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Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Middle and High School Curriculum – Middle/High School Curriculum – AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School. In middle school, students are exposed to programs designed to enrich their core subject classroom education, which will ultimately prepare them for a successful transition into high school.

Middle and High School Curriculum – Middle/High School Curriculum – AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School

Ample opportunities are provided to enhance their experience including extra-curricular clubs and a variety of electives such as robotics, public speaking, Spanish, visual and performing arts and competitive sports. These opportunities are designed to help students develop social skills and help them acquire the academic foundation they need in order to succeed in high school. AGBU DHS Curriculum Guide 2014 2015. AGBU DHS Curriculum Guide 2014 2015. Understanding the Purpose and Use of Benchmarking. Benchmarking is a way of discovering what is the best performance being achieved – whether in a particular company, by a competitor or by an entirely different industry.

Understanding the Purpose and Use of Benchmarking

This information can then be used to identify gaps in an organization’s processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Thus it is important for Six Sigma practitioners to: Understand fully the purpose and use of benchmarking.Understand the difference between benchmarking and competitor research.Gain insight to ensure that benchmarking is in alignment with the company’s management objectives. Benchmarking as a Tool Benchmarking is a process for obtaining a measure – a benchmark. Los Angeles Dog and Puppy Training. 3-5 Presentation Rubric (CCSS Aligned)

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SILENCE PREVAILS AS SCHOOLS FAIL BLACK STUDENTS - Los Angeles Sentinel. Public schools fail to educate Black students and a prolonged silence of the total community, parents and Black leadership especially, contributes to the problem.


Inequities and near criminal negligence by urban school districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) have virtually ensured that Black students do not receive a quality education. The African American Learners Initiative (2001) was a notable exception; it focused exclusively on LAUSD’s Black students, but out of the public’s eye, the Initiative morphed into the circuitous, “Action Plan for Culturally Relevant Education that Benefits Black Students and All Other Students.” Even this weak substitute for the Initiative was not mandated; essentially, implementation was left up to school principals. The metamorphosis from the African American Initiative to the Action Plan for Black students and adding “….and all other students” was the death knell.


G4C Toolkit. Games for Change Lab. How We Can Help Your Project Games for Change offers a suite of paid services to strengthen the field of social impact games, while guiding organizations and individuals who are actively pursuing games to further their mission.

Games for Change Lab

The depth of our work can range from the modest to the comprehensive: 1-2 Day Workshops • Customized agenda, including goals and activities • Orientation to games for social change and learning • Interactive arcade of curated games • Analysis of existing materials • Deep dive into the 8-Step Methodology (developed with E-Line Media) • Guided brainstorms to define strategy and game concept Strategic Advising • Project advising and game portfolio development • Request for proposal (RFP) authoring, distribution and vendor selection • Procurement process • Support in executive production soup-to-nuts • Fundraising strategy, building partnerships and distribution Contact us to learn more. Playing The Quiet Year, a tabletop game about building communities - Kill Screen.

7 Standards Based Report Card. Standard 7: Communication - 4acresAnatomyPortfolio. Goal: Write and speak clearly and logically in essays, blogs, and multimedia presentations.

Standard 7: Communication - 4acresAnatomyPortfolio

Click here for the link to my homeostasis post. In this post I reviewed homeostasis and the many systems that make it up.