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Content Marketing and Copywriting Articles

Content Marketing and Copywriting Articles

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Resources for Copywriters There are a lot of bad Web design­ers out there. Of course, that’s noth­ing against Web design­ers — there’s also a lot of atro­cious Web copy out there, too. The dif­fer­ence is that every­one thinks they can write well, while most every­one believes they can’t draw. Pocket Blog Breaking news alerts. Medium posts. 42 cat gifs that perfectly describe your life. Everyday, thousands of new stories are published, burying what came before them, and leaving it to you to scroll through the clutter to simply find what is good. Yet everyday, millions of people on Pocket are saving and reading what’s interesting to them – helping us build an impressive library of over 3 billion saves that surfaces a unique and truly human view of what’s good on the web. Having this kind of insight empowers us to create experiences that remove the work and stress of finding something interesting to read or watch, so that you can simply focus on the stories that are worthy of both your time and attention.

Start your own home based business - Being an Agent - Technical Requirements Home Business Equipment LiveOps does not provide any equipment to set up your home business. Independent contractors who support our clients must maintain their own computer, software, telephone and telephone service. Designing a good advert For the purposes of this article, 'advertising' covers all one way communications with the consumer. This include advertising via internet banners, magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, and the multitude of other media available as advertising space. Designing a good advert can mean the difference between success and failure and is worth investing in.

Copywriting is an art, not a science I think copywriters are getting too scientific. In our anxiety to sit at the top management table, we’ve started to talk the language of sales and marketing – targeting, RoI, metrics – and position our words as another cog in the commercial machine. Direct-response copywriting is all about using words precisely to get a specific reaction from the audience, and approaches such as NLP can lead us into a mechanistic view of the writer-audience relationship (I say this, so you’ll do that). Finally, SEO imposes further discipline on us, twisting our words with tags so they’ll please the Googlebots. Of course, this is largely what distinguishes copywriting from other writing – it must fulfil a practical function, not just provide entertainment for the reader or an outlet for the writer. But copywriting is still writing, and what makes it good can’t always be reduced to a formula.

Do You Overuse "Of"? Today's topic is nixing the horrid "of." How to Use the Word "Of" Almost everyone has a few bad writing habits. The 5 Minute Guide To Cheap Startup Advertising The following is a guest post by Rob Walling. Rob Walling has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and is author of the book Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup. He also authors the top 20 startup blog Software By Rob, that's read by tens of thousands of startup entrepreneurs every month and he owns the leading ASP.NET invoicing software on the market in addition to a handful of profitable web properties. Imagine that you've just completed version 1 of your product and you're preparing for launch. You’ve greased the wheels with a few bloggers, targeted some keywords with SEO, created a bit of linkbait, and scheduled the press release to launch in the morning.

10 Scientific Insights That Could Make You A Better Designer In the design world, the term “persuasive design” tends to be met with a mix of intrigue, skepticism, and occasionally repugnance. (Doesn’t persuasion imply that we’re forcing people to do things they typically wouldn’t want to do?) And yes, it’s true that persuasive design, like many tools, can be used for good or for evil. How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog - learn How to Get Sponsors and Advertising for Your Blog I have received this question in my inbox a lot lately, and I have struggled to respond because there is no quick answer to this question –and what works for me may be different then what will work for you. So this post will give you an overview of what has worked for me. When I started my blog on February 22, 2010, not an advertiser in the world would take a chance with me.

The Making Of Likeonomics: An Exclusive "Behind The... Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. 95 Ways to find your first customers for customer development or your first sale You can have the best idea in the world, but until you find someone besides yourself that wants it, it’s not really a business. To find those people, as Paul Graham wrote in a recent essay, you have to “Do Things That Don’t Scale.” The problem is, it is often unclear what those “Things” are. Blog Tips Part Two: The techy behind the scenes stuff - learn Blogging Tips Part Two: The techy behind the scenes mumbo jumbo. Button Up:Give your readers the option to wear your badge proudly–to let others know that they think your blog rocks! Just think of how many fab blogs you have discovered by clicking a button on someone else’s blog. I even suggest having two buttons: one with your blog logo and a featured button. Now the important part–how to GET a button.Option #1: You can design your own button and create your own html in a few fairly simple steps.

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