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Contribution méthodologique à l’accompagnement au changement organisationnel induit par l’implication des occupants dans un projet d’Habitat Participatif Abstract : The implementation of a method for the conduct of cohousing operations is the subject of this study. Our partner is social housing company that is a property developer and a rental manager. One of his objectives is to develop a new offer: cohousing. The objective is to involve the future occupants in the design process of their residence in order to guarantee their satisfaction.This approach has many similarities with participatory design methods that have demonstrated their benefits for the quality of the manufactured products as well as for the user satisfaction. In the French Housing sector, cohousing operations are uncommon and generally carried out by residents who want to avoid property developers.Several arguments explain this gap between the two sectors.

Matchbox: Large Scale Bayesian Recommendations Matchbox: Large Scale Bayesian Recommendations David Stern, Ralf Herbrich, and Thore Graepel 2009 We present a probabilistic model for generating personalised recommendations of items to users of a web service. The Matchbox system makes use of content information in the form of user and item meta data in combination with collaborative filtering information from previous user behavior in order to predict the value of an item for a user.

Turning a Blind Eye: Infanticide and Missing Babies in Seventeenth-Century Geneva In August 1677, the Genevan consistory, a church court preoccupied with regulating sexual sin, summoned Louise Bouffa. Louise was a single woman recently hired by the wealthy Sarasin family as a wet nurse, an occupation that signaled to the consistory that she had recently given birth. The pastors and elders wanted to know who the father was and where the child was now. Louise was at first evasive. She claimed not to know the name of the father, although she did admit that the man with whom she had had sex was “very well dressed.”Footnote 1 She said that she had given birth not far from Geneva, in the village of Gy, where the baby had been baptized and then had died. These claims turned out to be false.

How to Teach a Good First Day of Class was 21 years old when I first stepped into a college classroom as an instructor. My master’s program had assigned me to teach a composition course and gave me a brief orientation to teaching the week before the semester began. I was so close in age to my students, so nervous about how they would perceive me, and so uncertain about what I was doing that I had precisely one goal for the first day of the semester: Get through it.

Alicia Ivonne Estrada: A’Co Nuq’ : Maya Women in Post-1996 Guatemalan Cinematic Productions Alicia Ivonne Estrada A’Co Nuq’ : Maya Women in Post-1996 Guatemalan Cinematic Productions California State University, Northridge Social Impact - AngkorHUB HUBTALK on Gender Equity Cambodia has made significant economic progress over the past decade but it’s still very far behind when compared to other countries. Almost 70% of the population doesn’t have piped water, and a large percentage of residents still live below the poverty line. But the biggest thing standing in the way of combating these issues isn’t what you might think…it’s the lack of practical education, which leads to a shortage of skilled workers. AngkorHUB Academy, which will launch this fall, has the mission of developing participants into capable freelancers who can compete for higher-paying remote work positions on sites like UpWork, Fiverr, and The free job skills training we provide will help Cambodians to earn a livable income while staying in their home country with their families and stimulating the local economy.

Machine learning for dummies - Next at Microsoft [image courtesy of Ariel Stallings] Say machine learning to most people and they’ll look at you suspiciously – even people in the tech industry have a degree of caution is it conjures up notions of machines taking over the world in some sort of Terminator/singularity way. I think it’s because people translate it in to “machines that learn” which as it turns out, is a perfectly good way to think about this topic. I decided to dig a little deep and get past the jargon as I think it’s an increasingly important field and will help unlock the potential for natural user interfaces and technology that anticipates our needs and feels more human. To get some answers, I headed to Building 99 on Microsoft Campus to track down John Platt. Before we get in to machine learning though, a little background John…I was curious why he had a statue of Oscar from Sesame Street in his office?

Women’s Economic Thought in the Romantic Age: Towards a Transdiscipl List of illustrations xi Acknowledgments xii 1. Introduction 1 How Christopher Columbus Came To Stand In Boston's North End Amid weeks of nationwide demonstrations for racial justice, public statues of Christopher Columbus — from D.C. to California — have come under heightened scrutiny, with statues being vandalized and ripped down by those who say the man's memory isn't something to celebrate. Here in Boston, a statue of the explorer in the North End was decapitated this month, then taken down and put in storage. That statue is a relatively recent addition to the city's landscape.

Dictator in the Dock The Dictator in the Dock series brings viewers into the courtroom as former dictator General Efraín Ríos Montt stands trial for genocide and crimes against humanity in Guatemala. This historic case marked the first time, anywhere in the world, that a former head of state was tried for genocide in a national court, in the country where the crimes were committed. It is also the first time in the history of South or North America, that the genocide of indigenous peoples was tried in a court of law, significantly in a country of the Americas with a majority indigenous population. Best Places to Work Remotely: 15 Incredible Coliving Spaces Get out of your office for a minute and you’ll find some of the best places to work remotely. Forget your cubicle or your home office. The world has so much to offer when it comes to working remotely around the globe.

A Programming Language for DNA Computing Recently, a range of information-processing circuits have been implemented in DNA by using strand displacement as their main computational mechanism. Examples include digital logic circuits and catalytic signal amplification circuits that function as efficient molecular detectors. As new paradigms for DNA computation emerge, the development of corresponding languages and tools for these paradigms will help to facilitate the design of DNA circuits and their compilation to nucleotide sequences. We present a programming language for designing and simulating DNA circuits in which strand displacement is the main computational mechanism.

Writing Material Culture History (Writing History) Anne Gerritsen: Bloomsbury Academic List of IllustrationsIntroduction - Material Culture History: Methods, Practices and Disciplines, Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello (both of University of Warwick, UK)Object in Focus 1 - Beyond Portraits and Pixels: Questions from the Margins of Material Culture Studies, Dana Leibsohn (Smith College, USA)Part I - The Disciplines of Material Culture1. Im-material Culture and History of Art(efacts), Viccy Coltman (University of Edinburgh, UK)2. Written Texts and the Performance of Materiality, Catherine Richardson (University of Kent, UK)3.

Statue of Christopher Columbus (North End, Boston) Statue in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts, USA The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization dominated by Italian Americans, opened Waterfront Park in 1976. In 1979, pro-Vietnam War activist and building contractor Arthur Stivaletta commissioned the statue. The Knights accordingly changed the name of the park to Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.[citation needed]

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