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Tangible Media Group. Brandon Clifford & Wes McGee. Composites and Architecture: The source for inspiring examples of composite materials in architecture. » 九十四種3D列印卡榫任你下載!還在等什麼? 在不少壯大的東方建築中,我們可以看到許多錯綜複雜的卡榫結構,這些結構支撐起的可能是一座皇宮、廟宇、城堡等輝煌的建築,也有簡單一般家庭、傢俱或工藝品等應用。

» 九十四種3D列印卡榫任你下載!還在等什麼?

在Thingiverse上由日本設計師Kenji Kanasaki,製作整合了多達94種的3D列印卡榫,免費的的提供大家下載研究使用,這套Japanese Wood Joint在Thingiverse已經被下載了一萬多次,看來真的很受大家喜愛,對於卡榫應用有研究的的朋友,絕對不要錯過這套下載。 這讓小編想起之前,也有個越南工程師也將多達1700種機械機構與大家分享,小編在此對兩位神人至上最高敬意! 全部印完可真不得了。 Thingiverse上已經被下載一萬多次了。 (點我連結) 博也田中實驗室 – 慶應大學 ▲所有影音圖像內容版權歸該單位所有。 PACKAGING & DIELINES: The Designer's Book of Packaging Dielines by Design Packaging Inc. Animal Parade. Polygraph. Gallery: Using design to build a community. Architect Diébédo Francis Kéré (TED Talk: How to build with clay … and community) designs with both people and sustainability in mind.

Gallery: Using design to build a community

Raised in Burkina Faso, though he’s now based in Berlin, Kéré is always keen to include community-oriented spaces that invite people to sit down and engage in thoughtful conversation. The central nature of community is a concept he has borrowed from Burkinabe tradition, and it’s one that plays a fundamental role in his design thinking. His architecture is pragmatic yet quietly playful, driven by a desire to make the most of (sometimes minimal) local resources.

So what does he think makes a great community space? One where there’s something for everyone to do what they like, whether that’s sit down, lie back or just be. A school for the people, by the people. 507 Mechanical Movements. Prusa i3 Improved for laser cut by twelvepro. We found latest Prusa i3 printer design, the one Josef Prusa showed at Makerfaire this year in New York, for its elegant simplicity, but hinge like connection between Y axis assembly and frame needed improvement, in our opinion.

Prusa i3 Improved for laser cut by twelvepro

Using CAD software we reworked Prusa i3 design: Laser cut frame was stiffen by adding two angle members connected to the rear side of Y axis assembly. Original, printed Z Axis mounting parts proven to be easy to break, which is why we replaced them with stronger laser cut parts. Ball-Nogues Studio. From the Museum of Modern Art Press Release: The Museum of Modern Art and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center present an installation in P.S.1's outdoor courtyard by Los Angeles-based firm Ball-Nogues, led by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues, winner of the eighth annual MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects Program.

Ball-Nogues Studio

The competition invites emerging architects to propose an installation for the courtyard of P.S.1 in Long Island City, Queens. The objective of the Young Architects Program is to identify and provide an outlet for emerging young talent in architecture, an ongoing mission of both MoMA and P.S.1. Lifeobject. LifeObject is a material exploration of the relationships between the artificial and the natural in the future built environment.


Its starting point is nature’s iconic model of a home - the bird’s nest; an assembly of weak and light found materials with no additional joints or glue, out of which emerges a free-form complex structure that is extremely light, robust and highly resilient. Through an experimental process of scientific analysis, coding, material research and design, LifeObject transposes the resilient properties of a bird’s nest into an architectural form. From this material system, a new matter-structure emerges - a volumetric porous material that is lighter than feathers, a free-form structure that is stable yet flexible. 1400 rods, ranging from 1 cm to 5 cm in diameter, covering approx. 27.13 cubic meters.

Adaptive Folding Structure – Thomas Diewald. Adaptive Soft Structure. Techtextil the 12th Student Competition “Textile Structures for New Building 2013”/ 2nd Prize in the Macro Architecture Category Design for an adaptive soft facade system took as its inspiration the nodes of grass stems.

Adaptive Soft Structure

These were taken as the starting point to explore how variations in geometry might be achieved through small variations in pressure in single or multiple inflated chambers attached to initially planar elastic surfaces stiffened by flexible splines. Through design and experiment it was shown how, depending on the number and position of pneumatic cells, both anticlastic and synclastic configurations might be obtained. With a mounting system and additional infilling of flexible tensioned membranes, a prototype adaptable façade was designed and investigated with digital and physical models. Whiteout - OLIVIERSOLENTE. Architecture | UTS | Master IV - Giving form to formlessness STRUCTURE AND ENVELOPE [“Whiteout” is primarily constructed from two materials carbon and Tyvek.


The combination of an advanced structural material with a common building wrap creates new opportunities for a “soft structure.” Structural systems are traditionally designed to be “hard” enough to counteract dynamic weather forces. The entire structure and shifts with the wind- not only the structural fabric Tyvek.] WEATHER [Weather is an ever present natural force in constant movement. Elytra Filament Pavilion. Photographs by NAARO Photographs by Victoria and Albert Museum ELYTRA FILAMENT PAVILION Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2016 The Elytra Filament Pavilion celebrates a truly integrative approach to design and engineering.

Elytra Filament Pavilion

As a centrepiece of the V&A’s Engineering Season it demonstrates how architectural design can unfold from a synergy of structural engineering, environmental engineering and production engineering, resulting in unique spatial and aesthetic qualities. Ctrl+M. GAUD++ — G.TylerO. Architecture Archives - Designplaygrounds. Posts Tagged ‘Architecture’ Continuing with our objective of teaching with a strong focus on how to use advanced computational design tools in practice we bring you our new course of Modularization & Rationalization with Grasshopper given by Jamie Sol.

Architecture Archives - Designplaygrounds

At ThinkParametric we want to provide the best education taught by industry professionals who besides teaching the technical aspects of a software also share their insights of years of experience contributing to the built environment. Revit has been a highly anticipated course and we understand the importance of it in the current ecosystem of architectural […] In this 3D Modeling with Rhino course, we’re going to recreate the famous villa Savoye from Le Corbusier. El seminario será impartido por Chris Mackey,Arquitecto del MIT programador de Grasshopper Ladybug+Honeybee. Some helpful tips and pitfalls you want to avoid when taking the plunge into parametric modeling using Rhino and Grasshopper.

Heatherwick bleigiessen.7. Wood Chip Barn.