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How HyperDocs Can Transform Your Teaching

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Peterson web page - HYPERDOCS HyperDoc: Guide to Making a HyperDoc HyperDoc by Lesson Topics HyperDocs and Student Centered Learning - many HyperDocs K-12 Library - GOOD! How Important is it to Love Your Job? Much has been touted about how important it is to find a job you love. Maybe that's not as critical as we've been led to believe. (Reading time 150 seconds) HyperDocs - Changing Digital Pedagogy - 2014 Mountian View - GTA MTV HyperDocs HyperDoc is a term used to describe a Google Doc that contains an innovative lesson for students- a 21st Century worksheet, but much better. The name is one that Sarah Landis and I made up- it's about hyperlinking your docs for amazing learning experiences! With one shortened link, students can access a lesson that contains instructions, links, tasks, and many clever ways to get kids thinking. Focusing on creating opportunities for choice, exploration, and ways for kids to apply their knowledge is key to creating a truly innovative HyperDoc. Multimedia Text Sets

HyperDocs - Teach It With Tech! HyperDocs HyperDocs Templates Many HyperDocs follow this basic template that takes students through six steps of a lesson:Engage: Hook your students, get them engaged, and activate prior knowledge. You might use a fun video, interactive website, or audio recording.Explore: Link resources, such as videos or articles, for students to explore more information.Explain: Clarify the learning objective for your students. This is where you could teach a whole group lesson with direct instruction, or add additional resources for students to explore.

Ways To Use Canva In Your Library & Classroom Instruction A couple weeks ago I shared Part 1 of this four part series. That is all about how to use Canva in meaningful ways. Today I am excited to share Part 2! In this post, you will find five ways to use Canva in your library and classroom instruction. Attention hacking is the epidemic of our generation… Variable rewards … also know as “The virtual slot machine” In 1930, B.F. Skinner, a psychologist at Harvard University placed a rat inside a box. Hypertext Engineer Vannevar Bush wrote "As We May Think" in 1945 in which he described the Memex, a theoretical proto-hypertext device which in turn helped inspire the subsequent invention of hypertext. Etymology[edit] "(...)'Hypertext' is a recent coinage. 'Hyper-' is used in the mathematical sense of extension and generality (as in 'hyperspace,' 'hypercube') rather than the medical sense of 'excessive' ('hyperactivity').

How to Transform Your Classroom into a Personalized Learning Hub Personalized learning is more than just the latest educational trend or buzzword—it’s an essential part of ensuring that all students can achieve their full potential. And while it might have been difficult or even impossible to personalize learning for an entire classroom of students just a decade ago, recent advances in educational technology make it possible for teachers to take personalized learning to new heights. One easy way to personalize learning is with HyperDocs. The basic idea is this: the teacher puts a variety of assignments into one document, and then students work through the activities in that document. (Notice that HyperDocs are a powerful way to keep a variety of resources—videos, interactives, online games, etc.

Bring Read Alouds to Life with the Novel Effect App Recently I stumbled across a post on TCEA's blog entitled Take Reading to the Next Level with Novel Effect. Apparently lots of educators are already using the Novel Effect app in the classroom! In case you are like me and haven't heard of this, I wanted to write a quick blog post about my experience and recommend that you try it out. It's FUN! How to Become World-Class at Anything – Personal Growth When I was 16, I performed relatively poorly in my GCSE exams, exams which every kid in the UK takes. Having missed most of my classes, and barely studied, I received a D in math and an F for French (which I think is funny). I’m a little embarrassed to even write about this, and I’ll try to redeem myself by letting you know that four of my nine grades were C: for physics, biology, English language, and English literature. Any small success I had was basically down to luck, and it was terrifying to take those exams with no preparation. It’s only in the last few years that I stopped having nightmares about it. This is when I hit rock-bottom, a pivot point at which I decided to turn my life around.

9 reasons why HyperDocs can transform your class How can we incorporate great pedagogy, the best content and meaningful technology into our classroom? HyperDocs! Here are 9 reasons why you should start using them in your class.