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Workflow - Integrated editor, importing assets and scripting. Prepárese para comenzar desde el momento en que se abre el Editor de Unity.

Workflow - Integrated editor, importing assets and scripting

Los flujos de trabajo intuitivos y minimalistas de Unity apuntalan un poderoso conjunto de herramientas para mantener el desarrollo de su juego moviéndose siempre con rapidez. Importe de manera instantánea cualquier activo con el pipeline de activos más completo del mercado. Cree mundos complejos con bloques de construcción de escenas rápidamente escalables de Unity. Sumérjase en la creación de scripts con lenguajes estándares de la industria y tiempos de compilación súper rápidos. Mantenga una ventaja vital, experimental en trabajo con pruebas simultáneas del juego y edición de todo en una vista integrada, pero nunca pierda de vista su juego terminado. En el camino: ahorre tiempo, encuentre activos ya preparados, salga del atasco, busque ayuda e inspírese con un solo clic de acceso a Foros de Unity, Respuestas de Unity y la Tienda de Activos.

4/0 barvno(enostranski tisk) - - the printing people. Golden Ratio. The Idea Behind It Have a try yourself (use the slider): Beauty This rectangle has been made using the Golden Ratio, Looks like a typical frame for a painting, doesn't it?

Golden Ratio

Some artists and architects believe the Golden Ratio makes the most pleasing and beautiful shape. Do you think it is the "most pleasing rectangle"? Maybe you do or don't, that is up to you! Many buildings and artworks have the Golden Ratio in them, such as the Parthenon in Greece, but it is not really known if it was designed that way. The Actual Value The Golden Ratio is equal to: 1.61803398874989484820... The digits just keep on going, with no pattern.

Interesting things to make out of paper. Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. This infographic examines the psychology of color and looks at some common associations of different colors. It shows the overall importance of color to consumers and characteristics of many individual colors, and it also helps show the connection between graphic design and psychology. - the printing people [ALL WE DO IS PRINT] - StumbleUpon. Dribbble - Show and tell for designers. Earn money using Graphicriver  Earning money online is not to easy as many newbie thinks, So let me clear you one thing.

Earn money using Graphicriver 

There is not shortcut way to earn lots of money overnight as many spammer promised. And yes once you jumped into the world of earning then Ohh my god. Your bank account will get lots of amount. Hmmmm ok now start learning tips on :Earning money using Graphicriver. Designer thinks that How they can earn from their designs. Ok now what is Graphicriver? is a market place where you can sell or buy designs like Logo’s, Business cards, Brochures, Objects graphics, Illustration and many more Blah Blah! PSD - Download PSD And Free PhotoShop Tools. Download 11 Light Subtle Patterns (.PAT) Download 11 Light Subtle Patterns (.PAT) Download PSD Files and Tools for Free on  As a Designer, we always need PSD files and tools for our designing work.

Download PSD Files and Tools for Free on 

PSD files are great, if you have lots of works. And when they are absolutely free, so why not to use them? Yes, it is up to you, but believe me, it can save your lots of time and you can focus on other works. Tools are available to increase the productivity of Photoshop. You don’t want to stick with old fonts, Custom shapes, Action files, patterns etc. Download PSD - Download Free PSD. Avenue 3 Manual. Retro Free Fonts. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use. Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword.

100 Websites You Should Know and Use

Among them: “hlizifikh,” a wild but powerful strike; “hrakkarikh,”a quick and accurate strike; and “gezrikh,” a fake-out or decoy strike. But you won’t find these words in George R. R. Culture My Year of TED: How 54 talks changed a life.


Tutorialzzz. Fotopearls. (c) Magnum Photos picture on VisualizeUs. Ux. Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook (9780123819598): Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt, Bill Buxton. Plot Scenario Generator. Logo Design, Web Design and More. Design Done Differently. Typographer's Glossary. Serif: Serif's are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols.

Typographer's Glossary

A typeface that has serifs is called a serif typeface (or seriffed typeface). Some of the main classifications of Serif type are: Blackletter, Venetian, Garalde, Modern, Slab Serif, Transitional, and Informal. Fonts in each classfication share certain similiar characteristics including the shape or appearance of their serifs. Serif fonts are widely used in traditional printed material such as books and newspapers. Show all Serif Didone is a typeface classification characterized by slab-like serifs without brackets; vertical orientation of weight axes. 20 Creative Resume Designs Which Will Amaze Any Potential Employer.

A great showcase design post of some truly creative and inspiration CV designs which im sure would blow away any potential employer.

20 Creative Resume Designs Which Will Amaze Any Potential Employer

The post focus on creative designs which make use of creative layout and designs which focus on colour. We would love for you to share within the comments your favourite designs from the post. Creating Interactive InDesign Graphics Galleries. CMYK Selected Color Codes. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. CMYK color chart.