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Welcome to Irwell Sculpture Trail. Broken Column - A sculpture project for Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts. What is Broken Column? According to "23 iron sculptures, all 1.95 meters tall, have been placed in and around Stavanger's City Center. Some have been erected outdoors and some inside shops, schools and even a private home. The artwork is made by Antony Gormley, a London-based sculpter also known for "Another Place".

It took 4 years to decide whether or not to place the figures in Stavanger. The project is financed by the Municipality of Stavanger, Stavanger Art Society and Rogaland Art Museum. I first encountered Mr. The sculptures' are all 1.95 tall and they all face 10° west. Please check out Mr. On this page I will present pictures that I have taken of the different sculptures. Juan Muñoz (escultor) Fragmento de la serie de esculturas de Muñoz Thirteen Laughing at Each Other (2001) en Oporto.

Juan Muñoz (escultor)

Fue el segundo de una familia de siete hermanos. En la década de los setenta viajó a Inglaterra para estudiar en el Croydon College y luego en el Central School of Art and Design. Allí conoció a su esposa, la escultora Cristina Iglesias, con quien tuvo dos hijos. En 1982 viajó a Estados Unidos para estudiar en el Pratt Centre de Nueva York con una beca. Tuvo su primera exposición en 1984 en la galería Fernando Vijande de Madrid. A comienzos de años 1990, Juan Muñoz comenzó a producir obras de carácter "narrativo" -rompiendo los límites de la escultura tradicional- las cuales constan de instalaciones de figuras de tamaño ligeramente inferior al natural en interacción mutua distribuidas en ambientes tanto cerrados como abiertos. Sculpture Park and Museum. Austrian Sculpture Park.

The spectacular ambience of 7 hectars of gardens, designed by the Swiss landscape architect Dieter Kienast, featuring various topographic areas like the forest- or lotusponds, the labyrinth or the rose-gardens, offers visitors the chance to get a general overview of contemporary sculpture; all this only 7 ks south of Graz.

Austrian Sculpture Park

By now the sculpture park hosts up to 60 works from mainly Austrian Artists from different generations, but also important international sculptors have contributed to this collection. Permanent Collection Lotus blossom ponds, rose gardens and plant labyrinths are the “habitats” for more than 60 examples of contemporary sculpture. NewArtCentre. About us. New Art Centre The New Art Centre was founded in 1958.

NewArtCentre. About us.

The original gallery was located in Sloane Street, London. In 1994 it was relocated to Roche Court in Wiltshire, a nineteenth-century house in parkland. The existing house and Orangery were built in 1804. Together with the grounds, Roche Court is now used as a sculpture park and educational centre where work is shown inside and out providing a survey of sculpture for the enjoyment of the public. The New Art Centre represents various artists' estates including Barbara Hepworth, Kenneth Armitage and Ian Stephenson. Gallery at Roche Court The gallery at Roche Court, designed by architect Stephen Marshall, opened in autumn 1998. Artists' House at Roche Court Following the success of the award-winning gallery, the New Art Centre commissioned Stephen Marshall to design a small contemporary house situated in a courtyard at Roche Court.

All works are for sale. El bosque de OMA. Discover a magical landscape - The Painted Forest ant the OMA Valley The forest of Oma, one of Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola’s best known works, is an example of “land art”, a creative trend that first appeared in the 1960s and which seeks to take art to nature and use the countryside as the artist’s frame, support and medium.

El bosque de OMA

Figures that appear and transform as you move Walking around the Forest, figures appear and change as you look: although sometimes the painting on a single tree is complete in itself, in other cases you need to observe a set of several trees to see the work whole. Moreover, your perception of the figures varies depending on the point you look from: the figures change and transform as you move. So really you could call this a customized visit, because the artist makes each visitor the protagonist of his work. Untitled Document. Lee jae hyo - Cerca amb Google. CarlAndre. Antony Gormley.