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Cattle.Call.2006.DVDRip.XviD-DOMiNO. Black Death. Spread of the Black Death in Europe (1346–53) The Black Death is thought to have originated in the arid plains of central Asia, where it then travelled along the Silk Road, reaching the Crimea by 1343.[6] From there, it was most likely carried by Oriental rat fleas living on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships.

Black Death

Spreading throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, the Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60% of Europe's total population.[7] In total, the plague reduced the world population from an estimated 450 million down to 350–375 million in the 14th century. True Blood - Vamps-Kill. Vinča symbols. The Vinča symbols, sometimes called the Vinča signs, Vinča script, Vinča-Turdaș script, Old European script, etc, are a set of symbols found on Neolithic era (6th to 5th millennia BCE) artifacts from the Vinča culture of southeastern Europe.

Vinča symbols

The symbols are mostly considered as constituting the oldest excavated example of "proto-writing" in the world; that is, they probably conveyed a message but did not encode language, predating the development of writing proper by more than a millennium. Discovery[edit] A modern drawing of a clay vessel unearthed in Vinča, found at depth of 8.5 meters. THE ANOMALIST World News on UFOs, Bigfoot, the Paranormal, and Other M (...).url. LG15: The Resistance. LG15: The Resistance (September 20, 2008—December 12, 2008) was a web television series produced by EQAL that took place within the LG15 Universe.

LG15: The Resistance

The series was first announced on July 4, 2008 via the official behind-the-scenes LG15 blog, Inside.[1] It premiered on September 16, 2008 at the New York Television Festival,[2] and was first uploaded for public viewing on September 20, 2008.[3] The show continued upon the mythology established by lonelygirl15 and KateModern. Two main characters from the lonelygirl15 series, Jonas (Jackson Davis) and Sarah (Alexandra Dreyfus), were also carried over.[4] Daily content was provided in the form of video blogs, images, text blogs, and other information posted daily from the characters at Quantum cosmology. In theoretical physics, quantum cosmology is a field attempting to study the effect of quantum mechanics on the formation of the universe, or its early evolution, especially just after the Big Bang.

Quantum cosmology

Despite many attempts, such as the Wheeler-deWitt equation, and more recently loop quantum cosmology, the field remains a rather speculative branch of quantum gravity. An important problem in this field is the origin of physical information in the universe. COMMUNE – a Film about the Free Spaces of Olympia, WA « UTOPIA or: BUST. COMMUNE : 60 min – Networks | Social Terrain | Society – 11.

COMMUNE – a Film about the Free Spaces of Olympia, WA « UTOPIA or: BUST

June 2010. A certain kind of perspective on [the terrible community] has to be taken up, a “thief’s gaze,” which from the interior of the apparatus materializes the possibility of escaping it. Preying Mantis Syndrome [rec.humor.funny] | Browse the Best of RHF: "General Jokes 87-89" | (smirk, sexual) The Preying Mantis Syndrome Many lower life forms demonstrate qualities that, at first, don't seem very good for survival.

Preying Mantis Syndrome [rec.humor.funny]

Spacetime. In non-relativistic classical mechanics, the use of Euclidean space instead of spacetime is appropriate, as time is treated as universal and constant, being independent of the state of motion of an observer.


[disambiguation needed] In relativistic contexts, time cannot be separated from the three dimensions of space, because the observed rate at which time passes for an object depends on the object's velocity relative to the observer and also on the strength of gravitational fields, which can slow the passage of time for an object as seen by an observer outside the field. Until the beginning of the 20th century, time was believed to be independent of motion, progressing at a fixed rate in all reference frames; however, later experiments revealed that time slows at higher speeds of the reference frame relative to another reference frame. Such slowing, called time dilation, is explained in special relativity theory. - Find out the meanings of common sayings. World Time Clock & Map - Check Current Local Time Around the World.

Countdown Timer. Countdown Timer is just the countdown taken out of the usual stopwatch and countdown gadget.

Countdown Timer

It makes it easier to get to the countdown – Much better if the countdown is the only part you ever use. Soon the new countdown timer will replace the one you see here - it will allow you to use your keyboard to enter the numbers, and to start or stop the timer. Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers. Vauxhall/Opel to unveil two-seater EV Concept.

Vauxhall/Opel will reveal an interesting new concept that blends elements of an electric car and a motorbike Image Gallery (3 images) Vauxhall/Opel will reveal an interesting new concept that blends elements of an electric car and a motorbike this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Vauxhall/Opel to unveil two-seater EV Concept

Cyrus the Great in the Qur'an. Dhul-Qarnayn is thought to refer to Cyrus by some recent Quranic commentators.

Cyrus the Great in the Qur'an

A "two horned" Elamite figure wrestling with serpents. Cyrus the Great in the Quran is a theory that holds that the character of Dhul-Qarnayn, mentioned in the Quran, is in fact Cyrus the Great. Dhul-Qarnayn (Arabic for "the two-horned") is mentioned in the Quran. The story of Dhul-Qarnayn appears in sixteen verses of the Quran, specifically the 16 verses 18:83-98 (Al Kahf). Gauguin.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600x600 pixels) - Scaled (84. Mediumship. Séance conducted by John Beattie, Bristol, England, 1872 Mediumship is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings.[1][2] Attempts to contact the dead date back to early human history, with mediumship gaining in popularity during the 19th century.

Investigations during this period revealed widespread fraud—with some practitioners employing techniques used by stage magicians—and the practice started to lose credibility.[3][4] The practice still continues to this day, and high profile fraud has been uncovered as recently as the 2000s.[5] Thenew-rathabeingpulledbydevotees-2.jpg (JPEG Image, 850x566 pixels)