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GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever.

GREEN MAGIC HOMES - The most beautiful Green Homes ever.
Can you imagine living under your garden, your flowers, your trees, in a green vibrant living landscape? All this is can be possible with GREEN MAGIC HOMES technology. These elegant arched structures are made of fiber reinforced polymer modular components which are durable, flexible and waterproof. With endless design possibilities, these structures can be assembled quickly and easily, with minimal cost to create a gracious living environment in harmony with nature. Green Magic Homes Corp. establishes strategic alliance with Canadian company to offer cutting edge Solar and Wind technology. You can finance your new Green Magic Home with LightStream, a subsidiary of SunTrust Banks Inc. PLANT N.1 - México - In Production Now PLANT N.2 - Spain – In Production Now PLANT N.3 - Spain – In Production Now Coming Soon: PLANT N.4 - Argentina PLANT N.5 - Brazil PLANT N.6 - South Africa PLANT N.7 - Mexico (U.S. We are in the process of approval for Eurocodes Related:  Subterranean & Earth ShelteredHarrisDwelling

Partially Submerged Modern Homes In Paraguay Are Both Efficient And Stunning! posted Categories: Building Methods Wherever you may live, people develop a perspective of other parts of the world in school through books or maps they might have seen or studied. The past twenty years has been a crash course to the whole world discovering through photos and videos online what the rest of the world is really like. Those of us from the U.S. might have pictured homes from Paraguay to look like this: Or maybe like this: But when you take traditional understanding of mud or cob construction, go off to college and study architecture, and then apply the principles of modern technology to this upbringing where earthen homes and their efficiency is a prominent feature of what a home should offer, then your new home designs might look something like this: Architect Aldo Cristaldo has built this fantastic partially submerged atrium style home filled with glass, yet shaded by the earth and an arch-top roof.

EcoPods - EcoPods High Wickham 2010 This EcoPod was for use as an office and garden room. The garden had its own river at the bottom and was a very beautiful setting. The EcoPod was built for small Pilates group. As with all our EcoPods it was heavily insulated with a wall, floor and roof thickness of 200mm which means it will be very toasty, even in the winter. It was clad in Western Red Cedar with a butyl roof covering. Buxton 2008 This EcoPod has amazing views over a valley in Buxton, Derbyshire. Pitsmore 2008 This EcoPod was built as a garden room at the end of a long garden to provide an extra room for sleeping and a space to enjoy whilst in the garden. Whaley Bridge 2004 This unusual garden room was designed to meet the needs of the clients who both had a love of gardening, and had a particular passion for Chinese plants, bamboo and grasses. How we make EcoPods If you are interested in purchasing an EcoPod for you garden, woodland or campsite please give us a call.

Ma maison sous terre Vue sur ce site cette extraordinaire maison sous terre postée au milieu des champs dans le village de Vals en Suisse. Je vous laisse admirer, c'est plutot surprenant ! Everything I ever knew or said about green sustainable design was probably wrong The drawing above, or some version of it, has been part of every sustainable design class since about 1970: have lots of south facing windows carefully shaded by properly designed overhangs, with the winter sun heating up that thermal mass of the floor. Frank Lloyd Wright did it; I did it; everybody did it. But what if we were all wrong? Over at Green Building Advisor, Martin Holladay looks at what was almost a religious doctrine and questions its tenets, writing: ...certain aspects of the passive solar approach — an emphasis on careful solar orientation, a concern for proper roof overhangs on the south side of a house, and a preference for south-facing windows over north-facing windows — seem embedded in my DNA. While large expanses of south-facing glass help heat up a home on a sunny day, the solar heat gain doesn’t come when heat is needed. What's changed? We were here in the late 1970s when ‘mass and glass’ took on ‘superinsulated.’ Passive house or Grandma's house?

Here's the dirt on a prefabricated plastic earth sheltered home design you can buy off the shelf No, this isn't Hobbiton or a scene from Teletubbies. It's a rendering of a community of earth-sheltered houses built from a new prefab building system. I once wrote that from Hobbiton to Tatooine, earth sheltered houses make sense all over the universe; now you can just order one up. Earth-sheltered houses have long been known to be very energy-efficient, with the thermal mass of all that dirt keeping the temperature relatively even all year. © Green Magic Homes The Green Magic Homes system has addressed these problems in an entirely new way, using the age-old methods of building with earth in conjunction with the space-age technology of composite materials. The FRP components are made in their factory.... Assembled on site with glue and stainless steel screws through those flanges sticking up, Then covered with soil and planting. The R value or heat transfer resistance value of a GREEN MAGIC HOME, is approximately 1 per every 10 cm of Earth. © Green magic homes roof installation

Diy Eco Hobbit House Kit | 1001 Gardens An American manufacturer offers a prefabricated DIY eco hobbit house kit reinforced fiber that is easy to install. It remains only to vegetate the top of the shell to live like the characters in the Lord of the Rings. From dream to reality Riding on the success of the Lord of the Rings, which is undeniable, an American manufacturer offers modular homes clearly evoking a Hobbit house, a nation of small creatures invented by J. R. R. DIY eco hobbit house kit: Tropical or desert Version? According to the manufacturer, the prefabricated structure of the hobbit house would be both “water resistant, non-toxic, fire-resistant and zero emissions.” Prefabricated hobbit house under a green roof Side tariff, the manufacturer suggests a price of around 410 euros per square meter comes, knowing that smaller structures start at 38 sqm.

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Great earth house designd by Vetsch architektur Advertisement This is a great earth house designed by Vetsch architektur in a very special way as you can see from the picture. Lättenstrasse house is located in Dietikon, Switzerland and it has an amazing architecture. Here is the description of the architect: Technical data: Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse Location: Dietikon, SwitzerlandSize of lot : 4000 m2 totalLiving space : 60 m2 bis 200 m2 per houseCubature: 1500 m3 bis 2200 m3 per house This settlement finds itself in contrast to the surrounding of traditional single houses. Source: erdhaus