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How Adoption Laws Work in India. How To Sue A Bank For Negligence. Author - Associate Runa JasiaPeople deposit the amount of money and conduct transactions from their bank account.

How To Sue A Bank For Negligence

People do believe blindly in their bank branch. There are government bank and private ones. It is unfortunate when a bank cheats its customers. People go there to save the money of their lifetime. If something wrong happens with that, then it becomes too miserable for that person particularly. If there are any issues or challenges faced by a person, then the person must take it seriously and give this issue some amount of time. How To Take Your Company Global. Author - Associate Runa Jasia Every business owner wants to expand its business globally.

How To Take Your Company Global

In short, it can be called globalisation. Globalisation is the process of integrating and interacting with people worldwide. It is not magic to expand the business internationally. What To Do If Your Property Possession Has Been Delayed? Author - Associate Runa Jasia Possession of a Property can be called legal control over the property.

What To Do If Your Property Possession Has Been Delayed?

It can be controlled over a property physically through legal paperwork. Owning a property makes a person financially strong and rich. Many times people tend to fight because of the ownership of the property. Legal Requirements for Starting a Food Business in India. Author - Associate Runa Jasia A restaurant is a place where people can sit and eat their meals in exchange for money.

Legal Requirements for Starting a Food Business in India

Everyone likes to eat something unique once in a while, what could be the best place like a restaurant. There is no doubt that it is a booming business which can never be in loss if the quality of service and food are great. Before starting any restaurant people select the concept behind their restaurant, place, amount of investment, begin hiring employees, deciding the menu, cuisine, etc.

But they often tend to neglect legal compliances during the process of opening their restaurant. Employment and Labour Laws For Women. Author - Associate Runa Jasia “A woman is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. “ There was a time when we used to live in a male-dominated society.

Employment and Labour Laws For Women

Women Empowerment is now trending as awareness everywhere. It means creating an environment where there is no violence or gender discrimination and where women have equal rights in the community, society, and workplace. It’s essential for a woman to feel safe about the workplace she is working on. Free Legal Advice: A Government Mandate. The Indian constitution promises equality for all and these rights extend to free legal advice as well!

Free Legal Advice: A Government Mandate

But this was not always the case. Less than half a century ago, Indian citizens were left stranded to their own devices, legal aid a faraway dream. It seemed like the law only applied to those in power and with the financial power to afford it for themselves. As a democratic nation, this was not something that could be allowed. I AM SETTING UP A DAIRY FARM WITH MY FRIEND. - Answers For setting up a dairy farm, we recommend that you opt for the NABARD ( National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ) Subsidy, granted by government for dairy farming.


Under this scheme the government provides financial assistance. Please note that financial assistance under the scheme will depend upon the type of dairy farming one is opting for. Following are the steps get NABARD subsidy for dairy farming:1. Intellectual Property lawyers in Mumbai. Free legal advice. Intellectual Property lawyers in Mumbai. Intellectual Property lawyers in New Delhi. Lawyers in Hyderabad. Lawyers in Pune. Lawyers in Faridabad. Lawyers in Faridabad. Find the top corporate lawyers in Gurgaon. Hiring a lawyer for business is an extremely important task, no matter how confusing or unnerving it is. Nothing and no one can replace the advice of an expert and legal work isn’t just a mere formality: it helps you gain confidence and reduces all kinds of risks that could come your way. However, the traditional way of finding lawyers can be time consuming and requires large sums of money in the form of consultation fee.

This is where Lawyered comes to the rescue: with you can search for the top lawyers in your area that understand your business needs and consult you at costs lower than what top firms charge you. Lawyered Legal Service — Key Statutory Updates. How Public Limited Companies Raise Capital. This form of legal economic entity is often called a limited liability company that has the permission to offer shares to the public.

How Public Limited Companies Raise Capital

In a Public limited company, no shareholder is individually liable for the payment and is neither authorised to begin its business operations just upon the grant of the certificate of incorporation. One of the main advantages of a Public Limited Company is that anyone can invest in the company, meaning more capital will be generated in comparison to a private limited company. But this autonomy to the public can become a burden for some corporation, making it a risky business for its members. The ability of public to buy shares means that there will be a lot at stake but on the other hand, it also means that there’s big potential for growth and expansion. Public Limited companies raise capital and how they raise capital should aid you in having a holistic understanding towards your workspace and follow the right measures to get maximum returns.

Issue bonds. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. Lawyered Legal Services. Pooja, a girl belonging to a well-educated family, completed her graduation from a top B-school and is placed in a reputed company with a good salary package.

Lawyered Legal Services

In spite of a successful career, Pooja is still stressed and is unhappy. Why? The reason is though having all these, Pooja is sexually harassed by her male colleagues in her office. And hence she is all the time worried about her safety at her workplace where she spends about 9- 10 hours of her day. This is not just the story of Pooja. In 1997, The Supreme Court of India for the first time acknowledged this particular issue in the case of Vishakha v.

DZone: Programming & DevOps news, tutorials & tools. 6 Mandatory Tax And Regulatory Compliances For Business : lawyer65. Doctrine Of Privity Of Contract: Should It Be Discarded Or Not? The ‘Doctrine of Privity of Contract’ is a long established principle of English Law which provides that no one may be entitled to or bound by the terms of the contract to which he is not an original party.

Doctrine Of Privity Of Contract: Should It Be Discarded Or Not?

In other words, it is a common law principle, which stipulates that rights or obligations can only be imposed on parties to a contract. The doctrine prevents a third party from having any legal right to enforce the contract or to have contractual liabilities imposed as a result of the contract, and that contractual remedies are for the contracting parties alone. Essentially, it prevents a third party from enforcing the terms of a contract. Therefore, the doctrine has proven to be problematic for third parties as they are not in a position to enforce obligations of the contracting parties. It is to be noted that the Indian Contract Act, 1872 does not contain a single provision relating to this doctrine. Lawyered Legal Service — Key Steps to Ensure GDPR Compliance - The Steps... Dispute Resolution through Reference to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSME) Facilitation Council. Any Micro or small enterprise having valid EM Part -II /UAM can apply to a ‘Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council’ of a the state having jurisdiction to entertain the matter regarding dispute resolution where where any buyer fails to make payment of the amount to the supplier the buyer and such amount to due to be paid shall be liable to pay compound interest with monthly rests to the supplier on that amount from the appointed day from the date immediately following the date agreed upon, at three times of the bank rate.The State Government shall establish one or more Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Councils where such dispute resolution takes place State / UT Notified MSEFC Rules (As of 19.03.2019) The process to apply at a Facilitation Councils (Online) The User has to Ensure that - Implementation Presently, the applicant MSE unit submits an application in writing to the MSEFC of his/her State/UT.

What Startups Should Learn From The Stayzilla Story. A startup is a new established company or business which any individuals like you and I can start. Of course, the prerequisites such as an idea, a team, funds, a location, and some paperwork is necessary, to begin with. Stayzilla. Transfer Big Files Free - Email or Send Large Files. Find Corporate Lawyers. Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered 1 2 Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered 3 Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered 4 Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered 5 Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered 6 Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered 7 8 Copyright 2018 @ Lawyered Free legal advice | Find Corporate Lawyers | Get Free Proposals Apr 12, 2019 | Publisher: lawyeredin | Category: Other | 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Search Results.

Find Corporate Lawyers. Lawyered and Enhelion Collaboration. Proud to announce the collaboration between Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Private Limited [Enhelion™] and Lawyered to better serve the legalindustry. Enhelion is an organization dedicated to the advancement of professional/ practicinglegaleducation and Lawyered is a legal-techdiscoveryplatform working to bring legalonline, making it cost effective, high quality and accessible for all. Through this collaboration, Enhelion will provide its students with specialized and structured programmes created & curated by Lawyered’s reputed & reliablelegalprofessionals in different areas of law.

Lawyered’s legal professional will get the opportunity of extended discoverability in the online legal education sector as well. A collaboration which will not only further push the boundaries in the legalcommunity, but also arm the budding lawyers with the tools to succeed in it! #MentorHours at Swadeshi Startup Summit by Advocate Abhishek Singh (27-Apr-2019) Lawyered partnered with Swadeshi Startup as the 'Outreach Partner' for Swadeshi Startup Summit 2019.

#MentorHours at Clowork by Advocate Abha Kashyap (26-Apr-2019) Lawyered and CloWork, Hyderabad conducted #MentorHours on 26th April 2019. The session was delivered by Advocate Abha Kashyap. #MentorHours at Incuspaze by FCS Anupam Jaiswal (24-Apr-2019) Lawyered and Incuspaze, Lucknow conducted #MentorHours on 24th April 2019. Never Startup Without These 5 Documents. Common Rookie Mistakes Startups Make When Raising Capital. Tips On How To Fire An Employee Gracefully. Pros and Cons of NOTA During General Elections 2019. How To File An RTI (Right To Information Act) Right to Information Act is one of the fundamental rights that an Indian citizen is entitled. The right to information can be exercised to know what is happening with the government. Under the Right to Information Act, 2005, every citizen has the freedom to seek any government related information. This Act, as one of the monumental legislation enacted by the Parliament, guarantees the right and freedom of every Indian citizen to get information regarding governmental dealings, both of the Center and the States.

The power of the citizens to question public authorities and their activities through the RTI Act ensures and promotes transparency and accountability as well. This is a big step towards warding off corruption in India.Under the concept of RTI, we come across two major terms – information and public authority. 10 Options When Your Clients Refuse To Pay You. Want To Get Your Logo Registered? Here's 5 Simple Steps To Do So. Author: Associate Runa Jasia. What Are The Benefits Available To Startups In India? - Advocate Khyati Dhuparr. Key Features of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 - by Advocate Khyati Dhuparr. Legal Disrupt: Legal information, tips and advice. What Are Smart Contracts And Why They Are The Future Of Legal. A Guide To Effective Dispute Resolution For HR. Why Legal Tech Is Seeing Such Gradual Adoption Rates. Legal Disclaimers And Policies Your Website Must Have.

Real Estate Laws- an overview. Corporate Employees and Labour laws. Legal Compliances Required for Private Limited Companies. What is Copyright Infringement In India? ABCs of Patents. Lawyered announces the acquisition of InCourt News, a legal news platform. How to Choose the Right Insolvency Professional for Your Company. Filing for Bankruptcy? Keep These Things in Mind. LEGAL POSITION OF ONLINE GAMING/GAMBLING IN INDIA. Basic differences between Insolvency and Bankruptcy. How You Can File Insolvency Petition. Things To Keep In Mind While Registering for A Trademark In India. ABCs of Patents. What is Copyright Infringement In India?

Legal Compliances Required for Private Limited Companies. Corporate Employees and Labour laws. Due Diligence Required Before Buying A Property. Error 404 - Importance of Founders' Agreement in a Start-up. Importance of statutory compliances in business. What you should know about sexual harassment in the workplace? The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) to Businesses. What are the benefits of startup India initiative? The Benefits Of Arbitration As A Method Of Dispute Resolution.