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Music Software - Computer Music Resources. TuneTranscriber. Jouez avec vos fichiers audio – Les Outils Tice. TuneTranscriber est un outil en ligne qui permet très facilement de jouer avec des fichiers audio.

TuneTranscriber. Jouez avec vos fichiers audio – Les Outils Tice

Un outil qui privilégie la simplicité mais qui peut transformer votre ordinateur en véritable laboratoire de langues ou encore en un répétiteur infatigable pour apprendre la musique. TuneTranscriber propose un lecteur de fichiers audio qui offre entre autres options de ralentir la lecture d’un son ou d’une vidéo. Il permet aussi très simplement de créer des boucles pour répéter un extrait d’un fichier audio. Il offre enfin la possibilité d’installer des marqueurs visuels dans un son pour pouvoir retrouver facilement un passage. Avec toute ces options, TuneTranscriber ne révolutionne pas le genre mais réussit cependant à proposer un service souple et simple qui trouvera de nombreux terrains d’application en classe. Le plus évident intéressera sans doute les enseignants et élèves en langues. Music Production. Garageband. Créer un arrangement avec Garage Band dans le style Blues. GarageBand: a beginner's guide to Live Loops (20 Tips!)

Audiobus &iPad mini Dubstep : Cubasis for iPad + Animoog + LIVE FX. File Choco™ » SPC – Music Sketchpad 2 v2.2.0 APK Download. Guitar FX: software effects processor, guitar distortion pedals, presets. 6 easy ways to connect your guitar to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. 6 easy ways to connect your guitar to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Many of us have iPhones, some of us have iPads, and it can’t have escaped your attention that there are many apps available for iOS devices aimed at guitarists.

6 easy ways to connect your guitar to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

From the simplest tuner, to tab and tutorial apps, through amp simulations and multitrack recording suites, there’s plenty for players at all levels – and often at real pocket money prices. To take advantage of some of these, though, you need to plug in a guitar, and there are several devices on the market that let you do just that. Of course, you could always grab a Squier USB Strat from the Apple Store and do without an interface, but that's not the only option. What’s often needed is a piece of hardware that will take the signal from a standard guitar jack lead and get that signal into the iOS device. AUDIO GUMBO. - Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chords, loops. Visual sound application. Audioboo.

Create Digital Music. Color Piano—Learn to play songs on the piano! The Sonification Handbook. Online Audio Editor. TwistedWave is a browser-based audio editor.

Online Audio Editor

You only need a web browser to access it, and you can use it to record or edit any audio file. All the audio is stored and processed on the server, so you don't need to download anything, or save your work when you are done. Close your browser window and your work is saved. Open TwistedWave somewhere else, and all your audio files, with the complete undo history, are still available. With a free account, you can edit mono files up to 5 minutes in length. Take an MP3 File and Delete the Words to Create Karaoke. Edit Article Remove Vocals YourselfFind Instrumental Versions Edited by Fadil Khan, Zack, Caligari_87, Jen and 46 others Do you need music for your Karaoke party, or just want to sing along to your favorite song without those pesky singers getting in your way?

Take an MP3 File and Delete the Words to Create Karaoke

We'll show you a couple ways to find or make background tracks to minimize or eliminate the vocals. Ad Steps. How-To: Easily Remove the Vocals from Most Songs. 2015 Shortcut: When I wrote this article Audacity didn’t have an automatic center-panned vocal canceling effect… but now it does, so rather than do the stereo-separate / invert-one-track / play-both-as-mono trick (and that’s pretty much all there is to it), you should be able to find the Vocal Remover option in the Effects menu – but it’s more fun / interesting and can give better results if you do it yourself!

How-To: Easily Remove the Vocals from Most Songs

=D I found this trick the other day whilst stumbling the Interwebs and thought I’d do a quick-write up w/ pictures to make it as easy as possible… For this exercise we’re going to be using a piece of free audio software called Audacity, which you can get for Linux, Windows and Mac. Update: If you’re trying this out on a Mac, please make sure you get Audacity 1.3 Beta or newer – the stable 1.2 version appears to have a missing equaliser decibal-range slider which you need towards the end of the process! 1.) Mp3 cutter online - split songs free. Audio. Testing1212, the glossary of terms for sound and audio engineers. Audio production. Audacity Manual. 14 Best Free Audio Editing Apps. Electronic Music Production.

iSequence. Music in motion iSequence is one of the most powerful music creation studio designed exclusively for iPad.


Thanks to intuitive 8-track sequencer, tons of instruments and flexible mixer with DSP effects you can easily program and record profesional loops, beats and melodies. Now you control every aspect of your music project. The iPad edition has been rewritten and redefined to take advantage of a bigger screen and better performance. The workflow is extremely fluid, you record tracks and controls movement in real-time, edit them using step sequencer and automation editor, switch between instruments, tracks and views without stopping playback. Features [specification] Outils en ligne pour créer ou mixer de la musique.

Looplabs. Free online music mixing software. Welcome to ccMixter. Music Applications. MuseScore. Free Digital DJ Software - Flock. Tutorials - Studio One. Get tactile control.

Tutorials - Studio One

The StudioLive CS18AI is the first surface designed by PreSonus to control Studio One. Connected with a single Ethernet cable, you get 18 touch-sensitive moving faders, dedicated Fat Channel controls, markers, transport, scribble strips, filter DCA mix layers, and more. The CS18AI is also a 4 x 2 interface, providing additional I/O. Mao. Online musical toys. Beatlab - make music together. METRONOME ONLINE - free! ToneWheels.

Beatronome. Research Songsmith. What is Songsmith?

Research Songsmith

Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. WD-1 DJ-TRAINER. Music. Online Guitar Tuner. Pro Guitar Tuner.

METRONOME ONLINE - free! Tuto cubase 5 francais. Cubase 5 - Arranger Track.