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Creativebug - Craft Classes & Workshops - What will you make today?

Creativebug - Craft Classes & Workshops - What will you make today?

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17 Best Classics to Learn Chinese From Movies Learning Mandarin Chinese comes with tons of perks. The best of these may just be your newly found ability to access Chinese cinema. As they say, watch what you love and the language will follow (or something like that). Art Appreciation Videos July 11, 2014 Hoping to enrich your knowledge of art history, but unsure of where to start? With this selection of free videos, podcasts, and audiobooks, has collected a great primer designed to boost your art appreciation on all levels.

Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 7 Digital Painting Techniques returns for the seventh volume! It's still a thick 288-page book packed with detailed tutorials. The book is for intermediate to advanced artists so if you're just starting out, it might be slightly difficult to follow especially if you're not familiar at the fundamentals of digital painting. For this volume, the first half of the book focuses on three main subject matter, namely vehicles, stylized female characters and pin-up girls.

Architecture for Kids by maushaus Talking about buildings, we often find similarities with humans. We could say that a building breathes and grows, its materials get fatigued and relax. Spring lacy hat for little girls - Free Pattern with Tutorial and Chart The pattern is written for toddler size, but you can adapt for a smaller/ bigger size, making less/more rounds with increases for the crown of the hat. Each round you'll increase 12 stitches. Other sizes can be obtained also using other yarn weight and hook size. Materials: - 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft, colors of your choice (2, 3 or how many colors you want) - 4.5 mm crochet hook Special stitch:tw sc: twisted sc See the stitch instructions in my Twisted Single Crochet Tutorial . Notes: (Update 22.02.2014 - I modified the crown of the hat for better results)

Pin-Ups by Serge Birault / Photoshop, Digital Painting, Project Overviewtutorial from Take a sneak peek into one of the chapters for Serge Birault's eBook for creating evocative pin-ups... A girl in a Martini glass? a classic in pin-up painting! In order to keep to this vintage/old school idea, I will try to emulate (a little bit) an oil painting. The Power of Colour - Free online course We live in a vibrant and colourful world, but few of us truly appreciate the sheer power of the hues around us. This course will lift the lid on the world of colour: exploring the science behind the shades, the theories beyond the tints and the cultural impact of colour. Understand the science behind colour On the course we’ll take a closer look at how humans interpret colour - examining the physics and biology that determine our colour perception and getting to grips with how the brain processes colour. Explore different colour theories

Attic24 Every time I look at this yarn rainbow the very sight of it makes me soooooooo happy!!! Isn't happy colour a wonderful, wonderful thing? I think so, I really do, I feel like I can gaze at these colours and absorb all the vibrant, happy brightness into my soul and feel the warmth radiating. [Billy Pegram] Figure Photography: Techniques for Digital Photographers [English] [pdf] Figure Photography: Techniques for Digital Photographers ISBN/ASIN: 1608955788,9781608955787 | 2013 | English | pdf | 160/160 pages | 28.9 MbPublisher: Amherst Media, Inc. | Author: Billy Pegram Walking photographers through the process of capturing the many possibilities of the human form, this guide presents the techniques for shooting figure images that make a statement, grab attention, and create an emotional impact. Professional model photographer Billy Pegram begins by explaining core concepts such as lighting, location, exposure, and styling that are integral to any type of figure image. He then explores a wide variety of specialized genres of figure photography, including commercial, fashion, boudoir, erotic, fine art, glamour, and pin-up, demonstrating the unique hallmarks and techniques that are essential to these styles. Download:Figure Photography: Techniques for Digital Photographers

art for your ear : podcast art for your ear : podcast Yes. A podcast! After quietly writing daily art posts for years, in the spring of 2015 I thought it was time to add a little audio to the visual. Here’s the idea behind ART FOR YOUR EAR: When I studied art history in university, my favorite part was, well, basically the gossip. I loved hearing why artists did certain things.

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