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Egypt. Rome and Etruria. Gobekli Tepe, Derinkuyu and Catalhoyuk. Greece, Atlantis, Minoa, Crete. Unexplained. Pre 10500 b.C. Lost Civilization. Ancient Civilizations. ARCHEOLOGY DIRECTORY. HISTORY DIRECTORY. Ancient Art. Atlantis. Archaeology Finds. Scientists discover Superhenge, may have finally figured out what Stonehenge really is. New Monument Found at El Peru-Waka in Guatemala, Tells Story of Mayan Cleopatra. A team of archaeologists from the United States and Guatemala excavating within the ancient Maya city of El Perú-Waka’ has unearthed a carved stone monument dating back nearly 1,450 years.

New Monument Found at El Peru-Waka in Guatemala, Tells Story of Mayan Cleopatra

INTELLIHUB. By Shepard Ambellas | November 30, 2013 | 2:22pm EDT In what will soon be considered as the Holy Grail of extraterrestrial research, the Mexican government has released ancient documents proving the existence of E.T.’s once and for all. [1] The two circles near the center of the artifact appear to be earth. [2] This appears to be a spacecraft of some type. [3] This appears to be a massive comet or asteroid headed toward earth. [4] Appears to be a specially designed spacecraft capable of deflecting a large comet or meteor, such as NASA “Deep Impact”. [5] Appears to be an astronaut in control of a craft. [6] What appears to be an intelligently controlled spacecraft.

CALAKMUL, MEXICO (INTELLIHUB) — Newly released Mayan documents, i.e. artifacts, dating back at least 1300-years reveal that the human race is not alone and highly advanced technologies including space travel have likely existed for quite some time. Sources: HeritageDaily – Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases.

Chocolate finds its way onto even the most simplistic dessert menus today to satisfy the sweetest sweet-tooth.

HeritageDaily – Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases

In ancient Mesoamerica, chocolate was deemed a specialty food, achieving a sacred status. The Maya and the Aztecs believed that cacao was discovered by the gods in a mountain and was to be given to the people following their creation. The Maya held a yearly festival to honor the cacao god Ek Chuah, which included several offerings and rituals to him. Although sustaining the high possibility that is was not a native Mesoamerican crop, the cacao tree was one of the ancient Maya and Aztec’s most prized.

The warm, liquid form of the chocolate consumed was very different from today’s hot cocoa, being laden with chili powder and other spices making it a hot and sultry treat popular with royalty while lay people occasionally enjoyed its healing qualities. Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures that Altered Sound and Mind, Say Researchers. Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on the island of Malta By Popular Archaeology The results of recent research suggests that ancient, or prehistoric, builders of the monumental structures found in such diverse places as Ireland, Malta, southern Turkey and Peru all have a peculiarly common characteristic — they may have been specially designed to conduct and manipulate sound to produce certain sensory effects.

Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures that Altered Sound and Mind, Say Researchers

Tomb find confirms powerful women ruled Peru long ago. The discovery in Peru of another tomb belonging to a pre-Hispanic priestess, the eighth in more than two decades, confirms that powerful women ruled this region 1,200 years ago, archeologists said.

Tomb find confirms powerful women ruled Peru long ago

The remains of the woman from the Moche—or Mochica—civilization were discovered in late July in an area called La Libertad in the country's northern Chepan province. It is one of several finds in this region that have amazed scientists. In 2006, researchers came across the famous "Lady of Cao"—who died about 1,700 years ago and is seen as one of the first female rulers in Peru. "This find makes it clear that women didn't just run rituals in this area but governed here and were queens of Mochica society," project director Luis Jaime Castillo told AFP. Robot finds 3 rooms under Feathered Serpent temple. A robot named Tláloc II-TC, equipped with an infrared camera and laser scanner, has discovered three new chambers underneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent pyramid in the Mesoamerican metropolis of Teotihuacan.

Robot finds 3 rooms under Feathered Serpent temple

He was sent down a tunnel 390 feet long that was discovered 50 feet below the surface of the temple in 2003. The tunnel had been filled with debris by the ancient Teotihuacans to block access, an effective technique since despite centuries of looting and archaeological excavations nobody had managed to breach it. World's Oldest Calendar Found In Scotland? 10,000-Year-Old Monument May Have Tracked Lunar Months (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 5 Ancient Acts of War That Changed the Face of the Earth. Nothing motivates people like war.

5 Ancient Acts of War That Changed the Face of the Earth

That's how the Great Wall of China got built--they were protecting themselves against enemies who lived to the north. Klaus Dona - The Lost Pyramids & Hidden Ancient Artifacts. 5 Shockingly Advanced Ancient Buildings That Shouldn't Exist. Back in the 1960s, surveyors in Turkey found an ancient buried complex composed of huge stone pillars arranged in a circle like Stonehenge, some of them 30 feet tall.

5 Shockingly Advanced Ancient Buildings That Shouldn't Exist

What really knocked the monocles out of their eyes, however, was that this was much older than Stonehenge ... 6,000 years older. TeomancimitThe hieroglyphics translate to "First! " So those massive, ornate limestone pillars were carefully carved from a nearby quarry using hunks of flint rock and their bare hands. Having been dated to around 9000 B.C., Gobekli Tepe is thought to be the oldest human construction. That's further back than any of the ancient sites you learned about in history class. TeomancimitIt was truly the golden age for Big Bad Wolves. Sumerian Myths.

Sumerian civilization originated in what is now southern Iraq, just upriver from the mouths of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Sumerian Myths

"Civilization" in this context means a settled town or city-dwelling people who possess a stable agricultural technology (including domesticated animals) and have developed a hierarchical system of social classes (peasants, laborers, slaves, craftsmen [smiths, masons, carpenters, potters, etc.], farmers, fishermen, merchants, doctors, architects, priests and temple attendants, bureaucrats, scribes, advisers, priest-kings). Since the climate of southern Iraq is hot and dry, agriculture requires an extensive irrigation system of canals and dikes. 1000-year-old coins found in Northern Territory may rewrite Australian history. A find of 1000-year-old coins (not pictured) had led archaeologists to launch an expedition that may rewrite Australian history.

1000-year-old coins found in Northern Territory may rewrite Australian history

Source: REMEMBER when you were taught that Australia was discovered by James Cook in 1770 who promptly declared it "terra nullius" and claimed it for the British throne? Turns out that could be completely and utterly wrong. Five copper coins and a nearly 70-year-old map with an "X" might lead to a discovery that could rewrite Australia's history. Australian scientist Ian McIntosh, currently Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University in the US, is planning an expedition in July that has stirred up the archaeological community.

Archaeologists Excavate a Lost Kingdom Buried Beneath Volcanic Ash. Like Pompeii, evidence shows a human settlement frozen in time by volcanic pyroclastic flows.

Archaeologists Excavate a Lost Kingdom Buried Beneath Volcanic Ash

In 1980, people began to take notice when workers from a commercial logging company began dredging up pottery fragments and bones in an area near the little village of Pancasila on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. Other locals began finding coins, brassware and charred timber in the same region, all buried beneath a thick layer of volcanic deposits. A Super Srsly Accurate Diagram of Earth: Accurate Edition. YOU ARE HERE: Memebase / A Super Srsly Accurate Diagram of Earth: Accurate Edition What's Hot on Memebase Right Now Share: Share on twitter Share on google_plusone_share Share on pinterest_share Share on stumbleupon Share on email A Super Srsly Accurate Diagram of Earth: Accurate Edition Favorite Submitted by: Unknown.

Star of David? How about Star of Baal! Canaanite. The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice. The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice By Willie Martin At the dawn of civilization, the blood rite, in which human blood is drunk from the body of a still-living victim, was known to many tribes. However, only one people, that has never progressed beyond the Stone Age, has continued to practice the blood rite and ritual murder. Inca Child Sacrifice Victims Were Drugged. Three Inca mummies found near the lofty summit of Volcán Llullaillaco in Argentina were so well preserved that they put a human face on the ancient ritual of capacocha—which ended with their sacrifice. Now the bodies of 13-year-old Llullaillaco Maiden and her younger companions Llullaillaco Boy and Lightning Girl have revealed that mind-altering substances played a part in their deaths and during the year-long series of ceremonial processes that prepared them for their final hours.

Under biochemical analysis, the Maiden's hair yielded a record of what she ate and drank during the last two years of her life. This evidence seems to support historical accounts of a few selected children taking part in a year of sacred ceremonies—marked in their hair by changes in food, coca, and alcohol consumption—that would ultimately lead to their sacrifice. (Related: "Lofty Ambitions of the Inca. ") Well-Preserved History. Document Deep Dive: What Does the Magna Carta Really Say?

Last month, the 1297 Magna Carta, a prized artifact at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., returned to view after ten months of conservation work. Amazing Metropolis Discovered in Africa is 200,000 years old! By Dan Eden for viewzone. They have always been there. People noticed them before. Polish archaeologists in Sudan claim 'unique' human settlement discovery. PR dla Zagranicy Nick Hodge 20.02.2013 14:32. 6 Famous Symbols That Don't Mean What You Think. Top 25 Most Ancient Historical Photographs. The 7 Most Badass Last Stands in the History of Battle.

An entire army sacrificed in a bog. The Great Flood - Sumerian Version. New Discovery of the oldest civilization ever existed on the face of earth in IRAN (Persia) The Great Mother from Asia Minor to Rome. Archaeo-astronomy steps out from shadows of the past. This week, a developing field of research that merges astronomical techniques with the study of ancient human-made features and the surrounding landscapes will be highlighted at the National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) 2014 in Portsmouth. Uri Avnery – Is it Good for the Jews.