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OpenClassrooms - Développez vos applications web avec AngularJS

OpenClassrooms - Développez vos applications web avec AngularJS

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libGDX Jam - Powered by RoboVM & Robotality - Latest Dev Logs The 10 Rules of Jamming You must use libGDX to create the game Your game must fits the theme You may work alone or in a team. Only one submission per person/team is allowed You may use pre-existing code, e.g. libraries like Ashley, or your own code libraries You may use pre-existing art, e.g. assets from OpenGameArt, or your own art You may use external tools like Tiled or Overlap2D, or anything alike You must not re-skin an already existing game or prototype!

Gallery - Ionic Marketplace Ionic gallery with slider Demo availabe in Ionic View with id 150745FE $ bower install --save ion-gallery 10 Best Node.js Frameworks For Developers With the coming of Node.js, JavaScript has come to the forefront. It is bound to happen since it is already a well-known programming language used by developers in browsers. And, with Node.js, it has found a way to server-side implementation thus reducing the complexity of using two different languages at both ends. Today, Node.js offers one of the most innovative solutions to building servers and web/mobile applications.

dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library dc.js is a javascript charting library with native crossfilter support and allowing highly efficient exploration on large multi-dimensional dataset (inspired by crossfilter's demo). It leverages d3 engine to render charts in css friendly svg format. Charts rendered using dc.js are naturally data driven and reactive therefore providing instant feedback on user's interaction.

Awesome Table - Google Apps Script Examples Display Spreadsheet Data in beautiful and functional views Awesome Table lets you display the content of a Google Sheet into various types of views: From a simple table to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, card views… There are many possibilities to suit your personal and professional needs. With it, data in Sheets are shown in a more functional way and can be shared with viewers. Awesome Table is available as a gadget for Google Sites and as a web app. Easily sort out data with interactive filters Narrow a search and browse through data easily by adding several filters to a view.

Actualité LibGDX Kek or how I’ll waste my free time going forward Mario, Thu, 30 Jun 2016 15:09:21 -0700 It’s been a while since this blog had anything other to offer than “libGDX x.x.x released”. This was partly a result of my engagement with RoboVM, which, as you may have heard, is no more. And while I got plenty of real-world-ish stuff to do going forward, I also feel in need of something to challenge my old-farty brain a little in my spare time. For bonus points, I’d like to share my insights and failures with you.

Getting Started with MQTT and Clojure About this guide This guide is a quick tutorial that helps you to get started with the MQTT protocol in general and the Machine Head in particular. It should take about 15 minutes to read and study the provided code examples. This guide covers: Creating a Single Page Todo App with Node and Angular Free Course Getting Started with Angular 2 Angular 2 is the shiny new framework that comes with a lot of new concepts. Learn all the great new features.

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