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I found a Koala Amigurumi Pattern in the Woman’s Day website and I have some off-white and gray organic cotton yarns on hand, so I made a pair of these small little stuffed koalas for my kids in reverse color. Some ideas to make it differently: 1. This adorable little koala is about 3-5″ tall only (depend on your yarn and the matching hook size), install a key ring on it’s head and turn it into a key chain, hang it to the bag’s zipper. 2. If we sew the limbs closer to the center of the body and insert 4 small strong magnets to the tip of each limb, you can make it “huggy” and hug on a tree branch or at the edge of your curtain or your pencil, ruler etc… 3. And, and…. instead of poly-fills, stuff beads into the body to weight it down and with the magnets of it limbs, it can be a cute memo holder on your desk too 4. Find the appropriate positions for the ears, approx at the center of the vertical cross section of the head, middle of the height. Lastly, stuff and sew the limbs to the body.

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How To Amigurumi I heard friends and readers asking me how to do amigurumi, including patterns, materials, tools & tips etc…. you will find all the answers in this post: How-To Amigurumi!!! Frankly speaking, just like all other crafts, to make a decent looking amigurumi is not easy but it is not hard as you thought too. You need skill, skill comes from knowledge and practice…. and to success in crafting, you need patience and the “never-give-up” attitude – do it again and again until you are satisfied with the result. Amigurumi (編みぐるみ?, lit. crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. Spud & Chloë — Blog Hi Spud & Chloë Friends, After an overwhelmingly positive response for the Oink preview and for adding wings….. here he is! This project is so fast to work up you will barely blink an eye and a pig will be flying around your house. I promise. Oink’s body has a Hi Bounce Pink Ball inside but it is optional.

Hello Kitty amigurumi for a friend I've been thinking about making an amigurumi Hello Kitty for the longest time but I always ended up making different things. I finally hunkered down and came up with a pattern for this mini Hello Kitty. It's part of a Christmas present for a good friend. The process ~ Rosie's Cozies is Ready for Action! Alrighty, I was a busy bee today running around town and making phone calls! I wanted to make sure that before we started this project that I had all of my bases covered! First, I got myself a P.O.

Alien Hominid, Chibi Kawaii Cat, Bunny and Bear Amigurumi Patterns The gang is all here. I was working on a new pattern for a flexible pattern that could be made into various cute, chibi-style animals or humanoid forms, when my husband pointed out how well suited the head shape was to make the pattern into an Alien Hominid. Not content with just a kitty, bear and bunny rabbit, and eager to implement any aspect of nerdery possible, I endeavored to make his dreams come true and set about crafting him his very own Alien Hominid, which he adores. This pattern is a flexible chibi-style pattern that can be modified to make any cute chibi style animal or humanoid. The oversize head, disproportionate limbs and tiny pot bellied body seal the pattern in the genre of chibi-deformed cuties. It is quite simple and works up fast, creating a finished doll around 4 inches tall in around 1 hour for most experienced crocheters.

How To Crochet: Broomstick Lace You can use a very large knitting needle for bigger loops and you can create different rows with different size stitches. The only stitch that you need to know is single crochet, can you believe it? For this tutorial, I used my favorite crochet thread in size 3 with a size C crochet hook and a size 17 knitting needle. The usual grouping of stitches is 4 to 6. Crocheted Snowball Wreath I’m dreaming of some snow this winter. Just enough so my boys can build a snowman in the backyard While I wait for those first few flakes, I decided to make a little bit of a winter wonderland in our house and I’m starting with this crocheted snowball wreath! I have visions of snowball garland hung across the mantel, in the entry way and on the banister. If I can make it happen I will post lots of pictures! Although I can already see my husband giving me crazy looks for trying to yarn bomb our house.

Crochet Baby Turban Pattern & Tutorial This quick and easy crocheted hat makes a great handmade baby shower gift. The hardest part might be choosing the color. A faux rib pattern gives the little turban added interest. Have fun! I dare you to make just one. Togepi Pattern Because I like Togepi. Materials:Tan and white yarnCrochet hook, duh (any size, as long as your stitches are tight enough that the stuffing won't show through)StuffingNeedle for sewingFelt/fabric paint in black and white for the face and red and blue for the shell markingsScissors (don't know why no one ever lists them, but I find them to be extremely helpful) Head spikes (make 5):With tan:Round 1: sc 6 in magic ringRound 2: sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc in next around (8)Round 3: sc in next 3 stitches, 2sc in next around (10)Round 4: sc in next 4 stitches, 2sc in next around (12)Rounds 5-7: sc aroundF/O, but don’t stuff! Arms:In tan:Round 1: sc 4 in magic ringRound 2: 2 sc in each (8)Round 3: sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next around (12)Rounds 4-5: sc in eachF/O, stuff and attach to sides of shell Feet:In tan:Round 1: sc 6 in magic ringRound 2: 2 sc in each (12)Rounds 3-5: sc in eachRound 6: dec over next 2 around (6)F/O, don’t stuff; attach to bottom of shell

Teeny Tiny Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Fall is just around the corner and it's my favorite season! I am already working on some fall crafts to decorate my home and one of the first things I did was make little crochet pumpkins. This is a simple little pattern that leaves you with a tiny little ridged pumpkins. Teeny Tiny Crochet Pumpkin PatternMaterials: -Vanna's Choice Yarn -Size G (4.0mm) Crochet Hook -Tapestry Needle -Poly-filAbbreviations: SC= Single Crochet HDC= Half Double Crochet

Brown Slippers « Crochet (Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!) I’ve just finished making these slippers. Making crocheted slippers is my addiction. Pattern: Despicable Me Minion Who doesn’t love the minions from “Despicable Me”? Make your very own detailed minion with removable goggles and removable overalls with my free crochet pattern! Materials: yellow yarn (for head, body, arms and embroidering overalls), blue yarn (for overalls), black yarn (for hair, goggle straps, gloves and boots), grey yarn (for goggles)- I used “Red Heart Super Saver” yarn2.00 mm crochet hook [YES- you read that correctly! I like to have very tight, small stitches when crocheting amigurumi so that no fiberfill is visible. Thus, I use a very small crochet hook!

Togekiss « AH! Creations My latest pattern is definitely one of my favorite pokemon. On Soul Silver he’s a part of my party (lvl 61: Aura Sphere, Fly, Extrasensory, and Metronome for those who are interested), so I had to try and make him. With a little coaxing from Beau I got to work on him shortly after finishing charizard and had the body and spikes done pretty quickly. Pirate Granny Squares Crochet Patterns on her blog, the wheels starting turning in my head of all the different granny squares I could make. The pirate boy was something I've been wanting to work on for weeks and when I finally put yarn to hook, it came out pretty darn cute! With some great feedback and advice from my , I perfected the pattern and then was inspired to create more! So here I present to you a Pirate Boy Granny Square, a Skull and Crossbones Granny Square, a Pirate Ship Granny Square and a Parrot Granny Square! Ultimately I would like to create a pirate themed blanket with all these squares, but I am not sure I am ready to tackle that project right now. So if any of you use these patterns to create your own pirate granny square blanket (or other projects), I would love to see it!