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Restoring Disturbed Landscapes. "This is an excellent guide on how to restore degraded landscapes.

Restoring Disturbed Landscapes

Tongway and Ludwig have brought together their insights from three decades of research on landscape function. They are uniquely qualified to provide this readable account of the determinants of functional versus dysfunctional landscapes, and their five-step procedure for how to restore the latter has an impressive record. "Brian Walker, research fellow, CSIRO Australia and The Stockholm Resilience Center "Many countries, including Australia, suffer the loss of billions of dollars from land degradation every year from problems of the kind Tongway and Ludwig address in Restoring Disturbed Landscapes. This wonderful book will trigger a revolution in land-use strategies and should be in the hands and minds of everyone, from graziers to academics, who wants a secure future for our world. " "...the authors succeeded in their objective.

Plant Diversity & Symbiotic Relationships. Joseph Simcox, 'The Botanical Explorer' is a seasoned ethnobotanist who has an intrinsic fascination with inherent wonders in nature.

Plant Diversity & Symbiotic Relationships

One of the keynote speeches Joseph has given, entitled; 'Cavemen, Kings and Cannibals' highlights some of the ways in which civilizations before us held reverence for food, speaking not only of the nutritional components of food, but also to the multitude of other historical relationships of humans to food, including food as power, food as a status symbol, food used as a tool for influencing others, as well as the roles food play in extravagance, spirituality, ritual sacrifice and survival. One could spend hours listening to Joseph’s stories of adventure and world travel. He speaks candidly of his trials in tracking down rare seeds, and they were not limited to linguistic barriers! Searching and asking questions is second nature for Joe. He grew up in an ambiance where his parents fostered his inquisitive disposition from a very early age.

Americas. The Permaculture Student. 10 Completely Inspiring Permaculture Podcasts - Transformational Times. Search results for "Masanobu Fukuoka" (showing 1-19 of 20 books) Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy by Masanobu Fukuoka. The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm. As with many permaculture and sus-tainable living books, the wealth of beautiful glossy photographs in The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm elucidate an instant feeling of an idyllic rural, ecologically responsible life which anyone would feel compelled to be part of.

The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm

A picture may paint a thousand words but Josh Trought’s many thousands of accompanying words very honestly and eloquently explain that living the dream takes a lot of hard work. In detailing the D Acres project from its inception back in 1997 through to its current embodiment, Josh leaves few aspects of its past and ongoing evolution unexplored. The early years appear characterised by a self-confessed naivety in the skills and practicalities required to turn an idea into reality – familiar to anybody who has taken the first steps of translating their beautiful design from a piece of paper with all its pretty coloured pencilling into a three dimensional land based structure. Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.

Check out the top-notch speakers at this year’s Conference!

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Keynote: Mark Shepard This year’s keynote is Mark Shepard, the author of Restoration Agriculture: Real World Permaculture for Farmers. He is the owner and farmer at New Forest Farm in Viola, Wisconsin, which is considered one of the most ambitious sustainable agriculture projects in the country. New Forest was a 106 acre row crop farm that Mark converted to a profitable permaculture masterpiece featuring fruit and nut trees, mushroom logs, pigs, cattle, and produce. The entire farm is run on solar and wind energy, and the farm equipment is run on local biodiesel. Mark will speak about Restoration Agriculture and how to grow the food, fiber, medicine and fuels we need in a perennial agriculture ecosystem. Video on the cultural model referenced in Reinventing Organizations and the emergence of teal. Talking with Nature: Sharing the Energies and Spirit of Trees, Plants, Birds, and Earth by Michael J. Roads.

Plant Spirit Wisdom: Sin-eaters and Shamans; the Power of Nature in Celtic Healing for the Soul by Ross Heaven. Redesigning Civilization with Permaculture - Toby Hemenway. Intro to Permaculture - The Case for Permaculture - Midwest Permaculture 2012 Webinar Series. Sepp Holzer's Mountain Permaculture Farm. Restoration Agriculture Development Keyline Design: Thoughts from Neil Bertrando - Restoration Agriculture Development.

Narrow Passage Permaculture. Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka. Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming and Permaculture. Masanobu Fukuoka is a farmer/philosopher who lives on the Island of Shikoku, in southern Japan.

Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming and Permaculture

His farming technique requires no machines, no chemicals and very little weeding. He does not plow the soil or use prepared compost and yet the condition of the soil in his orchards and fields improve each year. His method creates no pollution and does not require fossil fuels. His method requires less labor than any other, yet the yields in his orchard and fields compare favorably with the most productive Japanese farms which use all the technical know-how of modern science.

How is this possible? The One-Straw Revolution. Masanobu Fukuoka (1913-2008) was a farmer and philosopher who was born and raised on the Japanese island of Shikoku.

The One-Straw Revolution

He studied plant pathology and spent several years working as a customs inspector in Yokohama. While working there, at the age of 25, he had an inspiration that changed his life. He decided to quit his job, return to his home village and put his ideas into practice by applying them to agriculture. Over the next 65 years he worked to develop a system of natural farming that demonstrated the insight he was given as a young man, believing that it could be of great benefit to the world. He did not plow his fields, used no agricultural chemicals or prepared fertilizers, did not flood his rice fields as farmers have done in Asia for centuries, and yet his yields equaled or surpassed the most productive farms in Japan. In 1975 he wrote The One-Straw Revolution, a best-selling book that described his life’s journey, his philosophy, and farming techniques. Fukuoka: The natural way of farming - Google Scholar. Building a More Effective Core Team. Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 11:00am - 12:15pm.

Building a More Effective Core Team

Narrow Passage Permaculture. Practical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth by Jessi Bloom. Start by marking “Practical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth” as Want to Read: Enlarge cover Error rating book.

Practical Permaculture for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth by Jessi Bloom

A small organic farm, with a market garden, CSA, farm stand. In addition we offer workshops on permaculture and sustainable farming. Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology. Odyssey Program Internship & Fellowship. Young adults seeking an alternative learning experience enjoy living simply and very close to nature during seasonal sessions of The Odyssey Program.

Odyssey Program Internship & Fellowship

Participants (ages 18-28) spend their mornings working and learning important practical life skills in regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and ecological sustainability. Afternoons/evenings are spent studying and discussing inspiring ideas about the philosophical roots of our current paradigm and how shifting them can change our future. These young adults become Agents of Change as the Future Leaders of the Environmental Movement. Events - Elsewhere Farm. Permaculture and Climate Change: Interview with Patrick Whitefield.

Marcin Gerwin: With temperatures rising and changing weather patterns, agriculture will most certainly feel the effects of climate change.

Permaculture and Climate Change: Interview with Patrick Whitefield

Do you think permaculture has the potential to help farmers to deal with the changing climate? Patrick Whitefield: One specific way in which permaculture can tackle climate change is through diversity, which we emphasize. In terms of trees, one of the big problems with planting trees is that we don’t know what the climate will be when those trees mature. Only Agroecology Can Tackle the Global Food and Health Crisis. The current global food crisis is simple and complex at the same time. Simple because all we need is sufficient, healthy food to eat and to share, for our medicine and to commune with nature, simple because it's technically possible to have an abundance of healthy food. Yet we have made it a complex issue. We overeat, we don't have enough to eat, we sell and buy cheap 'food like substances' whilst watching the rich and famous - who we aspire to - choosing not to eat these foods.

Abe Collins Carbon Farming video series. Abe Collins discusses his journey with Carbon Farming in five-part video series Published on November 18th, 2014 “In the last 50 years, the regenerative agriculture movement has figured out how to build top soil thousands of times faster than is widely acknowledged. Mastodon Valley Farm. What we picture and don’t picture Pictured: 1: We woke up early to seed the cornfield back to prairie on a frosty morning since the previous afternoons were too windy. 2: Travis is always a good help on workdays. Permaculture for Profit. Absolutely FREE videos by Geoff Lawton, World Renowned Permaculture Teacher, Designer and Consultant. Imagine you owned your own farm planted full of apple trees. You used No herbicides. No fungicides. Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard (Part III) Click here to download the episode. My guest for this episode is Mark Shepard, owner of New Forest Farm and author of Restoration Agriculture. This is the final piece in a series of three interviews Mark and I recorded to talk about Restoration Agriculture practices and to answer listener questions.

Restoration Agriculture Development Restoration Agriculture Development. Savanna Institute - Case Study Program. Polyfaces Trailer. Permaculture for Profit - the STUN System (Sheer Total Utter Neglect) Trailer only – watch the full video here! The Jean Pain Way. In the book Another Kind of Garden, the methods of Jean Pain are revealed. Jean Pain Wood Chip Heating Mound: Going Back to the Future. The Genius of Jean Pain. Related Content Phil's Dancing Carrots If you are challenged by growing carrots, you might consider transplanting them and growing some dan...

The warm, dry, and rocky Provence region of France is better known for its resorts than for its suitability to gardening. Yet—among that area's craggy hills—a self-taught organic gardener, forester, and biotechnologist named Jean Pain is working wonders with a new technique of composting. Come on Home!: Ecological Agriculture and Sixteen Wonderful Farms that Point the Way.

Ben Falk’s Vermont farm “If we don't get sustainability right in agriculture first, it won't happen anywhere.” -- Wes Jackson, Grass Fed Beef and Lamb. Incorporating biomimicry into building design. Matthew Webb, Umow Lai | In the past 20 years there have been number of initiatives across a range of technologies that have demonstrated the potential of biomimicry to significantly improve human designs and challenge conventional thinking. Commercially available products include the StoCoat Lotusan self-cleaning surface coatings and Viridian Renew self-cleaning glass, which mimic the cleaning effect intrinsic to lotus leaves and insect wings. Architecture has taken inspiration from the natural world from its very beginnings. BioDiversity is BioSecurity - Sept 5 2014 Paul Stamets. Bill Mollison Permaculture Lecture Series On-Line. How One Man Revolutionized the Farming World Masanabu Fukuoka. Masanobu Fukuoka may be one of the most farsighted and downright radical farmers to have ever lived!

Why? Because over the past 30 years, he gradually abandoned most conventional agricultural practices in order to return control of his land to the most skilled grower of all ... Overview of Regenerative Enterprise and the 8 Forms of Capital. Midwest Permaculture. Regenerative Enterprise. Sustainable is not enough. AppleSeed designer Ethan Roland takes permaculture to the next level with his recent book Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance.

The book begins by exploring the revolutionary 8 Forms of Capital economic framework: The book defines degeneration and regeneration, explores the role of social entrepreneurship in ecological restoration, and offers clear principles for the development of innovative enterprise ecologies. Learn more and buy the book at Can you Restore Land and Produce Food in the Same Place? Five Ways to Help the Natural World by Growing Food We are going to continue to restore the land at Whaelghinbran Farm by growing more food there. Permacultureglobal Miracle Orchard Quebec. Fukuoka's Food Forest. Mandarin orange, a main crop of Fukuoka’s food forest. Home. Perennialsolutions. Alejandro Rojas W. regenerative agriculture professor. Bringing Together North America and Permaculture. Living as if Nature Matters. Books on Growing Healthy Fruit: Holistic Orchard Network. With Michael Phillips Retail Price $49.95 Network Special $40 Running Time 5 hours.

Permaculture and Local Community Projects. Permaculture, Ayahuasca, and Social Justice Unite in the Amazon - Ignite Channel. Coppicing - A Lost Art Revisited - Verge Permaculture. Permaculture and Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard. Development in the Ecological Age. Viola farmer committed to restoring land. Plant Nurseries. Prospect Rock Permaculture. Come on Home!: Ecological Agriculture and Sixteen Wonderful Farms that Point the Way. The Future of Agriculture – Changing the Concept with Mark Shepard (PVP039) Permaculture Voices Podcast 034: Permaculture 2.0, Designing a Profitable Broadacre Perennial Farm with Grant Schultz. The Radix Ecological Sustainability Center. Permaculture Voices Podcast 029: Darren Doherty Introduces the Regrarian Platform [A workshop recording, Part 1]

Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series Midwest Permaculture. Putting the Dehesa back into SoCal, A $1M Restoration Agriculture Start-Up (PVP036) Permaculture Voices Podcast 013: Darren Doherty on Regrarianism and Why Regenerative is Better than Sustainable. Whole Systems Design - Vermont Farm Design Permaculture Home Planning. "Permaculture Center for BioRegional Living. Home - Regenerative Design Group. Edible Forest Gardens Home. Permaculture Free Press. Savanna Gardens. Permaculture Voices Podcast. 106 Acre Profitable Permaculture Farm – Interview with Mark Shepard. - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information, News and Worldwide Reports, from the Permaculture Research Institute. Rhodesia to Long Beach. 50 Years of Struggle, Persistence and Success with Allan Savory (PVP055) - the interactive map and database of the Worldwide Permaculture Network. Salamander Springs Farm: Susana's Perma-organics. Permacultureglobal. Welcome. Center for Environmental Transformation. New York Permaculture Exchange. The Radix Ecological Sustainabilty Center. Victoria Grant. is a Holistic Orchard Network. Public Banking Institute - Home. Mobile Design Lab. Prospect Rock Permaculture. "Permaculture Center for BioRegional Living. Resilience Planning & Design. Perennialsolutions. Charles Eisenstein.