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Teoria cinematografica

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Film Studies. FILMS & ANALYSE | société et humanité ? Initiations au vocabulaire de l’analyse filmique [cours de cinéma en ligne ] Critical Commons. Observations on film art. The Adventures of Prince Achmed.

Observations on film art

Kristin (with some help from David) here: David and I have been offering this greatest-of-90-years-ago series almost as long as this blog has existed. For earlier annual entries, see 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925. I approached 1926 with the assumption that it would present a crowded field of masterpieces; surely it would be difficult to choose ten best films. Instead it turned out that some of the greatest directors of the era somehow managed to skip this year or turn in lesser films. Still, the Soviet directors were going full-tilt by this time and contribute three of the ten films on this year’s list. The Russians are coming Vsevolod Pudovkin’s Mother was a full-fledged contribution to the new Montage movement in the Soviet Union. Along with Potemkin, Mother was one of the key founding films of the Montage movement. Mother was released on DVD by Image Entertainment in 1999, but it seems to be very rare.

Petit mais grand. Metaphilm - See through cinema. 7ème Art. Film. Cinephilia. Initiation au cinéma. Histoire du cinéma. The Permanent Seminar on Histories of Film Theories. 100 Ideas That Changed Film. By Maria Popova How the seventh art went from magic lanterns to state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery in 100 years.

100 Ideas That Changed Film

Film Speak. Index of motion picture terminology. HOW TO SOUND LIKE A FILM SNOB. Film Studies For Free. Film Studies For Free. Critical Studies in Television - Studies for Small Screen Fiction. 15 Film Production Credits Explained. Ever wonder what all those strange credits are when they roll by at the end of a film? I used to, until I moved to LA, where I started meeting Best Boys and Dolly Grips with their kids when I took my son to the playground—yes, Hollywood, where you meet Gaffers and Armourers at your average Saturday night house party.

So I started asking questions, and here's what I've learned: 1. Boom Operator No, this job has nothing to do with explosives or pyrotechnics. 2. Now this job does deal with explosives, of a sort. 3. Though the gaffer manages the entire electrical department, all the guys who run cables and hang lights, his main responsibility is mounting and positioning lights and lighting rigs. Being Winston Wolfe: 9 Reasons Why 'Pulp Fiction' is the Management Guide Every Indie Filmmaker Needs. Winston Wolfe in "Pulp Fiction. " Remember Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolfe? Of course you do. His appearance in “Pulp Fiction” as the fixer, the cleaner who knew how to take care of Jules’ and Vincent’s boneheaded mistakes, was a model of efficiency under pressure -- a no-nonsense performer who got the job done with style.

S7 LE MONTAGE : ENCHAINER DEUX PLANS. S9 - LE MONTAGE : ORDONNER LE RÉCIT. S8 - LE MONTAGE : ORDONNER LE RÉCIT. The DIY Filmmaker's Toolkit. Filmmaking. François Truffaut. Nolan vs. Nolan. DB here: Paul Thomas Anderson, the Wachowskis, David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, and other directors who made breakthrough films at the end of the 1990s have managed to win either popular or critical success, and sometimes both.

None, though, has had as meteoric a career as Christopher Nolan. His films have earned $3.3 billion at the global box office, and the total is still swelling. Nel labirinto della Mente – “Inception”: l’ingannevole realtà del sogno. Con Nel labirinto della Mente, vi propone una serie di film caratterizzati da trame in cui la psiche umana è protagonista, generando sub-realtà capaci di trarre in inganno sia i protagonisti della vicenda che il pubblico: il nuovo appuntamento è con un dramma camuffato da thriller diretto da un acclamato cineasta contemporaneo.

Nel labirinto della Mente – “Inception”: l’ingannevole realtà del sogno

Le rivelazioni sono dietro l’angolo, per cui, occhio allo spoiler! Art of the Title. Forget the Film, Watch the Titles - Home. Film/script. Screenplay Basics - Scripped - StumbleUpon. A Scripped Compendium by Johnathan Carr Traditional storytelling recounts past events, whereas screenwriting is locked in the present - thus you may not deviate from PRESENT TENSE.

Screenplay Basics - Scripped - StumbleUpon

You may also be tempted to describe every inch of the world you're creating - don't! Take comfort in the idea that a screenplay is not meant to have any literary value. As you're writing, be mindful to preserve only the most important details: information that will advance the story. At the beginning of a feature film script, often but not always, the first line will be: FADE IN. While you can write a longer ACTION paragraph, think about keeping it under five lines at a time.

In the ACTION line, be sure to capitalize SOUND EFFECTS, CAMERA DIRECTION and the first appearance of a speaking CHARACTER. Use a PARENTHETICAL to note an action the speaker is performing while speaking or if you want to indicate whom the speaker is addressing such as addressing a new character in mid-DIALOGUE. Come scrivere una sceneggiatura. Scénarios. FILM : CINEMA. Cinema. Cine. Cinéma.