con datos. Las visualizaciones ayudan a transmitir conocimientos de una forma más eficaz que si utilizáramos simplemente texto y números, con lo que pueden ser de gran utilidad en el aula. Hace unos años, la creación de infografías estaba limitada a académicos, empresas e instituciones gubernamentales, quienes tenían acceso a gran cantidad de datos y a diseñadores gráficos. Con ellas los alumnos pueden aprender a presentar una gran cantidad de datos de una forma creativa y divertida, más allá del típico powerpoint. 1. Piktochart es una aplicación web que permite crear bellas infografías a partir de unas plantillas y objetos que se añaden con un simple arrastrar y soltar. 3. 4. 5.

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