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Once in a while i get asked about how I clean my handmade bags. I wouldn't say that I have it down to a science or anything, but I can offer some tips that might help you. I don't wash mine very often and usually only if there's a huge spill on it or at the end of a season (I usually change mine with the seasons, don't you?!). I really like having the ability to put mine in the wash and freshen things up! First, I don't usually pre-wash my fabrics. I used to all the time, but then it became overwhelming with piles of washed fabric sitting in the corner waiting to be pressed.

Keeping Those Noggins Protected! Baby Sunhat... Upon finishing my Bubble Ruffle Dress, I knew it just wasn’t quite complete without a little something extra for those bright sunny days I am anxiously awaiting! I went through my eldest daughters old hats, and found a nice stained one that fit the bill in sizing and started the deconstruction process… Nice upgrade from the hand me down, if I do say so myself. Wardrobe Refashion My inspiration: from Charlotte Russe, although I don't think it's available anymore My version: artsy-crafty babe So yes, I’ve been knitting. You know how it is when the mood strikes. I blame the cold weather. Knitting just feels right in cold weather, doesn’t it? Because I tend to over commit myself, I decided to start off with something small, something easily finishable.

49 Dresses: DIY Reunited with my sewing machine and it feels so good. Actually, that's a lie, I got a new machine, so it actually feels better. Anyway, while summer does not mean I'm just bumming around all the time, I do have a little more free time on my hands and therefore decided to tackle my monstrous pile of potential sewing projects last night. About time, right? It's been a while. I got this dress sometime within the past year (yep, it's been so long I don't even remember...) from Goodwill for $4.

charlaanne: made with love ETA: The pattern is now available! You can find it here...Love, Charla Anne. Lily loves playing with her little dolls and carrying case. Confessions of a Fabricaholic Wallet Tutorial See also the instructions I uploaded to BurdaStyle (they are the same, just in a different format). Download the PDF version here: Organizer Wallet *If you are interested in selling wallets made from this tutorial, please see the guidelines at the bottom of the page.* How to Turn a Glove into a Chipmunk While gloves and socks are made to be forever together, often they choose to divorce and spend their lives in a solitude. Of course, we have to respect their decision, but it’s hard to look at them being all lonely, laying somewhere in the backs of a drawers. Luckily, crafter and author Miyako Kanamori has a wonderful solution!

Indianna Dreams: TGIFF Phone Wallet "Half a Tutorial" This one is for my partner in the Fab Little Treasure Swap over on Flickr and a few have asked for some measurements. I wanted to use this tutorial from Liz, Confessions of a Fabricoholic for an Organizer Wallet as it is a great pattern, very clearly written and ample photos. I needed mine to be a finished size of 6" by 8" when open flat with a zip on the outside and a padded pocket on the inside.

Just Another Day in Paradise: Old MacDonald Puppet Tutorial and Pattern EDITED NOTE: A couple of you have reminded me that I didn't show a picture of poor Old MacDonald. MY bad! HERE is where you can find a lovely picture of Mr. Farmer. Simple Skirt Tutorial with Options for 3 Different Looks (Looking for more free patterns? Be sure to check out my free patterns and tutorials page here.) 19K+ My daughter loves to wear skirts and dresses. I've been working for the last few days on a few new skirts for her spring and summer wardrobe. These are very simple skirts but I can change up the look with various options. I love these skirts, and am so excited to share this tutorial with you!

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