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Hygiene and medical

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Hygiene, infection and STI's and HPV

Complications, actual stats and accidents. Phimosis. HIV/AIDS. Cut vs. Intact Outcome Statistics. 75 will not readily breastfeed post-op 55 will have adverse reactions from the surgery 35 will have post-op hemorrhaging to one degree or another 31 will develop meatal ulcers 10 will need to have the circumcision surgery repeated to fix prior surgical problems/error 8 will suffer infection at the surgical site.

Cut vs. Intact Outcome Statistics

Temperature of penis cut and uncut. Analysis of Flawed African Circumcision Trials.pdf (application/pdf Object) Kill 90 babies to save 2 elderly men from penile cancer. Conservative treatments in place of circumcision. Mothering: The Case Against Circumcision. Paul M.

Mothering: The Case Against Circumcision

Fleiss, MD, MPH, is assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California Medical Center. He is the author of numerous scientific articles published in leading national and international medical journals. Published in Mothering: The Magazine of Natural Family Living, Winter 1997, pp. 36--45. Created as a Mothers Against Circumcision Web Page w/express permission from the author and Mothering. "Routine circumcision of babies in the United States did not begin until the Cold War era. "The natural penis requires no special care. The Foreskin Is Necessary By Paul M. Western countries have no tradition of circumcision. Circumcision started in America during the masturbation hysteria of the Victorian Era, when a few American doctors circumcised boys to punish them for masturbating.

In fact, no procedure in the history of medicine has been claimed to cure and prevent more diseases than circumcision. What Is the Foreskin? Male circumcision is not the HIV ‘vaccine’ we have been waiting for!, Future HIV Therapy, Future Medicine. Vol. 2, No. 3, Pages 193-199 , DOI 10.2217/17469600.2.3.193 † Author for correspondence The three African RCTs reported a 50–60% reduction in female-to-male transmission of HIV over follow-up periods of 21–24 months.

Male circumcision is not the HIV ‘vaccine’ we have been waiting for!, Future HIV Therapy, Future Medicine

It is beyond the scope of this paper to analyze these studies in depth. However, the world health community must examine the methodology and results of these studies much more carefully than it has done so far. Saving Our Sons: Not 'Normal' By Jenny M. © 2013.

Saving Our Sons: Not 'Normal'

Falling incidence of penis cancer in an uncircumcised population (Denmark 1943-90) Buried Penis as a Contraindication for Circumcision. Frenulum breve - no reason for circumcision. Tell someone you've cut your frenulum and the chances are you'll get a blank look.

Frenulum breve - no reason for circumcision

But if you mention - to a man at least - that you've snapped your banjo string, he'll wince in sympathy. It's probably the most sensitive part of the male anatomy: the ridge of skin beneath the head of the penis, joining it to the foreskin. I've snapped mine twice, the first time during sex seven years ago, when I was 22. It stung, but healed within a week, and I thought nothing more of it - until last summer, when I was washing my penis in the shower and felt a painful twang. On close inspection, there was a barely visible cut on my frenulum. Reluctantly, I spilled the beans, and we abstained for another couple of weeks but when we tried again my "string" still felt like someone had been picking out Duelling Banjos on it. So I talked to male friends. Medical Claims. The first intensive exploration of the unrecognized psychological and social aspects of this increasingly controversial American cultural practice.

Medical Claims

Endorsed by dozens of professionals in psychology, psychiatry, child development, pediatrics, obstetrics, childbirth education, sociology and anthropology. "What's done to children, they will do to society. " Karl Menninger, psychiatrist "Parents do not know what they are choosing, and physicians do not feel what they are doing. " What the circumcisers don't want you to see. Circumcision - People Are Talking. Circumcision and risk of sexually transmitted infe... [J Pediatr. 2008. New Study: Circumcision Increases Likelihood of STI & HIV Infections. n623908054_1985260_7600. Instruments Used for Male Foreskin Amputation. Circumcision & Prostate Cancer. CIRCUMCISION: Know the Facts BEFORE you do it on your child (1 of 2)

CIRCUMCISION: Know the Facts BEFORE you do it on your child (2 of 2) Researching Circumcision, Part 2: What Is Circumcision? February 22nd, 2010 by Dionna | 8 Comments Posted in Circumcision/Intactivism, Compassionate Advocacy, Feed with Love and Respect, Healthy Living, natural parenting, Pregnancy and Birth This article is the second in a series I am writing to help expectant parents get a jump start on their research about circumcision.

Researching Circumcision, Part 2: What Is Circumcision?

Please check back next Monday for the final article in this series. Part one discussed the foreskin and its normal, necessary functions. Part two is on the circumcision procedure: what it removes, how it is performed, and what the short- and long-term consequences are. Part three will present information on many of the common concerns parents have when considering circumcision (including an examination of the research on STD’s, cancer, and other health issues). Please take a moment now to subscribe to my RSS feed for free updates so that you will not miss the remaining article in this series. Initiation Ceremony from the Top End. Circumcision.