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San Francisco

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Marin County Free Library California Room Collections. Martine à SF - septembre 2009. Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary. Climat San Francisco. SFO_at_night.jpg (Image JPEG, 2048x1365 pixels) - Redimensionnée (61. Sausalito Cam - Live Sausalito Webcam. Sausalito Cam - live webcam Sausalito Yacht Club cam Kunst Brothers Painting Marin Best Price * Best Service * Best Quality For the past 20 years Consistently Best in Marin. San_Francisco_in_ruin_edit2.jpg (Image JPEG, 7000x2748 pixels) - Redimensionnée (18. San Francisco: The Miniature City. Mind-Blowing Slingshot Animations around San Francisco [video] GIF animated images haven’t been ever as good as these slingshot animations of San Francisco.

These animated images are part of a music video recently directed by Kevin Parry and shot by Andrea Nesbitt for singer Kalle Matson. The slingshot and orbit effects are achieved through some simple visual techniques and minimal number of frames. The following images are heavy animated GIF images that might take a few seconds to load properly, but are definitely worth it The creators described the process in an email sent to Colossal, as follow: The zooms are done by setting up a camera at each end location and filming the camera zooming in and out. Now watch the resulting music video: impressive work by Parry and his team for pulling this off and kudos to Kalle Mattson for landing such a fresh and exotic music video.

[Via Colossal] The City of San Francisco - VR Panoramas. Don Bain's 360° Panoramas of The City of San Francisco California The City by the Golden Gate, Bagdad by the Bay, the cool gray city of love - just don't call it Frisco. Year after year San Francisco is voted the most popular America vacation destination city. Hotel Mark Hopkins, California - Fullscreen VR Panorama. Photos/Pictures of The Golden Gate Bridge at Dawn/Dusk. Macondray Lane, la littéraire. 10/11 ~ San Francisco (maisons victoriennes, cable car, Lombard street, Golden Gate Bridge,...) - Denis FABER - Picasa Albums Web. Portail:Californie. La Californie (« California » en anglais), de l'espagnol caliente fornalia pour « chaud fourneau », est un État des États-Unis, situé sur la côte ouest, en bordure de l'océan Pacifique. Au XVIe siècle, une légende se fit jour en Europe selon laquelle la Californie n'aurait pas été une partie de l'Amérique du Nord mais une grande île — « l' Île de Californie » — séparée du continent par la Mare Californica.

La première mention connue de cette légende se trouve dans un roman de la fin du XVe siècle, Las Sergas de Esplandián (1496) de Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo (dont la plus ancienne édition connue date de 1510 à Séville). Il s'agit d'une des plus fameuses « erreurs cartographiques » de l'Histoire, propagée sur de nombreuses cartes pendant deux siècles en dépit des preuves rapportées par des explorateurs plus tardifs. La Californie a pour capitale politique Sacramento et son surnom est "Golden State" (l'état doré), à cause de la couleur or de l'herbe dans les campagnes.

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"Thanks to Berkeley..." [UC Berkeley] The Campanile Movie. Credits The Campanile Movie was created by Paul Debevec, George Borshukov, Yizhou Yu, Jason Luros, Vivian Jiang, Chris Wright, Sami Khoury, Charles Benton, Tim Hawkins, and Charles Ying, with many thanks to Jeff Davis, Susan Marquez, Al Vera, Peter Bosselman, Camillo Taylor, Eric Paulos, Jitendra Malik, Michael Naimark, Dorrice Pyle, Russell Bayba, Lindsay Krisel, Oliver Crow, and Peter Pletcher, as well as Charlie and Thomas Benton, Linda Branagan, John Canny, Magdalene Crowley, Brett Evans, Eva Marie Finney, Lisa Sardegna, and Ellen Perry. The research behind the Campanile Movie was realized by Paul Debevec, Camillo J. Hunga Dunga: la maison des gens heureux. La maison bleue. Best Restaurants in San Francisco, CA. At the mention of San Francisco, many immediately conjure up images of its famed Golden Gate Bridge.

Best Restaurants in San Francisco, CA

Traversing the narrow entrance from the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco Bay, the bridge’s Art Deco styling and brilliant orange tone stand out against the deep blue waters. Each year more than 10 million people visit the Golden Gate Bridge, which has become one of the most photographed attractions in the San Francisco area. Three miles to the east is Alcatraz Island, infamous as a federal penitentiary from 1934 until 1963. Nicknamed “the Rock,” this tiny island boasts an enormous history. San Francisco - Eat and Drink.