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DC Rainmaker

When the Timex Global Trainer was announced earlier this year, most folks were quite excited to see a new entrant into the triathlon watch/device scene. With the watches ANT+ capabilities and full waterproofing it would make ideal training partner for any triathlete, as well as runner or cyclist. And because it was GPS based, it would also work with the myriad of other activities that people like you and I dream up. Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer In Depth Review Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer In Depth Review
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Timex Ironman
Golden Cheetah: Cycling Performance Software for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows To all those volunteers who selflessly give their time and without whom amateur sport would not exist. -- Graeme Obree, in the dedication of Flying Scotsman GoldenCheetah is a software package that: Downloads ride data directly from the CycleOps PowerTap and the SRM PowerControl V, VI and VII. Imports ride data downloaded with other programs, including TrainingPeaks WKO+ and the manufacturers' software for the Ergomo, Garmin, Polar, PowerTap, and SRM devices.Provides a rich set of analysis tools, including a critical power graph, BikeScore calculation, histogram analysis, a best interval finder, and a pedal force versus pedal velocity chart, to name just a few.Is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.Is released under an Open Source license. Golden Cheetah: Cycling Performance Software for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
Polar Polar Cerca il tuo prodotto Quale training computer Polar è perfetto per me? Scopri la nostra gamma di prodotti e trova il partner ideale per il tuo allenamento Vai alla sezione Cerca il tuo prodotto Smart Coaching
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