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Facebook Twitter Marketing & Social Media. Trends, 3.0, content, strategy. The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained. For many people, posting a tweet, hashtagging an Instagram caption, and sending out an invite for a Facebook event on Facebook has become common practice. (In fact, if you're highly experienced, you probably do all three at once.) But with new social media networks and innovative software cropping up almost daily, even seasoned social media users are bound to run into a term or acronym that leaves them thinking, "WTF? " Download our free social media guides here to help you get started with an effective social media strategy. For those head-scratching moments, we've created the ultimate glossary of social media marketing terms. Whether you're still hung up on the difference between a mention and a reply on Twitter or you just want to brush up on your social knowledge, check out the following roundup of social media terms to keep yourself in the know. 3) Algorithm - An algorithm is a set of formulas developed for a computer to perform a certain function.

Marketing & Social Media. YDL | Social Media Marketing. Le retour de la revanche du contenu. Cela fait 15 ans que je travaille dans le domaine du web, et la seule vérité absolue que je connaisse est la suivante : le contenu est roi. Vous pourriez me dire que je fais une fixation sur les contenus, car j’ai déjà abordé ce sujet dans d’autres articles, soit, mais je reste absolument persuadé que les contenus sont la matière première du web (avec les données). Ces derniers temps, avec l’avènement des médias sociaux, certains ont essayé de nous faire croire qu’en faite les communautés sont reines. Mais l’un ne remplace pas l’autre, n’est-ce pas ? Qui se souvient de l’époque de “les auditeurs ont la parole” ?

Pendant une période, certaines radios ne diffusaient même plus de la musique et se contentaient d’enchainer les émissions de discussion avec les auditeurs. Heureusement cette période est vite passée et les contenus (musiques et intervenants professionnels) ont repris leurs droits. Le brand content pour augmenter la valeur d’usage Nouveaux outils et nouveaux supports. Social Media Marketing. Blog Marketing, WebMarketing et E-commerce, Taux de conversion, Business, Management - Matthieu TRAN-VAN. 98 Content Marketing Articles to Make You an Insomniac. What is content marketing? And why will this post make you an insomniac? First off, with this much knowledge – you should be working, not sleeping – the rest is explained below… At this time last year, Search Engine Optimization and social media were two distinct fields, and now, they’ve blended harmoniously.

Once upon a time, SEO was all about gaming an algorithm. Now, the term “link-building” is close to obsolete, and a new and improved concept has taken its place — “content marketing.” What? Content Marketing & Strategy If you want to build quality inbound links and a reputation s a thought leader – start creating amazing content and people will naturally link to you in ways that Google likes and people pay attention to. 1. Venture beyond Facebook and Twitter for a robust content marketing strategy. 2. Getting started as a content marketer? 3. 7 Ways to Generate High Quality Leads with Content Marketing Use content to build high-quality relationships with your prospective customers. 4. 5. 20 Ideas for Social Media Content.

The cry of “Content is King” has been a rallying call for bloggers and on-line publishers for years. Creating and marketing your content is now as easy as typing text and uploading images and videos and then hitting the publishing button. This has been facilitated by the advent of social networks and blogging software that facilitate fast efficient multi-media publishing. The reality is that everyone is now a publisher as social media has provided easy to use tools which has put a personal printing press in everyone’s hand. We are not only creating but sharing this content on desktops, laptops, ipads and smart phones to our Facebook and Twitter streams. The mobility of the smart phones has accelerated this publishing revolution that allows us to share anytime and anywhere as the impulse takes us.

The more engaging the content whether it be video or text the more likely it is to be shared. The “Content” Explosion InformsEducatesSolves problemsEntertains The Thirst for Knowledge 1.Videos 2. 3. 4. Hijacking Emotion Is The Key To Engaging Your Audience. The default to emotion is part of the human condition. To better appreciate the role of emotion and what it allows an audience to do, we need to take a brief detour into evolutionary biology. The human brain can be understood as three separate brains working in tandem, if not completely integrated with each other. The primitive brain and the limbic brain collectively make up the limbic system, which governs emotion. Within the limbic system, there is a structure called the amygdala, which leaders need to understand. When faced with a stimulus, the amygdala turns our emotions on. It does so instantaneously, without our having to think about it.

We find ourselves responding to a threat even before we’re consciously aware of it. The amygdala is the key to understanding an audience’s emotional response, and to connecting with an audience. I have become somewhat notorious in the programs I teach at NYU for the way I start each class. Five Strategies for Audience Engagement.

Tipologie di Contenuti di Valore. Types, Formats and Sources To Create High-Value Content. The Content Facilitator – Quality Content For Your Blog. Content Marketing and Copywriting Articles. Formati WOW - Modelli di Contenuto per Creare Valore Online. 13 Ways To Repurpose Content. I think you would agree that valuable content on your website or that was authored by you and hosted on other sites is critical to your success to drive traffic and ultimately make sales. At the end of the day, it separates a good blog from a great blog! So creating great content is job one for your blog.

Your challenge is generating and delivering content that has value to visitors to your site. Creating great content takes work! So, you know you have to have your content in places all over the net. So, once you published a post, whether it is an article, video or podcast, what can you do to repurpose it into many other pieces of content?

Repurposing your content is key to getting increased exposure and traffic! So, what is repurposing? Ways to repurpose your content! Let’s start with some of the easier ways to repurpose your content and work up from there! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, Repurpose press releases! 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Your takeaway from this post… Your call to action! 3 Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing. Are you looking for powerful tools to manage your social media efforts? How do you keep up with blog post comments, responses to LinkedIn status updates and Twitter interactions? Social relationship management is about managing these relationships. And you need the right tools to help.

In this article, I’ll show you 3 new social media tools to help manage your online relationships and grow your presence on social media platforms. #1: Engagio—Manage All of Your Online Conversations in One Place Engagio is an inbox for conversations on the web. With Engagio, you have the functionality to manage, support and encourage conversations. Features It’s very easy to set up and free to use. Because your conversations happen in many places, you need a tool to support many platforms. Search for conversations that you may want to engage in.The Engagio mobile app (currently in beta) allows you to continue these conversations while on the move. Setup It’s very straightforward to set up your Engagio account.

7 Tenets for Branded Content Creators. Joe Chernov is the vice president of content marketing for Eloqua. He is responsible for creating, distributing, and measuring content that increases awareness and drives demand. Follow him @jchernov. That you're reading this article for free, either online or from a mobile app, and probably found it through a "friend" you've never met, makes the following point: Journalism might not be dead, but it isn't breathing normally. Robert McChesney, author of Will the Last Reporter Please Turn Out The Lights, argues the journalism industry is in a crisis. But a third option is emerging: brand journalism. If you are considering hiring — or becoming — a brand journalist, you need to distinguish the role from PR by adhering to seven basic, journalistic tenets of “traditional” media. 1. An opinion, no matter how emphatically expressed, does not equal a fact. 2.

Quote interview subjects (the more senior, the better). 3. Communicate the ground rules. 4. 5. “Staff” is not a person. 6. 7. How 5 Top Brands Crafted Their Social Media Voices. The Digital Marketing Series is supported by HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA, that makes a full platform of marketing software, including tools for better B2B lead nurturing. Social networks are platforms for personal connection and dialogue, a reality that has proved challenging for many companies that are not used to speaking to their customers in conversational tones.

As companies have established profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, many have had to develop their brand voices anew. Mashable spoke with the figures behind some of the most compelling voices on Twitter. (Since I primarily follow media and fashion brands and their teams, my sample is a bit skewed — forgive me.) Each has taken a different path to identifying and relaying the brand voice on social networks. Here's how they've accomplished it. 1. The rest of Burch's social media efforts are managed by an in-house team of two, says Berardelli. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What Is Content Marketing? 90% of Social Media Has Nothing to Do With Social Media. For many marketers and business owners, regularly producing high-value content is an ongoing challenge. In my experience, some marketers believe that they need to spend a small fortune to create valuable content, and sometimes they do. The challenge then, is how to produce great content on a regular basis without breaking the bank. Too frequently, there is a community manager who is tasked with creating all of a brand’s content, and they spend hours upon hours on their computer, online, and on social media platforms working on scraping together next month’s content calendar.

Despite the sometimes herculean effort that goes into this, it is also a big part of the problem. For most organizations, the best way to create compelling content has nothing to do with computers, the internet or social media. So, what can you do to avoid the peaks and valleys of great content and become a more dependable source of value to your consumers?

Well, it’s pretty simple really. Prove your brand’s promise. 5 punti essenziali per il tuo Content Marketing Zen. The rule of thirds in social media. To the uninitiated, Twitter in some ways, has made a bad name for itself. So much so, that sometimes the first path of resistance to joining it or other social networks is something along the lines of, "All people do is talk about what they had for lunch! Why should I be part of that? " Along the same road, some use social media to post either very literal updates ("I'm driving to work! ") or self-promote with little success. Sharing your own news and showing your human side are important parts of using social media but it's important to strive for balance. This balance is what many call the "rule of thirds," and by putting it into practice, social media can be a far richer, more satisfying experience.

Here's how the basic formula behind the rule works: One third of the time on social media, post about you and/or your brand: Fulfilling this is usually pretty easy, as you know your business better than anyone. Content: A Blessing, A Bubble, A Burden. Advertisement Everyone is talking about content. Googling the phrase “content strategy” retrieves almost 50 million results — a clear indicator that interest in content is very much in the zeitgeist. By the time you read this, I expect that number will have grown even higher. But I also suspect that the substance of the talk would be quite different if content were truly respected. I believe this because the way we talk about content is beginning to sound a lot like the way we talk about money. The Content Bubble The trouble with this is that we don’t really get money, either. Money, however, is not simply a quantitative measure of units — a figure that can be repeatedly plugged into an equation until it produces something positive.

Consider movie tickets: Breaking down a $10 ticket to its cost per minute — roughly 11 cents for a two-hour picture — gets you no closer to a true valuation of the movie than assuming its initial production costs are a relevant indicator. Image source10. 9 tips for a killer content strategy. When was the last time someone you know shared—online or offline—a banner ad, a 30-second radio spot, or a 1-800 number he saw on TV? Can't remember? That's because it never happened—ever. What does that tell you? People don't trade traditional advertising in the social space. While there are exceptions—like Superbowl ads , which are actually entertainment—most people trade content. If you want people to see your content in search and trade it on social media, you need to make sure your digital marketing strategy, whether it has traditional advertising or not, includes a content strategy at its core. It's easy to say you need to have a content strategy. 1.

Your audience is composed of potential customers, knowledge leaders, those who see you as a thought leader and pass your wisdom along (advocates), and to some degree, your detractors. You want to speak to the needs of that entire audience because they all have potential to help you in their own unique ways: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1. 2. Extracting the Content - Relly Annett Baker. As we throw away our canvas in approaches and yearn for a content-out process, there remains a pain point: the Content. It is spoken of in the hushed tones usually reserved for Lord Voldemort. The-thing-that-someone-else-is-responsible-for-that-must-not-be-named. Designers and developers have been burned before by not knowing what the Content is, how long it is, what style it is and when the hell it’s actually going to be delivered, in internet eons past.

Warily, they ask clients for it. The Content in content out. I’m guessing, as a smart, sophisticated, and, may I say, nicely-scented reader of the honourable and venerable tradition of 24 ways, that you sense something better is out there. Have you finished laughing yet? Bringing up Content for the first time with a client is like discussing contraception when you’re in a new relationship. Let’s start by ensuring your clients understand the task ahead. Defining the problem. So, why do I say Content is like the Power Rangers? 21 Types of Content We Crave.