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Permaculture Research Institute - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information, News and Worldwide Reports

Permaculture Research Institute - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information, News and Worldwide Reports
We have a great video for you this week. We visit the farm of one of Geoff Lawton’s students and see all the cool features he put in place after studying Permaculture with Geoff Lawton. It’s quite a dynamic property. You’ll get to see how wind is harvested and put to work to irrigate a food forest of edible plants and timber trees, how the roads were cleverly built, and how the ponds work to build fertility. This is a master example of why students are rushing in droves to study Geoff’s Famous Online PDC Course. Watch it Now!

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Post-2015 Development: Africans Show the Way Time to move on from redefining the problems and concentrate on solutions already seeded on the ground. by Prof Roger Leakey (lead author of a UN funded, 3-year, 400-scientist strong IAASTD report that showed that the globalised agricultural model is not working, and showing how returning to diverse, small-scale, localised agricultural systems can feed a growing population and mitigate climate change and other vulnerabilities). Redefining problems without solutions In Global Development Goals – Leaving No-one Behind [3], the United Nations Association of the United Kingdom (UNA-UK) presents a collection of articles by eminent people in important positions around the globe. Although this report identifies progress towards some Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), it recognizes that success has been uneven.

Books on Growing Healthy Fruit: Holistic Orchard Network with Michael Phillips Retail Price $49.95 Network Special $40 Running Time 5 hours Every farm and homestead can enjoy the timeless pleasure of a fruit orchard. You do this by emphasizing biological health and diversity -- from the microscopic fungi in the soil to the beneficial insects, companion plants, and wildlife that together form a complete and living orchard ecosystem. Michael Phillips shows how in this 'dvd walk' through the orchard year. See basic horticultural skills demonstrated, from grafting and tree planting to the right mulch and pest management. 16 Foods That’ll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps By Andy Whiteley Co- Founder of Wake Up World Looking for a healthy way to get more from your garden? Like to know your food is free of the pesticides and other nasties that are often sprayed on commercial crops? Re-growing food from your kitchen scraps is a good way to do it!

Growing Monkey Grass - How To Grow And Care For Monkey Grass By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden) With so many ground covers to choose from, picking one that serves all your needs can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to trouble spots in the lawn. However, there’s one ground cover that literally ‘covers’ it all. The Facts about Dynamic Accumulators Within the world of Permaculture we often find reference to plants known as Dynamic Accumulators. In brief, this is the idea that certain plants (often deep-rooted ones) will draw up nutrients from the lower layers of the soil, and these nutrients will be stored in the plants’ leaves. When the leaves fall in autumn and winter and are broken down, those stored nutrients are then incorporated into the upper layers of the soil where other plants will benefit from their deposition. As a physician, I strive for scientific accuracy. I understand the scientific method and the world of academia.

Combat Monsanto - Building a world free from Monsanto Introducing Navdanya, Vandana Shiva’s organisation. Introducing Navdanya Navdanya started as a program of the Research Foundation for science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE), a participatory research initiative founded by world-renowned scientist and environmentalist Dr. Fukuoka's Food Forest Mandarin orange, a main crop of Fukuoka’s food forest. At one time he was shipping an impressive 90 tons of citrus fruit annually Many of us in the permaculture and organic movements have read Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution, which lays out his ingenious (though hard to replicate) no-till organic rice production system. I was surprised and pleased when, in my job as librarian for the New England Small Farm Institute in the late 1990s, I stumbled on his Natural Way of Farming, a translation of his 1976 book Shizen Noho. At that time he had already been running his orchard as an organic polyculture food forest for over three decades — since the 1940s! Natural Way of Farming offers much detail about Fukuoka’s methods of grain, vegetable, and fruit production.

How To Grow Vegetables Indoors Using Container Gardening? - Grow Vegetables Indoors  Growing vegetables indoors in containers is now becoming popular especially among families looking for good alternatives to expensive organic vegetables in the market. This method of indoor gardening, known as container gardening, is also creating a buzz among plant lovers with little space for outdoor gardening. Vegetable container gardening is a hit for those living in apartments, with no space at all for outdoor gardening. Many households find container gardening the most cost efficient of all methods to set up and grow their own vegetables. In addition, it is easy to grow vegetable plants using containers and the maintenance of these plants do not cost a fortune. As always, the first thing you need to do when using container gardening is to decide which species of vegetables or herbs to grow.

Episode 1: Introducing Lammas Ecovillage This video series is an exploration of community and sustainability. The ecoVillage addresses many of the difficulties facing the modern world - offering shared resources; reduced consumption and waste, as well as companionship and support. Today, there are ecoVillages in 70 countries across six continents. This site is a sharing of ideas, imagination, techniques and discoveries.

List of dynamic accumulators Once you know the shortcomings of your soil, you can start planning green manures, mulches, and herbal leys to correct deficiencies. All three of these fertility campaigns are built around dynamic accumulators --- plants that concentrate micro and macronutrients from the soil into their leaves, stems, and roots. Robert Kourik's book seems to be the source of most of the data in more current books and websites about dynamic accumulators, and once again I compiled the most useful species into a dynamic accumulator spreadsheet. Looking for a calcium-rich plant to help harden your chicken's eggshells?

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