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16.jpg (imagen JPEG, 620 × 400 píxeles) 25.jpg (imagen JPEG, 620 × 400 píxeles) 46.jpg (imagen JPEG, 620 × 400 píxeles) Unsane-wreck.jpg (imagen JPEG, 500 × 500 píxeles) Friday, April 25, 2014 Fanatics!

unsane-wreck.jpg (imagen JPEG, 500 × 500 píxeles)

I hope you are still with us after last week's show. Hopefully, you have re-entered Earth's atmosphere and all is well. We start tonight's amazing show with Bosnian Rainbows, which as you know, has Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes Have you heard their new album Cry Is For The Flies? I have. Tonight's show has no big concept, just what you hopefully find to be a great mix of tunes. More » Courtesy of the artist Sleigh Bells Now that Coachella has come to a close - man, that was a fun 14 weeks! The talk among many has been Outside Lands, which runs from August 8-10 in San Francisco. More » BeanzAttack L.A. hardcore punks Destruye y Huye will perform at Burnouts en Baja in Tijuana this weekend. The L.A. "The thing is that Los Monjo can't come into the United States," says Tony Abarca, frontman of South L.A.' More » FAULTLINE4216 Melrose Ave., Silver Lake, Sat., April 26, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. More » Thursday, April 24, 2014.

IMPLORE on Behance. My Darkness on Behance. MACUMBA on Behance. Album Covers (Vinyl / CD / Digital Releases) on Behance. Solitude - The Revival on Behance. Nightcrawler Bassferatu EP on Behance. m4efhwozqL1qc6ua9o1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 647 pixels) Chef Burger Bar on Behance. Burger Joint on Behance. La Pasta - Label + Pack (Copyright Grafò) on Packaging Design Served. STUPID LOGOS on the Behance Network. Todos pertenecemos a instituciones, grupos, asociaciones, etc.

STUPID LOGOS on the Behance Network

Siempre hay algo que nos agrupa. No siempre esas agrupaciones están formalizadas o constituidas, quizás porque nos avergüenzan o simplemente nos da vagancia el establecer oficialmente que formamos parte de ellas. Stupid Logos es un proyecto donde intentamos encontrar algunos de esos grupos. Los más absurdos, para hacerlo un poco más divertido. SL (Stupid Logos, pero lo abreviamos para hacerlo que suene más importante) es un proyecto en constante desarrollo. Si formas parte de alguna de estas asociaciones, por favor, usa nuestro logo. We are all part of some organization, institution, association, etc. Earth. The Future of Food. This neon colored mutant hamburger is a new project from French paper-craft extraordinaires Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of Zim and Zou (previously) .

The Future of Food

The piece was made for the February cover of Icon Magazine, and you can see much more over on Behance. Whiteape creative bureau on the Behance Network. Self Promotion on the Behance Network. Alphabet Topography. Created by Yale-graduates Caspar Lam and YuJune Park of Synoptic Office, Alphabet Topography is a physical examination of letterforms as it relates to usage frequency.

Alphabet Topography

Vowels and consonants like “R” and “T” were given more vertical prominence while lesser-used letters like “W” and “G” hardly make a blip. Of the creation process YuJune tells me: I modelled the letters individually in Rhino and exported sections of each letter to AutoCad and based this alphabet on word frequency as defined by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, which interestingly enough, is almost identical to word frequency as defined by old linotype machines. I wanted a total variable of 6″ from the most often used to least often used letter, which gave each letter a height difference of .23 inches. I’ve always been an incredible sucker for physical typography and this project is no exception.

VOlcan inspiration

Brain&Storm. on the Behance Network. Mariana García. on the Behance Network. Artvvork. on the Behance Network. ●●●. Inspiration Gallery #159 – Serious ads. In From up North’s inspiration galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of design.

Inspiration Gallery #159 – Serious ads

Amazing high quality artworks in various categories from great designers all over the globe. Surfrider foundation Sleepiness is stronger than you Association France Alzheimer The beach doent clean itself WWF – Shark Sign up. CNN – Both sides of the story Alkohol… A spark is all it takes Alzheimers Day Amnesty International WWF – Tusk Smoking kills Durex – Love is Blind. The sound of James Delay on the Behance Network. SOUNDS HUNTER on the Behance Network. Anthony Drawn - A beautiful fragile balance on the Behance Network. ZWEI Plus on the Behance Network. Tormenta oceano. BRAND TOYS. Old Style Lettering on the Behance Network. Matt Wisniewski.

AND NOW? on the Behance Network. This project is about my home town Bratislava.

AND NOW? on the Behance Network

A sequence of digital double exposures of people living in this town. Old valued monuments are slowly disappearing from the city map and are replaced by tastless and shallow-brained places. And this happens only for the reason of existence of tastless moneyed groups and no strong wills on the opposition site. The old beautiful rubber factory was destroyed few years ago, with no warnings even it had been marked as valued national relique. Till this day the ruins and stones have been waiting for the verdict but nothing more than destroying has been done. I guess this could be stopped one day, ruining the old values. To be continued..... Double Exposures on the Behance Network. Memories of memories. on the Behance Network. (Y ya no sé si es un recuerdo, o el recuerdo de un recuerdo lo que me va quedando — El secreto de sus ojos) "Memories of Memories" es una serie fotográfica de imágenes en busca de una voz; una compilación de fotografías análogas y lomográficas tomadas a lo largo de varios años, incluyendo diferentes técnicas en el proceso de captura, impresión y multi-exposición.

Memories of memories. on the Behance Network

Ya que estas imágenes tratan de decir algo de una forma poco clara, añadí algunas frases que considero de gran significado. Cada frase, línea y palabra fue cautelosamente escogida para los colores, luces y pixeles mostrados en las imágenes. -"Memories of Memories" is a series of photographic images in need of a voice; a compilation of some film & lomo photographs taken through several years, including different techniques on the capture, print and multi-exposing processes.

Since these images seem to say something in an unclear way, I attached some phrases which I consider meaningful. Double Vision Series 2009 on the Behance Network. Cityscapes and silhouettes on the Behance Network. Raw. Fun. End. Now on the Behance Network. KINESIS TYPE on the Behance Network. Aymara —Type on the Behance Network. Type Experiments illustype_grayscale on the Behance Network. Wild Life on the Behance Network.

COMPUTER ARTS PROJECTS ISSUE 150 on the Behance Network. AURORA AUSTRALIS on the Behance Network.