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Ipads in education

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Learning and Teaching with iPads. Bloom's Apps - 21nnovate. Mathematics with an iPad. Math Apps. iPod Touch & iPad Resources. 100 iPad Apps Perfect For Middle School. iPaddiction. iPad Academy - Learn How to Use the iPad. Apps in Education. iPad. 15 Presentation Apps for the iPad. As teachers one of the most important aspects of our day is the way that we present information.

15 Presentation Apps for the iPad

It does not really matter what our pedagogical philosophy is, at one point or another during the day we all need to present. If we are going to use the iPad in our classroom shouldn't we be modelling to our students the appropriate apps or presentation tools. We have earmarked 15 Presentation Apps for the iPad that coupled with a VGA adaptor will allow you to present with ease and elegance. Whether in the classroom, the network meeting or even the Boardroom.

No.1 Keynote: Keynote for iPad is almost as powerful as the Mac desktop application. No. 2 OmnigraphSketcher: OmniGraphSketcher for iPad allows you to quickly create high-quality charts and graphs without the need for complicated data plotting software. No.3 2Screens: 2Screens is a fully featured application for document manager, web browser, file viewer and whiteboard with VGA-output to outside projector or LCD monitor. No.4 Office2: A Pearltree of Free Technology for Teachers. Screencasting Apps for the iPad. Ipad implementation ideas. Edu-iPad. 47 Interesting Ways* to use an iPad in the Classroom. Teach with your ipad. Apps for Teachers / Special Needs. Best iPad Apps for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. I am the mom of a beautiful and amazing son who just happens to have a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism.

Best iPad Apps for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

A few months ago I read an article on Blogher called ”The iPad a Near-Miracle for my son.” It immediately caught my attention not only because of Shannon’s beautiful writing and story, but because I am always looking for opportunities to help our son succeed. I am blessed to have a small career here as a product reviewer, so I bravely contacted a lovely Apple PR person about my story. Apple was able to generously loan me an iPad for Nolan and I to try. I am so excited that Apple is noticing us and is interested in what we say about Autism.

This is a list of the iPad apps that Nolan really enjoyed and that I believe will help him to develop and encourage the skills that he needs to work on. We made a video demonstrating just a few apps that we enjoy. IEP Checklist-Free Hidden Curriculum Kids- Free Autism News Feed- $1.99 iReward Chart- $2.99 Nolan loves this. Social Skills. Special Education Apps. The video is simple, but powerful.

Special Education Apps

In just four minutes it shows how Dennis Lamme Jr., a first-grade special education student in Pittsburgh, uses the iPad to learn letters and numbers. His mother says the tablet keeps him from being frustrated; his teacher verifies the tool allows him to stay on task for long stretches of time. Although this scenario is far from typical, it is gaining popularity across the country as more schools and parents are learning how to harness the power of tablets for special education students.

Accessibility Apps iComm Free A picture and voice communication aid that can be customized with your own photos. Best Apps for Teachers. 5 Apps for Creating Interactive Books and ePubs on your iPad. iPad Apps for Kids with LD « Smart Kids With LD. Preposition Builder. Preposition Builder, by Mobile Education Store, is another feather in Kyle Tomson’s hat!

Preposition Builder

This dedicated dad has been developing solid speech & language apps for quite some time and Preposition Builder moved him into the mainstream. This app is a wonderful learning tool for all kids at some point in their development. We found this app especially helpful with ESL students, of all ages. Educreations: DIY Whiteboard Video Tutorials on the iPad. The new app from Educreations is available in the Apple App Store today (iTunes link).

Educreations: DIY Whiteboard Video Tutorials on the iPad

The app is designed to make it easy to create, narrate, and record whiteboard video tutorials on the iPad and to share them with others. A Web version of the startup's whiteboard app has been available for some time now, but it's the native app for an iPad that makes this sort of tool make sense -- it's so much easier to write on a whiteboard with the finger than it is with a mouse, if nothing else. Educreations is hardly the only app like this available for the iPad (I covered the very similar app ShowMe over on MindShift this summer, for example).

But while Educreations' iPad app might be late to the whiteboard app market, its entry is a solid one. Educreations hosts the video creations themselves on (helpful for schools that block YouTube), and teachers using the site can opt to share videos privately with a set group of students or share them publicly so anyone can see them.

Apps for Literacy Support. The iPad as RTI Intervention Toolkit. While waiting for the iPad to arrive in my reading intervention classroom, I’ve had a lot of time to think and plan how I will use the device.

The iPad as RTI Intervention Toolkit

Ground Rules I don’t want hundreds of apps. I’m looking for a few favorites. I don’t want more drill and kill. The reading intervention programs I teach do their fair share of drilling and killing (to great success) so I don’t need more of the same. I want the iPad to help me run my intervention program like a gifted enrichment program, providing the spark that interests students in learning and helps them apply skills that they should not be learning in isolation.

My Favorites and How I Will Use Them Dragon Dictation. Reading & Writing Apps. Ipads in the Classroom. iPads in the Classroom. Teachwithyouripad.wikispaces. IPADs and IPODs in the Classroom. Teaching with iPad Tools.