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Breakout EDU – Google Drive

Breakout EDU – Google Drive

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Differentiation using Google Classroom – When I first heard about Google Classroom last year I was excited. Was this going to be a free LMS that integrated with the already excellent Google Apps for Education (GAfE) suite? Would it be bigger and better that Moodle or Edmodo? How would it integrate with Google Drive and Google Sites?

The scary truth about what's hurting our kids - Your Modern Family In the past week, I’ve read several studies that are scary to me… the scary truth about what’s hurting our kids. We all know that what our kids hear becomes their inner voice, but it’s hard to control what they hear from others, isn’t it? CNN recently interviewed Dr Jean Twenge, author of iGen and her interview really worried me – because I saw the truth that I would be facing in just a few short years. Dr. Baseball Highlights: 2045 PriceCompare, Buy this board game at the Lowest Price. Buy Baseball Highlights: 2045 Cheaper Rank 672 Score 352 Rating 77/100

Schools interested in exchange opportunities The following schools in Australia/New Zealand and Japan have expressed interest in establishing sister school relations. Please click on the links provided for more information on the respective schools. Should you be interested in a particular school, please follow the link and feel free to get in touch with them! 《 Japan 》

10 Free Mobile Apps To Help You Learn English Faster Language is the most powerful communication tool. Learning different languages is the current trend among youngsters. There are a large number of ways you can learn or develop your skills in a specific language, by attending coaching from expert teachers or by conventional methods of reading and practice. Making Low Prep Teacher's Edition Digital Interactive Notebook Why would you want to create your own teacher's edition digital interactive notebook? Let's find out! As an Educator, we do not have the luxury of teaching only one class period a day. Some of us teach 5-6 classes, and they sometimes are all completely different.

Interactive Notebook Setup Before I started using interactive notebooks, I always wondered how other teachers set them up and got kids started. I’ve read on other blogs that some teachers take up to a week (!) to set them up. Renegade Game Studios Essen Contest Everyone at Renegade is excited for Essen SPIEL, happening this week in Essen, Germany! We have lots of new releases at this show, including titles that released at Gen Con and Origins, but hadn’t yet made it to the EU! Stop by booth 2F138 to sit down for a demo of these hot new titles, including Arboretum, Architects of the West Kingdom, Passing Through Petra, Reykholt, and more! This contest is based off our three heavier Essen releases. You can find the answers for all of these questions in the Designer Diaries and Rulebooks for each game. Good luck and happy playing!

Learn Japanese language - free online games Japanese games for language learning on Digital Dialects All Japanese games are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for kids and students of all ages. Games for learning Japanese language in HTML5 (work on current browsers) include Japanese phrases, Japanese numbers, animals quiz, basic vocabulary quiz, days and months in Japanese and a colors quiz. We also make Japanese games for moblies and tablets. 23 Useful Websites for Teaching and Learning English September 6, 2014 Below are some valuable resources for ELL and ESL teachers. With these resources, you can find great ways to communicate more effectively, explore lessons, and be a great ELL teacher. Check out this lexicon that offers images demonstrating the true meaning of the word, making it easier for English language learners to understand. On this website, you’ll find quizzes, word games, puzzles, and a random sentence generator to help students better grasp English as a second language. is a really fun site for ELL learners, with reference tools like a dictionary and vocabulary, supplemented with quizzes, games, and a community forum. On this site, you’ll find free English videos for both students and teachers.

Digital Breakouts in the New Google Sites The new Google Sites is live. This is a template website to give you ideas for making digital breakouts in the new Sites. Currently, there is no way to copy sites or publish them as templates. FACS ListServ File Cabinet ProStart I ProStart II ProStart I This basic course from the National Restaurant Association introduces students into the world of culinary arts and hospitality management.

Tom Teaches Tom Teaches is my youtube channel in which I teach how to setup, play, and teach modern board games. I also have a small passion for making boxes that help make setup, takedown, and storage of board games easier. This site will be a place where you can quickly and easily access and browse the boxes I have created for various board games. I will include links so you can download the PDFs of these files (hosted through, you will need a free account to download them). The Japan Foundation, London - Language Centre - Teaching Resources Wherever possible we have tried to credit the creators of all resources featured here. You can download them and use them instantly with your class, or adjust them to your needs. The Japan Foundation welcomes your feedback on the resources featured on the website. Please email your comments to Please note we cannot guarantee the quality of resources made by other creators. Resources created by the Japan Foundation

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