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Rosenberg-Raising Bilingual Children (I-TESL-J) Rosenberg-Raising Bilingual Children (I-TESL-J) The Internet TESL Journal Marsha RosenbergReprinted from: The Ambassador, The American School in Japan Alumni & Community MagazineSpring 1996 The idea of raising bilingual children is both appealing and possible for more and more families these days, and growing up with more than one language certainly has its advantages in today's global village. Yet bilingualism really isn't something that simply happens.
In fact, even acquiring basic level skills in one or several foreign languages is bound to have a sizable beneficial impact on one’s career and life in general. A great way to begin to learn a foreign language is through online games. Kids and adults alike love learning foreign words and phrases using fun matching games. Long before French scholar Champollion deciphered the three Rosetta Stone languages nearly 100 years ago, the advantages of learning a foreign language were clear. Indeed, foreign language learning statistics show that those who speak more than one language often have greater success in their careers. Foreign language education is therefore an important topic to tackle. Foreign Language and ESL Games Foreign Language and ESL Games