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Hashtags. How To Integrate Live Tweets Into Your Presentations. I’ve seen plenty of presentations that try to incorporate social media, polling, and other interactive tools. It’s all an effort to engage the audience and keep the conversation going. But usually these presentations don’t do it right. They say ‘mention my presentation with the XYZ hashtag’ or ‘like us on Facebook to see back-channel conversations’ and whatnot. But all of that is passive participation. 5 Ways to Bring Social Networking to Online Video Events on Onlinevideo. “Video without social is like peanut butter without jelly,” said Jason Thibeault, senior director of marketing strategy for Limelight Networks .

“It shouldn’t happen.” Thibeault was speaking on Digital Dudes , a one-hour video webinar on December 13, hosted by NeuLion , which provides content delivery and related services for online events. The purpose of the webinar was to show new and experienced online broadcasters how they can bring the power of social networking to their online events in order to engage and entertain their viewers. If you’re looking to make your online events more exciting, take this advice from the Digital Dudes: 1. Here's How To Download All Your Tweets Ever. Well think of twitter as a digital journal or diary.... kind of interesting to see and read about what you were doing or how you felt or your mind set from years back.

Here's How To Download All Your Tweets Ever

Not for everyone, but i can see the appeal. Flagged Sure, but why would anyone need to download their tweets to go back and read through the old ones? I've been wondering the same thing ever since I heard this was in the works. The only conceivable reason I can think of is that someone is paranoid enough to think that twitter is going to suddenly close up shop and take all their historical tweets with it, or under the impression that the data is somehow better preserved on their consumer grade hard drive than whatever redundant, backed up, enterprise class servers twitter is probably using. Same reason why some people wanted to download their entire LiveJournal text and print it — so they can look back and see how awesome/lame/drunk they were.

How To Turn Your Twitter Feed Into An Infographic. Your Twitter stream is an endless flow of information, insight, and ideas. But you’ve gotta sleep sometime. How to Embed a Tweet on Your WordPress Post. 26th Dec 2012 | Posted by Eko S. | No Comments When you think of Twitter integrated with your WordPress site, you probably think of your Twitter feed as a widget on the side of your page.

How to Embed a Tweet on Your WordPress Post

But do you know that you can now, quickly and easily, reference a particular tweet, by embedding it in your blog post? In the past, you may have tried doing this by ‘print-screening’ the tweet and adding it as an image in the post. No doubt you’ve dissed the powers that be, for making this an overly long and difficult process, especially since critical functionality like retweeting isn’t possible from an image on a page. Well, that has changed, (WordPress version 3.4 onwards), and you can now embed tweets directly on your WordPress blog post. How to Cite Twitter Tweets in your Academic Paper - APA and MLA Style. This illustration shows how researchers and students should cite tweets in academic work using the APA and the MLA styles.

How to Cite Twitter Tweets in your Academic Paper - APA and MLA Style

When Twitter launched in early 2006, it was meant to be place where people would share “what they were doing” in 140 characters or less. That quickly changed and Twitter transformed into a communication channel where people would go to discover breaking news, companies would offer customer support or share product roadmaps, celebrities connected with fans and political activists living under oppressive regimes used Twitter to reach a global audience. No wonder these tweets, though still limited to 140 characters, regularly inspire news stories in traditional media, researchers cite tweets in their academic papers and authors have written complete books using curated tweets – see Tweets from Tahrir and The World According to Twitter. Watch Out CNN: New Twitter Search Capabilities Will Rule Breaking News.

Twitter uutislähteenä - Blog - JSN. Timo Huovinen Paljon odotettu uutinen pamahti ulos 7. marraskuuta 2012 klo 01.16 paikallista aikaa: "Four more years".

Twitter uutislähteenä - Blog - JSN

Barack Obama ilmoitti voittaneensa Yhdysvaltain presidentinvaalit. 3 Tools to Turn your Tweets into A Newspaper. Creating e-magazines and newspaper is no longer a job of only high tech guys but anyone with the rudimentary knowledge of internet surfing can now set up and run his/her own e-magazine in a matter of minutes.

3 Tools to Turn your Tweets into A Newspaper

You want a proof ? Check out these tools we have previously posted for teachers and that let them create newspapers for their students. 25 Ways To Use Twitter To Improve Your Professional Development. Although LinkedIn gets a lot of love as a professional social media site, Twitter is a force that can’t be ignored by up-and-coming young professionals. It’s a great place to get connected and informed, and an especially good resource for growing professionally. But how exactly can you use Twitter for professional development? Check out our list to find 25 different ways. Keep your Twitter profile employer-focused : Maximize the space that you have in your profile to share a professional description of yourself.

Hobbies show personality, but accomplishments and professional interests might help you land a job. 4 Ways To Use Twitter To Find A Job. Dan Finnigan loves Twitter.

4 Ways To Use Twitter To Find A Job

As the CEO of Jobvite, a six-year-old company in Burlingame, Calif., he sells software that enables companies to identify and source job candidates through their employees’ social networks. Jobvite works through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, so those social media sites are essential to Finnigan’s business. But he also strongly believes that Twitter is gaining on LinkedIn as a great tool for finding employment. Part of his conviction stems from a yearly survey Jobvite does that polls Americans about how they use social networks in their job searches.

4 Reasons That I'm Your Tweep. When colleagues, who know I am on Twitter, ask about it the first question is always “why?”. After expounding on the benefits that a PLN brings the next question is inevitably “who?”. The people I follow is been a rather short list – one that has changed since I began this process. 50 Education Leaders Worth Following On Twitter. How do you discover the education news and research that matters to you? Probably by curating a list of the top thought leaders, local people you want to keep track of, and a smattering of other helpful folks. But it’s not always easy to find the thought leaders from around the world you should be following. Whether you agree with what they’re saying, tweeting, or believing … their opinion matters to many. So rather than shutting out a particular point of view, consider adding some of these 50 education thought leaders curated by Online College to your stream to keep it lively and interesting!

Administrators and Researchers Thomas Jefferson Middle School principal and Arlington County Principal Of the Year: Sharon Monde John Robinson Principal John Robinson loves discussing both policies impacting public schools and education technology from an administrative perspective. Education Technology. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 60+ Great Educational Technology Tweeters to Follow. When I first published A List of 14 Educational Technology Tweeters to Follow, I got several emails asking me to include other names.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 60+ Great Educational Technology Tweeters to Follow

I was not able to curate another list at that time because of my busy time schedule and also because the topics of posts I share here are pre- planned two days in advance , I find this way very practical in organizing my blogging and also time efficient. This being said, I am also open to your suggestions and please keep on your collaboration because together we can make this learning community more successful than what it is already now. Why Restrict Who You Follow? The iPad and Twitter Revisited. It’s a question that I have pondered over recent weeks.

Why Restrict Who You Follow? The iPad and Twitter Revisited

There is a growing trend for people to ‘cull’ the amount of people they follow on twitter. Why do they do it? Context is required here. During my early twitter use, I was the first person to become frustrated by a timeline filled too quickly. The need to see every tweet, in case it was the most important thing in the world, led to me unfollowing anyone who tweeted more than once every couple of hours!

Tisdag är den nya kärleksdagen. Världsledare överens om att trappa ner krisen i Ukraina Utrikespolitiska ledare från USA, EU, Ryssland och Ukraina har kommit överens om att avväpna styrkorna i Ukraina och utrymma ockuperade hus.

Tisdag är den nya kärleksdagen

Enligt USA:s utrikesminister John Kerry och Rysslands Sergej Lavrov måste läget i Ukraina lugnas ner. Publicerad . Uppdaterad . Beware of Twitter Direct Message (DM) Spam and Scams. Have you ever received a "Direct Message" in Twitter with a link in it?

Beware of Twitter Direct Message (DM) Spam and Scams

Stop and think twice. You might not want to be clicking on it. The link might be a spam. Or worst, it may be a phishing scam. This is not new. Sivusto kalastelee Twitter-tunnuksia – tarvittaessa vaihda salasana. The 46 stages of Twitter. I got a big kick out of this, very funny and true. **—->>>>Register to the right for future posts!! The 46 stages of Twitter* 1. Hear the word Twitter. Scoff. 2. Should You Use Twitter? This Flowchart Has The Answer. 5 Sure-Fire Signs Twitter Has Jumped The Shark. Celebrating #Twitter7. Miljardien twiittien arkiston haku ei toimi. Miljardeihin twiitteihin ei päästä käsiksi – hakuteknologia laahaa perässä. What If You Printed Out Twitter? Twitter is a nonstop stream of information. It’s mostly useful, fun, and interesting. But the key reason that it’s so popular is the fact that all this interesting information is coming without stopping. There’s no break. Twitter, fini à la va-vite ?

Tout d’abord, le but de cet article n’est pas de vous apprendre quelque chose. Peut être que vous le partagerez si vous êtes d’accord avec ce que je vais vous dire, mais il n’y a rien de transcendant, rien de nouveau, rien qui ne justifie une poussée d’adrénaline soudaine dans votre comportement pendant les prochaines quatre minutes (temps moyen passé sur ce site, ce chiffre n’est pas donné au hasard !


Real-time local Twitter trends - Trendsmap. The one million tweet map #onemilliontweetmap. Tweet ping. Suomi-Twitter - The real-time counter. Active tweeps/week Active tweeps have tweeted at least once in a week. Daily average is the average amount of daily active tweeps in that week. Some weekdays are more active than others, but this average gives the general direction of the daily engagement. Finnish tweets/minin the last hour Finnish tweets/hin the last 7 days Top #hashtagsin the last 7 days Top #30 Finnish #FFsin the last 7 days.

Suomalainen Twitter on pilkottu palasiksi - tarkkoja lukuja julki ensimmäistä kertaa. Asiantuntija: Twitter mullisti sosiaalisen median - Twitter - Kotimaa. Finnish twittercensus 2013, statistics for Twitter in Finland. SuomiTwitter. Kun Suomi-Twitter putos puusta. Where does Finns tweet « Finnish Twitter Census. The Journey Of A Tweet: How Twitter Touches Everything. The 8 Most Popular Things You're Sharing On Twitter. Topsy - Instant social insight. Know your Twitter followers. How long have you been tweeting? Find out the age of your Twitter account.

Vine Just Made Twitter A Stronger Social Network. Näin käytät Twitteriä ja Vine-sovellusta UPDATE 26022013. Twitter Itself Will Soon Decide the Value of Your Tweets. Twitter-Finlandia jaettu - tässä on vuoden paras twiitti! Twitternovellit — Nyt. Urkki olisi Twitterin itsevaltias. The Top Tweets Of 2012. Suomen kokoinen keskustelukerho. Suomen Twitter on matkalla massamediaksi - Twitter - Kuukausiliite.